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There was a wizardry barrier in Di Fuyi's room, and only Gu Xijiu could enter and exit freely. Once someone broke into the room, not only would Di Fuyi immediately wake up, but even Gu Xijiu would be alerted. Her bracelet was linked to the wizardry barrier!

It was already afternoon; Gu Xijiu was pondering in one of the pavilions in the garden. She heard some movements behind her as someone was about to sit down beside her, "What are you thinking about?"

Gu Xijiu turned towards the person and greeted him with mixed feelings, "Teacher Long, you're finally here! I thought you'd never show up." She felt that he was too close to her, and so she moved slightly further away from him.

Long Siye said as he looked at her rosy cheek, "I heard that you've been idling here for quite a while, what's up?"

Gu Xijiu was glad that he did not mention about last night's incident. She immediately replied, "I'm thinking about Yannuo's disorder. I remembered reading a science article in a magazine which could be used to treat rapid aging. It just crossed my mind that Yannuo's disorder seemed to be a complete opposite of rapid aging, so we could probably use a type of medicine which was opposite from the treatment of rapid aging…" She then mentioned several scientific terms.

Long Siye was upset and asked, "So is this the reason why you're pondering alone here?"


Long Siye looked at her silently for a while before he said, "I heard that Ye Hongfeng came and talked to you. So, do you know about last night's incident?"

The hotel was managed by the Tianwen clan, so someone from the Tianwen clan must have reported to Long Siye. Therefore, Gu Xijiu was not surprised that Long Siye knew about it. She nodded, "Yup, she told me about it."

Long Siye went silent again for a moment before he asked, "You're not mad?"

Gu Xijiu was confused, "Why should I be mad?"

Long Siye did not speak and just stared at her. Luckily, Gu Xijiu finally got it and carefully looked at him, "Although you didn't do it intentionally… however, based on your characteristics, she couldn't have forced you to do it if you had no feeling for her, right? In fact, you treat her quite nicely. Perhaps, you haven't gotten over it, but I have a feeling that you like her as well. Anyway, it wasn't a bad thing for this to happen…"

"It wasn't a bad thing?!" Long Siye interrupted her, "You seem to be quite happy about it, aren't you?"

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Was she?

Although she had been hoping that Long Siye would eventually find his true love, she never thought that Ye Hongfeng was the one as she did not seem compatible with Long Siye. However, it would have been great if Long Siye fell in love with her in the future.

In fact, Gu Xijiu did not want to get involved in other people's relationship matters. After all, only the people involved in the relationship knew what they were going through, and it was challenging for others to understand them.

It seemed like she would be in the wrong regardless of what she was going to say, hence, she decided to remain silent.

Long Siye smiled coldly, "You seem to be happy about it! Gu Xijiu, you're such a ruthless person! Perhaps, you're just a cruel person. I regret knowing you…" He then turned around and left. He could not even walk properly and did not look back.

Gu Xijiu was stunned. It was the first time that Long Siye had said something so rude to her. Her mouth was ajar as she looked at his back, but no sound came out of it.

In the end, she had failed to take care of his feelings. What else could she possibly do even if she called him back?

Perhaps, they could not even be friends anymore. Perhaps, it was best for them to forget about each other in the future. She was sad and felt a slight pain in her chest.

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