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He was leaning on the branch. However, when he wanted to move, he felt that he had no strength to do so. Gu Xijiu quickly helped him to sit in a proper position so that he could eat the medicines.

Gu Xijiu thought that regardless of how badly he was injured, she would find a way to heal him. However, this sickness of becoming younger… She had no experience with it.

"Have you faced this scenario before?" Gu Xijiu decided to ask for more details.

Di Fuyi lowered his eyelashes, "Yes…"

Was it a genetic disease? Had he been hiding the fact that he had contracted some sort of disease from her? Gu Xijiu looked at him and felt even more sympathetic. Her voice was soft, "How can I cure it?"

Di Fuyi sighed. He was becoming even smaller and smaller and have not found a way to cure it yet… He had doubts whether he was going to transform into an infant if he continued to grow younger. It was going to be a disaster if it happened. He shook his head, "I do not know. I have tried a lot of methods, but so far none of them were effective."

Gu Xijiu's eyes lit up slightly. She was confident that he could be healed, but she needed to find the right method... She pondered for a moment before she suddenly remembered about one person! Long Siye!

He was a biological doctor and had studied genomics before. She knew that his research was about the phenomenon of adults turning back into kids. Perhaps he had a way to help them. She thought for a moment before she proposed, "Let me bring you to Tianwen Mountain, okay?"

Ying Yannuo hesitated, "I don't want to let anyone know about my ident.i.ty…"

"I know, I will not tell Overlord Long about your ident.i.ty. I will tell him that you are a friend of mine, would that be alright?"

Ying Yannuo thought for a while. It seemed like he was considering the feasibility of the proposal. Finally, he nodded, "Okay! I will listen to you!"

Gu Xijiu was relieved. She looked up into the sky and saw that the young lady riding on the dragon was still fighting with the two beasts. She hesitated for a while. She had good eyesight and could tell that the young lady was on losing and that she could not deal with the two beasts anymore…

She did not care about the life of the young lady. What she worried about was the fact that once the two beasts had won the fight, they would venture off to another place and would end up wreaking havoc in the nearby towns...

Should she spend some time to attract the two beasts into the field of fire? However, she considered that the fire was so intense that any beasts with even the slightest intelligence would not be so easily fooled to enter the area.

She also had to consider the fact that her body was reaching its limit.

Di Fuyi could read her mind. When he saw her facial expression, he could sense her concerns. He signed and whispered, "Xijiu, are you worried that the two beasts will escape?"

Gu Xijiu nodded, "The young lady is no match for the two beasts. Sooner or later she will be defeated…"

"What are you going to do?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "I do not have a concrete plan at the moment. But I can try."

Di Fuyi frowned, "Xijiu, to achieve greatness you have to let go of some of the small matters. Do the things that benefit you the most. Do not simply pour your effort into the minor things…"

Gu Xijiu's heart beat faster, "Are you telling me just to ignore the two beasts?"

Di Fuyi was happy that this girl was smart and she could understand what he was trying to tell her based on only a simple hint. She was the future leader of this continent. Once she was in that position, she had to consider the overall situation and be able to accept certain trade-offs, and not be affected merely by anyone or anything…

Nevertheless, she was still not cruel enough.

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