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She faced down so that she could hide all the bitterness and sadness she was feeling at that moment.

Long Siye got up after cleaning her wounds. "Let's go, we should leave." He then raised his hand to call the crane and flew up into the sky.

"Yes, we should go," replied Ye Hongfeng. However, Ye Hongfeng was injured, and her soul had been severely damaged. So, even when the crane was flying very well, she could not balance herself properly on its back. There were many instances where she almost fell from the crane, but luckily Long Siye was able to catch her each time.

He frowned and looked at her. "It's fine if you want to die, but don't hurt your body!" Even such a unique body would splatter into pieces if it fell from the sky!

Ye Hongfeng suggested, "Why don't you hug me?"

Long Siye stared at her with a cold gaze but remained silent. Ye Hongfeng threatened him. "Otherwise, I may fall anytime…"

Long Siye was not affected by her threat, but he was not going to let her fall either. He immediately took out a cane made from the beast's muscle and tied her to the crane! He tied her tightly as though he was kidnapping her. Ye Hongfeng could not even move her fingers!

The crane was flying towards the east as Long Siye stared ahead into the sky. It was almost nightfall, and everything was starting to blur as the sun went down. It was as though his heart was falling into a dark hole.

The sky was a blood red!

Gu Xijiu felt as though she was floating in a sea of blood and the awful smell made her suffocate. It was raining, but the rainwater was blood red too, and she felt that her skin was hurting when the rain dripped on her body.

Gu Xijiu was frustrated and insecure; she just wanted to hide from everything. However, she could not find even a single rock in the entire forest to shade herself, and so she could only grit her teeth and bear the pain.

The worst part of it was the scene she visualized of people fighting in the sea of blood. Everyone there were her closest friends and family such as Little Fox, Qian Lingyu, Yan Chen and even Gu Xietian! All of them were fighting with each other. Every scene was b.l.o.o.d.y, and it was scary to the extent that she wanted to get involved and save them! However, once she got involved, all of them began to attack her!

She could only counter their attacks with her own. Everyone was bleeding, and they slumped on the ground one after another and disappeared. Gu Xijiu was exhausted, and she felt sad, but she could not afford to fall asleep.

In her imagination, she was running while pondering about the pain of her friend's betrayal. They were scolding her angrily, and the very next second, one of them had stabbed her in the back!

There was no one she could trust as every person would stab her in the back! Long Siye, Little Fox, Qian Lingyu, Yan Chen, Zhang Chuchu, Gu Xietian, the list goes on. All of them used to be her best friends, but now every one of them wanted to kill her.

As she endured the painful experience, her emotions started to grow numb over time. Eventually, she began attacking them regardless of whoever appeared in front of her! She was ruthless and cold!

She could hear the sound of someone speaking to her, "No one is reliable! You must be cold so that you will not get hurt."

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