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Chapter 1091 Chapter 1091: Profound Meaning Of Time Law

Ye Xiao spend a few days with Su Xue Er when the other women came back.

He also met his sons and daughter.

Ye Xuan was from Su Xue Er. Another son named Ye Cheng was from Zhao Qing'er. Zhao Yufei gave birth to a twin, a son and a daughter whose names were Ye Xiaochen and Ye Xue. Yue Ying and Xue Xiaofei gave birth to a daughter, Ye Mo Xi and Ye Shuang.

Ye Xiao was shocked when he met Ye Shuang. It is because he found her very familiar and thought that he has met her before somewhere.

After thinking deeply, he finally remembered that he met Ye Shuang when he was going through the first test in the Realm of Dreams.

Her facial features and even her behavior, everything about her was the same as he saw in the Realm of Dreams.

Ye Xiao was really shocked when he found this out and thought in his heart that it must be done by the Heavens. It is no wonder why a message appeared in his heart at that time when he had just completed the first test.

The message was: "Every reality is fake in the Realm of Dreams, but it doesn't mean every fake is not reality!"

Ye Xiao's arrival brought a surge of happiness to his "small" family. His sons and daughters were also extremely happy to finally meet him. His small family of eleven members was all Ancient G.o.ds which was a terrifying force even in the Divine Realm.

After all, they were all Ancient G.o.ds!

Even some big forces might only have six to seven Ancient G.o.ds, but Ye Xiao's family has eleven of them.

Ye Xiao spent the next five hundred years with his family happily and never went anywhere. When he finally thought that the time has come, he once again said goodbye to everyone and left to comprehend the 100% Profound Meaning of Time Law.

It is just that, this time, he himself slowed down the speed by a lot.

Previously, the time difference ratio between the outside world and the Heavenly Dao Monument was 1:100, but now, it is 1:1000.

This gave Ye Xiao enough time to comprehend the Profound Meaning of Time Law.

He also felt that as long as he completely comprehends the Profound Meaning of Time Law, a huge change will occur inside his Small Universe.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao started comprehending the Time Law.

At this time, Ye Xiao's mind seemed to have the scenes of facing the Eye of Heavenly Dao for the first time. He also seemed to have thought about the time when the entire Secret Realm was destroyed and he fell into the black hole.


Suddenly, the entire Heavens seemed to vibrate violently, and Heavenly Dao seemed to be resonating with Ye Xiao.

Profound Meaning of Life, Profound Meaning of s.p.a.ce, Profound Meaning of Destruction, Profound Meaning of Creation, and Profound Meaning of Slaughter...

There are too many Profound Meanings, all of which are resonating as if they are welcoming something.

Suddenly, the illusionary projection of his small universe appeared behind his back and seemed to be covering millions of miles of area in endless s.p.a.ce, but at the same time, it seemed to be just taking up a very small area behind Ye Xiao.

A vast and great force descended from the depths of the Universe Projection and instantly enveloped Ye Xiao.


Ye Xiao opened his eyes and at the same time, countless Profound Meanings were resonating with his Small Universe shook violently, and Ye Xiao could easily control each Profound Meaning as he wish.

For a moment, he even felt as if he himself has become the Heavenly Dao.

However, there is also a kind of feeling that was invisible. Ye Xiao understood very well that this kind of phenomenon was appearing only because he is very close to understanding the Profoun Meaning of Time Law completely.

At this time, Ye Xiao's consciousness was instantly pulled into the Profound Meaning of time. Everything around him disappeared and he seemed to have returned to the time when he was begging.

He seemed to have once again experienced the same life he had lived. He felt the warmth of Fifth Elder Ye Fan, he felt the hatred of Zhou Yan.

With all these things, it was as if Ye Xiao had relived the events of his younger days, but at the same time, it gave him a strange and mysterious feeling.

There seemed to be a touch of warmth lingering in my heart.


A hint of aspiration flashed in Ye Xiao's mind as if lightning pierced through the night in an instant, he understood everything.

Back in time!

The essence of time, the true meaning of time, the Profound Meaning of time, isn't it just retrospect?

Ye Xiao understood that normally, no one could go back to the past and change things of the past. But if one has a complete understanding of the Profound Meaning of Time Law, then one can go back to the past through the long river of time, and can change everything!

The order of the entire universe is built on the Profound Meaning of Time Law.

Now, Ye Xiao can see through the essence of time. Moreover, he finally understood why his attempt to comprehend the Law of Time failed every time even though he had already comprehended 2,999 Laws. Although he already knew the answer previously, he understood this time thoroughly that every time he was obstructed by the will of the universe.

The will of the universe, the will of the Heavens simply does not allow anyone to comprehend the Law of Time, because once they understand the Law of Time, they would have the ability to go back in time and change the past, which will change everything and might even cause the collapse of the entire universe order.

The Law of time is the beginning of all the Laws in the universe. It is also the root of all ways!

If it wasn't for the coming World Epoch and the Nine Ancestral Dragons that threaten the sole existence of the Heavens, Heavens would never have permitted Ye Xiao to comprehend the essence of Time.

But now, all the difficulties have been solved. Under the threat of the coming World Epoch and the Nine Ancestral Dragons, the will of the universe finally "compromised", and even took the initiative to help Ye Xiao comprehend not only the Law of Time completely, but all 3000 Heavenly Dao.

At this moment, time no longer had any secrets in front of Ye Xiao.


All the Laws were shaking and the s.p.a.ce around Ye Xiao instantly shattered. At the same time, an incomparably mysterious Law appeared, that seemed to be invisible but Ye Xiao could feel that it really existed.

This was the Time itself!

At this moment, Ye Xiao understood 100% Profound Meanings of all the Laws of Heavenly Dao. The three thousand Laws were completely complete inside his Small Universe as well!

"Time stands still!"

Ye Xiao stretched out his hand a little, and suddenly, the entire universe seemed to have completely stopped at this moment. If Ye Xiao wanted to, he could not only stop time but also travel back to the past.

However, if he travels back to the past and changes anything, it may cause a chain reaction, which requires a huge Source of the Universe to repair and bring everything back to the normal track.

Once the Source of the Universe cannot be recovered, it means the collapse of the universe order, and the entire universe will become extremely chaotic. At that time, it will not be much better than the source of the universe being swallowed.

However, even if Ye Xiao shuttles back now, there is no way to solve the threat of World Epoch, because World Epoch is coming from outer s.p.a.ce, from the Chaos, not from within the Heavens itself. It is not bound by the time law.

Therefore, even if time stands still, or even if he goes back in time, he could not affect the coming World Epoch at all.

Ye Xiao kept sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

In the Small Universe Projection, his Divine Nascent Soul opened its eyes for the first time. That pair of golden eyes seemed to have the ability to pierce through countless layers of cosmic walls of the Small Universe and directly look at the Heavenly Dao Monument.

Those gazes, Ye Xiao could feel them.

No, he could see them. In fact, since it was his Divine Nascent Soul, Ye Xiao could see and observe everything it was looking at.

When the Divine Nascent Soul's gaze pierced through the layers of his small universe's cosmic membrane, Ye Xiao finally understood what these cosmic membranes are made of.

Actually, they were all made of all 3000 Laws of Heavenly Dao stacking together, forming a protective barrier. And there were a total of 3000 layers of them. Every layer had 3000 Laws of Heavenly Dao.

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