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Rong Jialuo said helplessly, "You were just a kid, and you're my brother, I couldn't just let you die. In fact, I did the right thing as I saved a genius and a real brother."

Rong Che looked at him and sighed, "You're right, the year I turned eight was a turning point for me. Brother, didn't you realize that I was a different person before and after eight years old?"

Rong Jialuo said happily, "Yes, finally you weren't a rascal anymore since you turned eight years old and had also grown to become more mature. Indeed, you are so much different now. You have become more lovable, and I'm happy for you."

Rong Che smiled, "In fact, one's personalities wouldn't have completely changed just because he fell and experienced a short coma. The reason for the major change in the person's personalities was most likely due to a soul replacement…"

Rong Jialuo was shocked and suddenly could not respond, "What?"

Rong Che smiled as he looked at him, "Brother, you still don't get me?"

Rong Jialuo looked pale, "You mean you… you're another soul possessing my brother's body?"

Rong Che nodded, "You're right! If it were your brother's soul living inside this body, he wouldn't have thanked you even if you've saved his life but would instead continue to go against you. He was such an ungrateful person… Brother, in fact, you're too kind as a Crown Prince."

Rong Jialuo felt as though he had been struck by thunder. After pausing for a while, he continued, "Impossible! There's no such thing in this world! Brother, are you alright? Did you just dream about something strange?"

Rong Che smiled, "Brother, what you've just mentioned was about an evil spirit possessing the human body. Their body would be as stiff as a zombie even if they managed to possess a human body. But, what about if there were two souls in this body?"

Rong Jialuo was shocked, "That's impossible! Two souls could never live together in the same body unless one is on a contract to serve the master's soul…"

Rong Che smiled, "Brother, you know quite a lot huh. Indeed, I've possessed his body on a contract since he was born. However, the contractual soul could never betray the master's soul unless the master's soul is dead. So, I couldn't have replaced him if he had not fell and hit the rock…"

Rong Jialuo was speechless. Indeed, Rong Che used to be an extremely rascal boy before he turned eight years old. He had drowned before, knocked himself on a hard object, and had even fallen off a horse…

Many accidents had happened to him, and everyone thought the Eighth Prince was only good at pretending. However, it was possible that the contractual soul controlled everything.

Rong Jialuo stared at Rong Che, "So, why are you telling me about this now?"

Rong Che answered with a serious tone, "I like you, so I don't want to hide anything from you anymore."

Rong Jialuo ran out of words. In fact, he was somewhat annoyed by Rong Che before he turned eight. However, since he turned eight, he had become so lovable and was now even his great helper. Therefore, Rong Jialuo did not plan to take revenge for his 'real brother' as the one who had interacted with him was the other soul in front of him instead of the one used to be rascal...

He took a deep breath and continued, "Brother, I don't care what were you in the past, but you're the master of this body now, which means you're my great brother. I don't mind. However, it's not necessary for you to tell anyone else as they might not be able to accept it. Perhaps, they might even attack you…"

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