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translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

In the first match, Tower had started off in light form.

By the second round, he had switched and instead started the match in his shadow form, domineeringly waving his spear gun around as soon as the match began.

He was using the gun to tear down the tents--there was no other reason behind it.

He stood in place and swung the spear gun around, whipping up a strong wind that caused the cloth to flutter like crazy, and everything seemed to have been caught up in the whirlwind. For a time, nothing could be heard except for the noise from the trivial knick-knacks colliding with each other in the strong wind.

Male commentator: "Brother Tower has transformed into a demolition team!"

Female commentator: "This strategy is quite authentic, and has been used before. In order to prevent the a.s.sa.s.sin from making use of the obstacles to launch an ambush from some shady corner, many players with a strong offensive would choose to clean out a safe area."

Male commentator: "Hahahahah, to be honest, Brother Tower's gun dance is quite impressive…"

Female commentator: "Nope. I'm still standing on the War G.o.d's side."

Because the players hadn't met on the map yet, the two commentators could only pa.s.s time by gossiping, and as a result, the topic seemed to have veered a little off course.

The director hurriedly warned them: "Stop! Some members of the audience are now complaining that you two are 'unprofessional'. Also, Old Yi! Swear a little less!"

The two commentators meekly stopped chatting. They looked at each other, then thought to themselves: Oh, we want to be healthy, harmonious, and positive…

At this time, Tower had already cleared out a large  area. He returned his spear gun to its place behind his back and stood in the center,  standing there like a battlefield general.

Male commentator: "Tower is waiting for the a.s.sa.s.sin's first move. Based on his profession's natural advantage, as long as he can break through the initiator's stealth, he'll have the upper hand. "

Female commentator: "From the last game, we can see that tank type characters with high defense and health are the natural enemy of all a.s.sa.s.sin type characters. Even Lord Four's terrible attacking power couldn't break through a purely defensive light form in a short period of time."

Male commentator: "Alright. Next, we'll take a look at Lord Four's perspective."

After they changed the viewing angle, everyone could see that Tyron was currently on top of a tent.

The male commentator was a little confused when he saw this, asking, "How did he manage to climb up there?"

Climbing up onto the loosely built, fragile tent was difficult enough. But to make it more complicated, Tyron was even able sink into a crouch on the very tip of the tent as he watched Tower. The shadow warrior was standing in the middle of an open s.p.a.ce from up above--the s.p.a.ce that he cleared had simply made it easier for Tyron to observe.

Female commentator: "I suspect that Lord Four is really from a species that was born in the sky and not someone from the earth like us. It's impressive enough that he's invincible in aerial combat, but he can even make his body as light as a swallow and move about like he has wings. And when he is actually given a pair of wings? It's like he has undergone a Super Saiyan transformation."

Twenty-one seconds from the start of the match, and both players had already completed their preparations.

The a.s.sa.s.sin, who possessed the upper hand, took out two steel wires and attached one to a ribbon streamer hanging in mid air. He fixed the other end to his waist, then lightly jumped down from the top of the tent--

He moved like a bat gliding silently in the wind.

Male commentator: "What an unexpected method! It seems that Lord Four doesn't intend to approach by stealth. Instead, he's choosing to make an attack on Tower from the air and catch him off guard!"

While he was speaking, Tyron had already made an elegant, steady approach and arrived behind Tower. He suddenly cut the steel wire, and began a windmill combo from mid-air!

As expected, Tower was caught off guard--

Tyron's short sword and dagger moved together to create a perfect circle, his movements so fast that the naked eye was unable to differentiate between the two weapons. Those watching were also unable to count clearly how many hits it had been!

However, Tower's mentality was excellent, and he quickly reacted by sweeping his gun out.

The male commentator immediately became excited, "They went straight into a head on confrontation! Brother Tower didn't even switch to his light form! He didn't switch!"

At this moment, the a.s.sa.s.sin's knife lights were like snow white vertical lines, while the shadow warrior's long gun waved and created a dark horizontal line--

The two lines intersected.

Neither of them defended, and neither attempted to parry. They simultaneously decided to exchange injury for injury!

There was no backing away, they were simply going straight-on!

Everyone who saw this scene, including the commentators, felt their blood boil.

The female commentator spoke very quickly, "Two extreme damage dealers have decided to trade HP for HP! Tower is losing health faster, and he's lost a third, almost half! Comparing base damage output with Lord Four is like sparring with a martial arts master. Lord Four's ability is the real deal!"

"Tower has changed his cautious style for this match. He's too fierce! But d-" The male commentator bit back the rest of his 'd.a.m.n', "Daa-we're at the critical moment! Lord Four is fiercer than he is! Too fierce! This a.s.sa.s.sin is simply a nuclear-powered photon star gun, n.o.body can stop him!"

17 strike combo!

When Tyron finally landed from his mid-air drop, the first round of b.l.o.o.d.y attacks from both sides paused for half a second.

Tower was left at critical health, but Tyron, whose defense was far less than a warrior's, was still left with half his health.

Tower finally found an opportunity and immediately used his skill 'shadow landmark' to teleport himself a few meters away. He then used his ultimate move, 'layered shadow', which sent numerous illusions of his spear gun stabbing towards Tyron.

Short range weapons had the advantage of speed, while long range weapons, like guns, had the advantage of being able to attack from a distance.

Male commentator: "Tower has picked a very good distance,  just outside of Lord Four's scope of attack. Will Lord Four choose to continue facing these attacks head-on and trade blood for blood?"

Female commentator: "Unlikely!"

As soon as she spoke, they saw Tyron reach out his hand. He coiled his right arm around the second piece of steel wire that was still hanging in the air--it was the wire that everyone had forgotten about!

The other end of the steel wire was fixed to a banner in the air, so when Tyron twisted it around his arm and pulled, he immediately slid through the air in a beautiful arc--

Not only was he able to skillfully avoid Tower's attacks, he also moved directly to a position where he flanked Tower!

Female commentator: "Lord Four's style is actually very cautious! Although he seems to be pa.s.sionate and engrossed in fighting, he has always had the key to victory planned out behind the scenes!"

The male commentator was so excited that he had completely forgotten his position as a Tower fan as he shouted, "A three-dimensional map means that you can play a three-dimensional fight! Don't confine yourself to a single plane, because otherwise you'll be strung up and beaten by Lord Four!"

Unlike any other player, Tyron seemed extraordinarily relaxed and even at home in the air.

He deftly avoided the torrent of dark gun attacks and swept close to his opponent, his movements like a swallow flying through the rain. It was both thrilling and aesthetically pleasing from any angle.

Then, keeping his right arm on the steel wire, he gripped the dagger in his left hand. During the course of this seemingly casual glide, he suddenly moved like a bolt of lightning.

The cold light from the tip of his knife, like a spark, only flashed for a brief moment, but its amazing sharpness left deep, white afterimages in everyone's eyes.

"Weak point attack! Fatal blow! Four times the critical damage!" The male commentator yelled, "During a high speed aerial maneuver, he was still able to maintain such terrifying accuracy and weak point hit rate! Who else! Tell me, who else can do that?!"

Female commentator: "Tower is at critical health! Even in his shadow form, he was still unable to take down more than half of Lord Four's health!"

Male commentator: "Tower decisively chose to switch to his light form in order to remain alive! As long as he has the ability to endure, and tries a little harder, he might still have a chance to kill Lord Four!"

Female commentator: "This map has no system penalties. Will Lord Four be able to successfully break through Tower's last 10% of health? The tankiness of this light form is every a.s.sa.s.sin's nightmare!"

Tower's inner thoughts were by no means as relaxed as the commentators' words suggested.

He had indeed survived for 30 seconds with 10% of his health in the previous match and ultimately died due to the system's penalty, but…

He hadn't felt like his opponent was helpless against his powerful defensive ability. At the time, it had felt more like Tyron was only testing out his basic attack skills--

Indeed. The ability to fight with swords and knives was a basic skill for all melee players. Just like how martial art masters fought using their internal force, this was a core skill that required hard work to develop, and it was impossible to fake it.

And Tower had to admit that he was definitely inferior to Lord Four by more than one level in such a fundamental skill!

What kind of a.s.sa.s.sin could maintain a rate of seven strikes per second during an extended sword fight? This question was just like: What kind of martial arts master would have seven hundred years worth of internal force cultivation?

Seven hundred years. Was this actually possible for human beings to achieve?

This was no longer a basic skill that an average master could train to over a short period of time, or something that a normal person could catch up to just by gritting their teeth. This was a thousand year old demon that had come to bully mortals. It was the difference between incredible talent and ordinary people that could make others feel despair, and the difference between the clouds and mud!

… And at this moment, this kind of knife light once again appeared right in front of Tower.

Without having been Tyron's opponent, the audience and commentators may never understand how truly terrifying the pressure was that Tower experienced at this time.

But merely by looking at how Tower was forced to the point where he was unable to release any skills or do anything to fight back, the male commentator could probably see some clue. "There's already nothing Tower can do. It will undoubtedly be the end for him if this state continues…"

Female commentator: "This speed seems to be at the peak of Tower's performance, but it is only at the average level for Lord Four. It now depends on what kind of method Lord Four will choose to break through Tower's last 10%--"

She hadn't finished speaking when suddenly, the male commentator shouted, "Flash!"

The female commentator was interrupted, but n.o.body had time to pay any heed as they were all caught up in the sudden changes occurring on the battlefield.


Odin the War G.o.d's famous skill, which first appeared during the aerial combat round of the team compet.i.tion, allowed him to instantly break through his opponent's skills by moving at an ultrhigh speed.

This flash directly penetrated through the white figure of Tower in light form.

Male commentator: "Unfortunately, his damage was still a little short--"

He had just spat out these words when he seemed to see an illusion of a second flash.

The light was so bright that he couldn't be blamed for thinking that it was an illusion.

But it wasn't a mistake. There was a second flash following after the first one!

"Is that possible?! How can that be possible!"

At a speed that the commentators couldn't explain, Tyron had immediately executed a 180 degree turn after his first flash, then attacked Tower's back like a killing machine!

Tower was left with a sliver of health in an instant, but it wasn't enough--

“Third flash!” The male commentator was out of control as he roared, "Flash, and then flash again! Who can stop the War G.o.d now?!"

The defense of Tower's light form had also reached its limit. Tower had a mere ten points of HP left!

The last thing he saw was another incoming attack, as a nightmare-like figure dashed forward with two blades crossed in front of him.

Female commentator: "Four consecutive flashes! Instant explosive power! This is the technique to end all techniques, the War G.o.d amongst War G.o.ds! --Tower should feel proud even in defeat!"

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