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"Shouldn't you be at the border of Fan City? Why are you here?" Gu Xijiu asked Rong Che who was now sitting across the table.

It was fate that they were able to meet up with one another in such a faraway land, so Gu Xijiu joyfully accepted the offer and brought Di Fuyi upstairs to join Rong Che at his table.

The upper level was filled with private rooms. The one that Rong Che had was the best as it was the most s.p.a.cious and the most tranquil out of all the rooms that they had to offer.

The room had a compartment, and they could hear the clinking sound of the music playing from within the compartment. It was covered with bead curtains, slightly revealing the musician that was playing behind the screen of the curtains.

What Gu Xijiu knew was that Rong Che and the Crown Prince, Rong Jialuo were fighting the army of Haoyue Kingdom at the borders of Fan City. Fan City was three thousand miles away from their current location, so Gu Xijiu was surprised to see him here.

Rong Che filled a cup of drink for her and sighed, "It is difficult to explain it in a sentence... I received urgent news from my father two days ago saying that we would negotiate peace with the Haoyue Kingdom and cease fighting. He requested for our return, and General Gu stayed back to secure the borders. On our way back, the Crown Prince fell ill with a weird disease. All the doctors in our troop were helpless about his condition. I had no choice but to bring my brother here secretly, hoping that Overlord Long would find a way to cure him."

He was here to see Long Siye. They had reached the same goal by different means. They would need to travel for another half a day to reach Tianwen Mountain from the small town. The town was considered as part of the territory of Tianwen Mountain. Tianwen Mountain had an unwritten but common law - anyone who came to Tianwen Mountain to seek medical attention was not allowed to enter the mountain with their patient. They could only accommodate themselves in one of the medical centers of the town, and the medical personnel would then arrange their stay based on the instructions from the higher authority.

Gu Xijiu and Rong Jialuo were considered as friends. Now that she knew that he was sick, she quickly asked for his symptoms.

Rong Che sighed, "His eyes were green, and his face is pale. His lips were in the shades of purple, and he had lost the ability to recognize the people around him. He has an urge to kill people from time to time."

Her heart sank. Rong Jialuo's symptoms resembled the people that were infected by the zombie venom.

She then turned her attention to the tableful of dishes and the musician that was playing carefreely and leisurely in the room. She was puzzled.

How could the eighth prince have the mood to enjoy the music and the drinks when Rong Jialuo was so seriously ill?

A sudden realization came to her, so she quickly raised her question, "Eighth Prince, are you here for a meeting?"

Rong Che nodded, "You are correct."

"Are you meeting with Overlord Long?"

Rong Che frowned in amus.e.m.e.nt, "Xijiu, how did you know?"

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief, "You are throwing a banquet here while your brother is so seriously ill. It was obvious that you are here to see a doctor. Furthermore, only Overlord Long will attend a banquet accompanied by music."

Rong Che raised his thumb in agreement, "Xijiu, you are brilliant!"

Gu Xijiu smiled, "Don't you try to flatter me. Nonetheless, it seems like you have a great connection with Overlord Long as he is willing to attend the banquet as a sign of respect for you. You must know that he is a doctor who is hard to meet."

Rong Che sighed, "I feel honored for having Overlord Long as a friend and that he is willing to meet me. Xijiu, the credit is all yours."


Rong Che was a little moved, "When I was badly injured in Tianju Hall, he was willing to send me off because I am a friend of yours. He even accompanied me throughout the entire journey and slowly cured my illness. We had become closer and eventually knew each other better. I was finally able to consider myself as a friend of his."

Now that she had the opportunity to meet up with Long Siye here, she would no longer hurry on with their journey. They continued to chatter for a while longer. Based on the conversation between them, Gu Xijiu found out that the sudden cessation of war between the two kingdoms was all because of the interruption from the Lord. He had requested for both parties to stop the war as the four messengers had investigated and soon discovered that the lost bodies and troops had been possessed and were controlled by an evil power.

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