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Gu Xijiu took a look, "His temples are slightly tingling, and it looks as though something was trying to dig its way around his head. Rong Che must have cast a venomous spell on him!"

Di Fuyi was impressed, "Not bad! Your observation is impressive. You are worthy to be taught. Can you tell the type of venomous spell? Honestly, the Emperor's character is not that great, but he has been a good emperor. He is also smart, and not entirely a silly old man. Both of his outstanding sons have continuously suffered from grievous incidents. In fact, he was starting to be suspicious of Rong Che, and so is reluctant to prepare the testament. He should be able to catch onto Rong Che's cruel intention. Unfortunately, there is no one around to save him at the moment. Rong Che knew that he was delaying the preparation of the testament intentionally, so he proceeded to control him with a venomous spell. However, he had to control the venomous spell very carefully to avoid anyone from seeing it. He also had to conceal it from the imperial doctors as well. Therefore, there is only one venomous spell that he could have used, which is the venomous needling spell. The spell can disturb the thoughts of one's mind, causing them to fret inexplicably so that they could be controlled easily by the one who casts the spell."

Gu Xijiu felt that it was truly a privilege for her to be by the side of such an utterly experienced master. Even watching the dramas with him could benefit her with so much knowledge.

From the display, she could see that Rong Che's venomous spell was starting to take effect. With a dull look in the Emperor's eyes, his hand was slowly becoming agile.

Gu Xijiu was a little anxious, "You will not let him succeed, will you? Once the testament is prepared, Rong Che will become the Emperor."

"Hush, keep on watching."

The door was pushed open, and an imperial doctor could be seen trotting his way into the hall. He bowed before the Emperor.

The Emperor was still writing the testament. "Rise," said the Emperor, without looking away from the imperial edict.

The imperial doctor proceeded to check his pulse. Rong Che took a step backward and stood still at one corner.

The Emperor could not write while the doctor was reading his pulse, so he had to leave the half done edict on the table.

The doctor proceeded to place his medical instruments on the table. Hectically, he knocked over a cup of tea on the table causing it to spill all over the imperial edict.

In his shocked state, he quickly tried to clean up the mess, but there was nothing he could do as he watched the writings on the edict slowly turn more and more blurry.

He quickly knelt down and begged for forgiveness. At the side, Rong Che looked quietly at him for a while and smiled. He recognized the imperial doctor. He was with the party who supported Rong Chu.

Rong Chu's followers must be reluctant to allow Rong Che to succeed to the throne. It was possible that the imperial doctor did that on purpose. However, Rong Che was not worried about it as he could control the Emperor again and make him write another imperial edict at any time.

A eunuch could be heard making some announcements from outside, "Your Majesty, Your Excellency Zhang, Your Excellency Zhao… has requested a meeting."

Between the Excellency's, some of them were with Rong Chu, while others were with the Crown Prince. They were here to meet Rong Che as they were concerned with Rong Jialuo's whereabouts.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Emperor would not see them under such a condition as he knew about their intentions and so it would have been better for him to refuse them.

However, the Emperor allowed them in under the control of Rong Che. The followers of Rong Chu were furious and requested for the arrest and interrogation of Rong Jialuo as they wanted to seek justice for Rong Chu.

On the other hand, the followers of the Crown Prince insisted that the situation was unclear to make a fair judgment. The Crown Prince was outside when the incident happened. Though the one who a.s.sa.s.sinated Rong Chu was one of the guards of the Crown Prince, it was unclear as to whether the Crown Prince himself had sent him.

The ministers engaged themselves in a bustle and became fervent and excited. The noise was even more unbearable than having flocks of sparrows chirping altogether.

Suddenly, The Emperor struck the table and shut them all up, "Why are you all making a fuss? Jialuo has met his end!"

All the ministers were quiet.

The followers of the Crown Prince were utterly shocked. On the other hand, the followers of Rong Chu were dumbfounded and stood staring at one another without saying another word.

Rong Che reported to them what he had told the Emperor about Rong Jialuo's death.

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