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translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

In light form, the lower his health was, the higher his defense.

Tower's instantaneous switch into light form saved his small life!

He survived with a thrilling 2% HP, but Tyron's figure followed closely behind like bone-rotting gangrene.

And at that moment--

"Shadow form! Oh, d.a.m.n!!!" The commentator shouted loudly!

Instead of becoming anxious and first recovering his health, Tower immediately switched back to his shadow form after preserving his small life and used his shadow form's unique skill, 'shadow landmark', to teleport back to the upper floor.

"That was too thrilling. Those two form switches were absolutely the essence of what it means to be the best." The female commentator explained. "If he hadn't switched to his light form, he would've been destroyed by Lord Four's flash right then; if he hadn't switched into his shadow form and escaped, he wouldn't have been able to avoid Lord Four's second attack. Only Tower is able to remain this calm and focus on self-preservation in this kind of situation--"

The male commentator added his comments from Tyron's perspective. "Also, everyone should remember that when facing Lord Four, you absolutely can not cast skills while standing in front of him. Countless people have died tragic deaths under the War G.o.d's sword while forcing an ultimate move during the team compet.i.tions!"

"Lord Four also has a fixed attribute of 'an extra 100% increase in aggression when facing a healer'." The female commentator joked. "So you definitely must not heal yourself in front of him…"

After Tower's figure disappeared, Tyron retrieved his short sword, Song of Triumph.

Then he leaped up the mossy pillars and returned to the upper level of the altar via the hole in the middle.

All of this had only taken five seconds or so, but Tower had already switched back to his light form and was waiting for him in an open s.p.a.ce.

Moreover, he had already healed himself back up substantially.

The male commentator spoke helplessly, "Aiya, my G.o.d, Tower has recovered almost half of his HP! This is the most troublesome part of facing shadow warriors; even if they can't kill you in a direct confrontation, they can run away and heal themselves up… They are simply unkillable… Cough, cough."

At this time, Tower was at half health, while Tyron was close to full health.

Tyron crossed Song of Triumph and Deep Silence in front of him, then shot forward with a burst of speed to close the large distance!

The female commentator only had enough time to begin shouting "Wow--" and hadn't even finished her exclamation when Tyron had already arrived in front of Tower!

Tower immediately used his sword to block, but was still pushed back two steps from the powerful a.s.sault as he and Tyron began to exchange a few close-ranged sword attacks. 

The sound of metal hitting metal rang out, and the audience could see that Tower's remaining health was constantly fluctuating even as it steadily headed downward.

This was because he was unable to keep up with Tyron's speed and couldn't block all of Tyron's attacks, which caused him to take several direct hits.

However, whenever Tower's HP reached a critical point, his light form's high defensive power and life-sustaining abilities would automatically kick in, allowing him to continue to live on with a thin sliver of health.

The sword lights from the fight flashed continuously for a full ten seconds, covering both their figures.

n.o.body dared to breathe!

Male commentator: "Let's take a look at these dynamic statistics! Tower's long sword is able to effectively block 20% of Lord Four's two-handed attacks. This already extremely, extremely impressive! Lord Four is on average making seven consecutive strikes per second!"

Female commentator: "If not for this 20%, the health recovery rate of his light form would be unable to keep up! Currently, the two of them seem to be maintaining a delicate balance, allowing Tower to keep his health fluctuating at around 10% and stay alive!"

Knife fighting at this speed was already the peak of close combat fighting.

The audience had gone wild on the public screen: "My G.o.d! A high-speed camera might be able to record it all, but I can't motherf*cking see it clearly!" "Do you dare to replay it at 0.5 speed?! Do you dare?!"

The onlookers could tell that the speed of their knife combat was extremely shocking, but Tower, who was experiencing it in person, was even more terrified!

Fast, too fast! He had to focus his entire mind on the knife lights in front of him.

Tower had a hunch that if he was distracted for even 0.01 seconds, he would immediately be caught up in a storm of attacks and not even his bones would be left.

So, he simply couldn't afford to be distracted with anything else, let alone try to find the opportunity to use his skills and attempt to break out of this deadlock when failure would only result in his death.

He fought and retreated, like a ship that couldn't withstand the storm.

Right then, he suddenly felt that the rhythm of Tyron's knife lights had changed. This time, Tyron attacked with his elbow after using his dagger.

--d.a.m.n it, it appeared that he'd been pushed to the edge of the altar!

There was a snapping sound inside Tower's heart, and in the next moment, he took an unsteady step back when his center of gravity became unstable. His next step after that landed on empty air and he fell off the upper level of the altar!

Male commentator: "Will he fall down?!!!"

Female commentator: "For a player like Tower, one mistake is already enough!"

That's right. Tower only experienced a brief moment of panic.

He quickly pulled out his spear gun in midair and was ready to seize his last chance by stabbing the gun into the lower level of the altar to save himself from falling.

But it was at this point that Tyron's figure appeared in front of his eyes--

Tyron's figure obscured the light from the sky, and from Tower's point of view, it was like the devil's shadow as it appeared from high above.

The male commentator slapped the table and shouted, "Lord Four jumped after him! Oh! My! G.o.d!"

Female commentator: "He's not leaving Tower any opportunities! He has no way to live! Lord Four has forced him to continue fighting in mid-air! Ah!"

They were tens of thousands of feet in the air!

They plummeted through the sea of clouds--

Tower no longer had a chance to recover from the fall, so he resolutely pulled out his long sword and prepared to face Tyron once again!

The two of them, one on top and the other beneath, long sword to short sword and dagger, resumed their flurry of blade attacks.

From time to time, an unparalleled glow of dazzling brilliance would flash from the storm of knife attacks as they fell towards the earth like a meteor, only able to survive for a short few seconds before--

"They're out of the map! They've both dropped out of the map!"

"Dropping out the map causes a forced reduction of 20% of their HP!" The commentator shouted, "Does he have a chance? Does Tower have enough health?!"

"Not! Enough! He doesn't have enough!"

"The War G.o.d wins!"

In the next moment, Tower lost 20% of his health and turned into a streak of white light!

As for Tyron, he still had half his health left even after losing 20% due to the fall. He was transported back to the altar, where he stood still and put his knives away.

The system announced that Odin had won!

The first match of the BO3 game ended with a three-minute halftime break.

Both players had stable personalities; the winner remained neither happy nor excited, and the loser was also very calm as he took the opportunity to rest and adjust his mental state.

At the request of many members of the audience, a slow-motion replay of the previous knife fight had been put up on one of the sub-screens.

Many people were intoxicated as they watched the thrilling fight while listening as the two commentators continued to chat.

Female commentator: "My husband is simply a perfect combination of wisdom, strength, beauty, and imposing manner that reaches the skies…"

Male commentator: "Hahahaha, you're such a sucker for a pretty face! I still prefer Brother Tower, his series of quick reactions just now was truly impressive."

Female commentator: "Logically speaking, isn't the light form's defensive capabilities a little too exaggerated? Tower was actually able to maintain his HP level at 10% under an endless onslaught of blade attacks! If it hadn't been for my hubby's amazing brilliance in using the map's settings to kill off 20% of his opponent's HP, this match would've lasted for over ten minutes."

Male commentator: "The light form is known for its high defense and low attack power. Didn't you feel that Tower's light form's damage output was quite mediocre? If he had used his shadow form to fight against his opponent, Lord Four wouldn't have been left with half health by the end of the game."

Female commentator: "But if he hadn't used his light form, Tower wouldn't have been able to stay alive after the first three minutes."

Male commentator: "Which is exactly why it's reasonable! Wasn't the War G.o.d's attack speed even more exaggerated? Did he actually come down from Mount Olympus?"

Female commentator: "Hehee, hehehehehe… Was that too much of an exaggeration? This is nothing compared to the War G.o.d's terrifying momentum."

Male commentator: "…"

The halftime break pa.s.sed quickly.

The randomized map for the second round of the BO3 soon came out: Magic Fair.

This map had an exotic flair to it, and was a city square lined with numerous tents of all sizes. The tents were colorful and jammed closely together, filled with magic tables, chairs, and so on; many of the tents had spires on their roofs, with colorful ribbons and banners hanging between them.

There was one word to describe it--Chaos.

This map was full of obstacles and colors, and was impossible to take in at a glance, making people feel that merely having two eyes wasn't enough.

The male commentator joked, "Hahaha, our 'find your sister' map has shown up!"

Female commentator: "Every time players that are good at concealment play on this map, both the audience and the opponent seem to have to play a game of 'spot the difference'. It really trains our eyes!"

Male commentator: "So, this map provides a.s.sa.s.sins with quite an advantage. Let's see if the War G.o.d will be able to s.n.a.t.c.h the initiative and set up an ambush."

The countdown began immediately. When the two contestants entered the map, they were transported to the top of two tents, staring at each other across strings of colorful ribbons.

Tyron was actually thinking that these bright colors were very strange and fantastical… Their world of magic clearly wouldn't have such a flamboyant market. Each and every one of those mages were full of pride and they were all anxious about making themselves mage towers out of gold, silver, and jade. How could they set up stalls in a place like this?

In short, the master a.s.sa.s.sin had a lot of opinions regarding the interstellar people's perception of the magical aesthetic.

His heart was full of unspoken criticism for a while, and the countdown ended.

In the first second, both contestants were caught off guard--they directly fell down from the top of the tents!

Male commentator: "Oh, d.a.m.n, hahahahaha! How did the system manage to be so insidious this time? The starting points for both players were temporary--those tent tops can't be stood on!"

Female commentator: "Hahahahaha that's too funny…"

Tyron fell down from the top of the tent. Fortunately, his reaction speed and balance were good enough that he flipped back in mid-air and landed lightly.

The tent collapsed and Tyron dove out of it while removing the colorful silk banners that were hanging from his body.

He was unable to hear the commentary at this time, so he didn't know that the male commentator was shouting, "Oh, ho! Shadow form! Tower has blackened right from the start!"

Female commentator: "My G.o.d! How violent!"

Tower went straight for his shadow form's attack capabilities without any delay. He didn't need to try and get out from beneath the tent at all as he pulled out his dark long spear gun and swept outward from where he stood!

As the air wave blasted through the tent, exploding it into countless pieces; a delicate rain of silk fluttered down from the sky.

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