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It was the primitive forest. There were not only fierce and wild beasts in this forest but also a surging river. The location where Rong Jialuo had fallen should be nearby the river. If he was dead, his body was likely to have been swept away by the river or eaten by the wild beasts in the vicinity.

Hei Hu separated from Rong Che so that they could cover more ground. Whoever found Rong Jialuo first would light a firework as a signal…

They had searched for an entire day, but they still could not find him.

Even though flying lions had very sensitive noses which were comparable to a hound, Rong Che flying lion could not find Rong Jialuo.

Rong Jialuo was missing! However, it was impossible for him to be alive after he had fallen into the primitive jungle. Hei Hu was about to commit suicide, but fortunately, he was stopped by Rong Che. Rong Che did not look good too, "Brother Crown Prince is most likely dead. We need to report this incident to Father Emperor soon. I have sent a signal to my guards, and they should be on their way here to search for him. Let's go back to report first."

Rong Che had secretly used his spirit finding spell to search for Rong Jialuo's spirit just now. However, he did not find any part of Rong Jialuo's soul. There were only two possibilities in this situation.

The first being that Rong Jialuo might not be dead and someone had probably saved him. However, this possibility was unlikely as there was no one in this primitive forest. He had searched the entire forest and saw that no one lives in this place.

Another possibility was that he was dead, and his corpse had been eaten by a beast while a soul eater had absorbed his soul. Although there was 99.99% that Rong Jialuo was dead, there was still a 0.01% uncertainty. As a precaution, Rong Che decided to head home to execute his plan first. As long as he had ascended the throne and became the emperor, even if Rong Jialuo came back alive, it was already too late… Therefore his priority now was to return to the capital. He had to bring Hei Hu along because he was the only one who had witnessed the death of the Crown Prince…

Hei Hu did not want to give up and wanted to continue searching. However, he was scared and was persuaded by Rong Che so finally; he followed Rong Che back to the capital.

Both of them rode on the flying lion and left the primitive forest.

A shadow appeared from a tree not far away. Its clothes were almost the same color as the surrounding environment. The person gently smiled and whispered, "It seems like he is not an ordinary person and even knows how to use the soul finder spell. Finally, the fox had revealed its tail…"

He took out a piece of jade and pressed on it. After a while, the jade lit up, and a kid's voice came out from it, "How was it?"

"My Lord, it is as what you have expected. Rong Che has executed his plan on Rong Jialuo! He is not an ordinary person. He used the flute tone to attract venomous eagles to attack them. He also knows how to use the soul finder spell. My Lord, do you think he is the culprit behind the incidents?"

The other side went silent for a while before the person softly asked, "What about Rong Jialuo?"

"I have rescued him. He is okay and is on his way back to the capital."

"What about Rong Chu?"

"According to the information we got from the capital, Rong Chu was killed in his bedroom last night, and Rong Chu's gang had started a riot. It must be a busy night in the capital."

The person on the other end gently smiled, "Well, let's act according to the plan."


In a guest room, Gu Xijiu was busy mixing different drugs to refine the medicine which had been discovered by Long Siye. This medicine was needed by Long Siye to heal the strange sickness suffered by Di Fuyi.

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