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He patiently waited for a while. Finally, he saw that a fireball had been unleashed into the sky. There was a person inside the fireball, and that person was quickly chanting a spell to extinguish the fire.

Di Fuyi waved his sleeves. He still had three percent of spiritual power left in his body. However, the spiritual power was sufficient enough for him to generate a water jet which was then released towards the fireball. Finally, the fireball dispersed, and out of it came Mu Yun. Di Fuyi used the ribbon which was part of his robe to pull him over to his car.

Mu Yun felt embarra.s.sed as his clothes had been severely burned, and his handsome face was full of soot. His hair was also burned and looked short and uneven. He looked like a beggar who had just climbed out from a chimney. His handsome and charming looks had been ruined.

Fortunately, his reaction was fast, and he was able to create a wizardry barrier around his body when the swamp exploded, and he was able to use the momentum of the explosion to escape... Otherwise, he would have been burned, and his skin would have melted right off his body.

"You are pretty swift." Di Fuyi praised him as he was turning to look at him, "I thought I told you to keep a distance from the swamp before igniting the fire?"

Mu Yun almost cried, "My Lord, you never told me that it was going to cause an explosion…"

Di Fuyi said seriously, "Didn't I tell you that the fire would be quite fierce and asked you to be careful?"

Mu Yun was speechless.

In his heart, he felt that The Lord must be taking revenge on him because he had sympathized with The Lord for becoming a kid…

The Lord was still the same person and never showed mercy when he had decided to scheme someone. Mu Yun regretted that he had praised The Lord multiple times just now.

After some time, Mu Feng was the first to arrive. When he landed directly on the unicorn's carriage, he saw Mu Yun who was driving the carriage. Though Mu Yun had changed clothes, his hair had been burned till it was so short, and his face was still dirty. Mu Feng was shocked, "Mu Yun, did you climb into someone's chimney just now?"

Mu Yun was speechless. He secretly cursed and said, "Did you notice the explosion that just happened below? I was the one who ignited the fire!"

Mu Feng shook his head, "How can you turn out like this just by igniting a fire? Mu Yun, has your spiritual power degraded?"

Mu Yun remained silent. He could not defend himself as he did not want to tell him that he had been schemed by The Lord. He silently looked away while Mu Feng went into the cabin to report to The Lord.

Mu Yun continued to drive the carriage. He wondered whether Mu Feng would be surprised when he saw that The Lord had become a kid…

He quietly listened to the conversation which was taking place inside. He could hear anything strange, but instead, he only heard Mu Feng giving a detailed report to The Lord.

Mu Yun disappointedly rubbed his forehead. It seemed like there was no way for him to see Mu Feng panic… Indeed Mu Feng was the calmest person among the four messengers. He sincerely admired him for his steadiness!

Mu Yun thought in his heart. Suddenly, a strong wind blew as Mu Lei appeared from the sky and landed beside him. He heard the sound and looked up. He saw that Mu Lei was surprised to see him this way "Mu Yun, did you climb into someone's chimney? Why were you burnt so badly?"

Mu Yun was speechless. He wiped his face and fiercely said, "Don't you see the fire down there? I was the one who ignited the fire!"

Mu Lei looked at him sympathetically, "Have you been playing around too much with the ladies while you were inside the Brahma Land? How can you be burnt so badly just by igniting a fire?"

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