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Rong Jialuo's physique was relatively good as he could finally sit up and talk slowly after a night's rest and having some food. Perhaps, his brain was partially damaged. Hence, he could not entirely remember everything in the past. Gu Xijiu thought she could get some information from him, but he seemed to have even forgotten how he had gotten injured...

He only remembered things that had happened over the last few days when he had transformed into a zombie and what he told them made Gu Xijiu sweat. They found out that he was conscious during the last few days and he could hear everything around him. However, he had lost control over his body as though his soul had been locked somewhere. He could only witness himself going crazy!

The worst thing was that he could feel the pain when he was injured, and it was even more painful than usual! The pain was enough to make him go crazy. He heard Rong Che had finally brought Long Siye to see him. He overheard Long Siye saying that he would never recover and he even heard that he had wanted to break his neck.

This venom was toxic, and it was scarier than sclerosis! Initially, Rong Jialuo and Rong Che had wanted to rest for a few days. However, Rong Che received an urgent letter from the palace stating that both of the princes had to depart for home as Emperor Xuan was severely ill.

They could not delay their departure. Hence, Rong Che immediately packed their belongings and left after saying goodbye to all of them.

Rong Jialuo and Rong Che were thinking about asking Long Siye to have a look at the 5,000 soldiers. However, Rong Che had received a confidential letter from the military office before they could speak to Long Siye. It mentioned that The Lord had discovered an antidote and had already a.s.signed messenger Shangshan to send it to the military base. All of the 5,000 soldiers had consumed the antidote and were slowly recovering after going through a night of puking and diarrhea. They had managed to clear all the venomous residues in their body and were now on the way back to their capital.

The Rong brothers were delighted to hear that and departed happily.

The chariot which Rong Jialuo rode was the strongest carriage in the palace. The beasts pulling the carriage were two flying lions, and Rong Che was guarding him by his side. Thus, Gu Xijiu was not worried as it was supposed to be a safe journey for Rong Jialuo.

Gu Xijiu sighed as she watched their chariot fly far away, "I did realize that Emperor Xuan had looked terrible when I saw him a while ago. The drug he took made him frustrated and excited, and he frequently had s.e.x with a few girls every night… He thought he had gained more energy but in fact, he was burning his life away. Perhaps, he could not live any longer; there must be a big change in the Feixing Kingdom…"

Logically speaking, Rong Jialuo was the Crown Prince, and so he was supposed to inherit the throne once Emperor Xuan had pa.s.sed away.

However, Rong Jialuo had been leading the soldiers to fight on the battlefield over the last two years. Hence, most of the officials tended to support Rong Chu, which means he must be taken into consideration as well once Emperor Xuan had pa.s.sed away.

Rong Jialuo was good at leading the military team, but he was inexperienced in politics as compared to Rong Chu... When that time comes, there would be another battle between the Crown Prince team and also Rong Chu's team.

Since the Feixing Kingdom got involved in the war, chaos had spread across the country. If an internal conflict were to happen in the palace...

"Are you worried about the Crown Prince?" Di Fuyi knew her very well.

Gu Xijiu twitched her lips, "He's my friend, and I tried so hard to save his life. I don't want him to die in a political battle."

"There's always a certain pattern to dynasty changes. It would be better for us to stay away from political matters."

"I didn't. Otherwise, I'd have killed Rong Chu earlier! He is indeed a b.a.s.t.a.r.d! The citizens will suffer if he takes over the throne!"

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