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The four messengers who were under the Lord's command discovered that the lost bodies and troops had been possessed and were controlled by some evil power, thus creating an army of zombie. Currently, all the major clans were doing everything in their power to find out the source behind it.

Gu Xijiu was moved at the mention of 'The Lord'. He had finally revealed himself.

She asked another question, "The four messengers of the Lord have finally shown up, haven't they?"

Rong Che nodded, "Yes, they have come into contact with all the major clans and are planning to launch a siege. I hope you will not find it too embarra.s.sing that some of the people from my army have encountered the same conditions. You must have heard that one of my troops has some of the most powerful and ever-victorious fighters, right? My brother, the Crown Prince, trained them all by himself. The troop had fought countless wars and hard battles and had finally achieved notable merits for themselves. They even made the general of Haoyue Kingdom tremble with fear upon hearing of them, but who knew… who would have known that all the soldiers in that troop had taken some sort of extremely evil pill? Messenger Chenge found out about their activities."

Gu Xijiu did not realize that so many incidents had happened over the past few days. Puzzled, she asked, "What evil pill?"

Rong Che shook his head, "I know nothing in particular. It is said that once you take the pill, you will become stronger and vigorous with disregards to pain and exhaustion. Your ability to respond will also increase by many folds. In war, you will become fearless of death. However, there is a great disadvantage, as the pill will trigger addiction and all the users will not live for long after ingesting the pill."

Gu Xijiu frowned. It seemed like it was a unique stimulant, the strongest of its kind. The one behind of all it was probably the master of venomous spell who had traveled through time to get here - the mad scientist!

To attain an army of zombies, he had controlled the emperor using the medicine so that he would trigger the war. He then tried to sneak into Rong Jialuo's army to introduce the extra strong doses of stimulant to one of his troops, so that they were able to slaughter their enemies.

The war had been going on for so long because the modern stimulant had been concealed from the people of the current era. The war had caused a large number of casualties and provided the mad scientist with the numbers that he needed to create the zombies.

Gu Xijiu was able to draw inferences from the information that she had acquired. With a little bit of thought, she managed to find the root of all the incidents.

Gu Xijiu fixed her gaze on Rong Che, "Who was the provider of the pill?

Didn't you and the Crown Prince realize what was happening?"

Rong Che sighed, "I do not know anything in particular. They were the troops that were directly under the command of the Crown Prince. They used to be very brave, but their outstanding performance was still a little suspicious to me, so I gave out a secret order to check their diets. Unfortunately, I discovered nothing strange. I thought that the troop had undergone some form of special training to boost their ability. Somehow, it all happened out of my expectation… However, my brother was not someone who would use unscrupulous methods to reach his goals. He wouldn't have allowed his troop take the pill, knowing that it would bring such an adverse effect. During the investigation, Messenger Chenge had also discovered the culprit behind the incident. It was the leader of the troop. He dreamed of distinguishing himself with more achievements, so he obeyed the instruction of a doctor from the sub-community and ordered his soldiers to take the pill secretly."

Gu Xijiu furrowed her brows, "Have you discovered anything about the leader and the so-called doctor?"

Rong Che nodded, "The doctor had been part of the troop. When the result of the investigation was revealed, he had already committed suicide, and the leader was immediately executed. My brother felt very guilty about it, and there was nothing I could do to get it off his chest. I thought I could continue to talk some sense into him when we were both back in the kingdom, but he suddenly fell ill…"

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