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She looked at his small robe. It was similar to the one Ying Yannuo had worn, but it was smaller by a few sizes. Then she looked at his little face. His facial features were nearly the same as Ying Yannuo, but his skin was much softer.

The 15-year-old Ying Yannuo was rather rebellious. However, this kid in front of her looked very beautiful and kiddish. His watery eyes seemed as if they could speak for itself. Apparently, he had come out from the field of fire as his face and robe were full of dirt. There was even blood stain on his lips. He was injured.

Gu Xijiu looked at him for a moment, "You… Are you Ying Yannuo?"

Di Fuyi was embarra.s.sed. He looked down slightly and tried to hide in the bushes, "I… I am Not… You got the wrong person; please go…"

It hit Gu Xijiu! His reaction seemed as though he was trying to hide the truth! Although this situation was somewhat strange, anything was possible in this world where spiritual power existed!

Many strange things in this world could not be understood based only on common sense. Not to mention that Ying Yannuo had suddenly turned into a kid, she would not be surprised even a dinosaur appeared out of nowhere. Ying Yannuo must be injured because of the explosion and became smaller. However, he was too embarra.s.sed to admit that he was, in fact, Ying Yannuo… And all of this had happened because of her negligence.

Gu Xijiu felt very guilty. When she looked at his pitiful state, she sympathized with him. Anyway, at least he was still alive. Gu Xijiu gently breathes a sigh of relief and softly said, "Ying Yannuo, don't worry. I won't tell anyone. Come, let me check your pulse…" She had to see what went wrong in his body first only she could apply treatment.

Di Fuyi looked at her for a moment and sighed softly. He showed both of his hands to her. They were as fair and soft as lotus roots. Gu Xijiu held back her desire to bite him and checked his veins.

His pulse was somewhat strange. It was fast and messy, and his spiritual power was weak. It seemed like it had been caused due to his bad injury and also because he had used up too much spiritual power.

Gu Xijiu took out two of her best medicines and asked him to take them.

These two medicines were given to her by Di Fuyi and were very valuable. She had been holding onto them for a long time and treasured them very much. Now she was given both of them to him.

Di Fuyi looked at the both of the medicines and then looked at her, "Xijiu, these medicines… it must have been very hard to obtain them. They look like the medicines of Celestial Master Zuo. You only have so little of it, and so you should keep it for yourself. I have taken some of my medicines…"

Gu Xijiu frowned. She never expected that this little kid would know what these medicines were. She did not want to negotiate with him, and so she simply said, "Rest a.s.sured, I still have more of these medicines. There are medicines from Celestial Master Zuo. You don't have to worry about me. Just take it."

Di Fuyi was speechless.

He was unhappy that she was carefreely giving away the medicines that he gave to her. Why was she not giving away the medicines Long Siye had given her?

Di Fuyi felt that he must be crazy for being jealous of himself. He was leaning on a branch. However, when he wanted to move, he felt that he had no strength to do so.

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