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"Don't call me your brother! I don't have a brother like you! If you want to kill me, just do it! I will never commit suicide!"

Rong Che was still laughing, but there was sadness in his eyes, "I know you will not do it, so… let's wait for a while…"

He then took out a bamboo flute and played it. What was he waiting for exactly?

Rong Jialuo did not think that Rong Che would let him go after he had confessed his sins. However, there were only both of them in the cabin. If he did not want to do it, who else would?

Rong Jialuo got his answer very soon. He heard Hei Hu shouting from outside the cabin, "Venomous eagles! Gosh! There are so many of them."

The cabin suddenly shook a little. Apparently, it was because Hei Hu had desperately maneuvered the carriage to the side to avoid the venomous eagles.

Rong Jialuo had lost his strength. After the carriage had shaken, he fell onto the floor and was then held down by Rong Che… The venomous eagle was a kind of vicious bird. It was a kind of bird with a spiritual power of level five. It could tear a rhino into two with its claws. It was the most frightening thing to meet this kind of bird when traveling in a flying carriage. It was tough to deal with even one of them, but now they had met a group of 30 to 40 venomous eagles!

Hei Hu had a spiritual power of level five. If he had encountered only one venomous eagle, he could still deal with it. However, there were too many venomous eagles now…

Rong Che closed his fan and kept it. He stared at Rong Jialuo before he left and said, "Brother, I hope that you will have a good life in your next life. I am sorry." He waved his sleeve and disappeared from the cabin…

He left only Rong Jialuo who was barely able to move alone in the cabin. Now he fully understood Rong Che's entire plan. He did not want to kill him because he wanted to make it look like it was an accident!

After all, if Rong Che had committed the crime himself, he might leave some clues on the corpse and his plan would be easily uncovered. However, he had now made it look like Rong Jialuo had died in an accident while he was on the way home due to an attack from the venomous eagles. Rong Che and Hei Hu were fighting intensely outside the cabin, and only Rong Jialuo was left in the cabin to deal with his injury...

When Rong Jialuo thought about it, he could hear scratching sounds outside the cabin as well as the sound of Hei Hu and Rong Che shouting…

Obviously, there were too many venomous eagles. Since Hei Hu and Rong Che could not deal with them, there must be more than a dozen eagles attacking the cabin.

"Crack! Crack! Crack…" The cabin had finally broken into two due to the intense attack from the venomous eagles. Rong Jialuo could not help but fall from the sky like a meteor…

"Crown Price!" Hei Hu shouted desperately.

"Brother Crown Prince!" Rong Che shouted.

Rong Jialuo closed his eyes. He had no spiritual power left in his body anymore. How could he still be alive after he had fallen two kilometers from the sky?

Hei Hu's body was trembling. He looked desperately around for his master in the jungle. He had jumped down at the same moment when Rong Jialuo had fallen from the sky but was saved by Rong Che.

Rong Che was also descending rapidly on the flying lion, and Hei Hu landed on the back of the flying lion. Meanwhile, the other flying lion had become food to the group of venomous eagles…

Although they were descending quickly on the flying lion, it was not as fast as Rong Jialuo who had freefallen from the sky. They watched him fall directly into the primitive forest…

After both Hei Hu and Rong Che had landed, they immediately started searching for Rong Jialuo. If he was dead, his corpse should be somewhere within a radius of one kilometer. However, after two hours of non-stop searching, they could not find Rong Jialuo.

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