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I was sitting alone at a pub when a man approached me. He was a fine-looking gentleman. Dark brown hair with a bit of a wave, eyes that looked like honey, and he stood about five foot eleven. He stretched his hand out towards me, offering a dance. Without any words, I took his hand. All I could do was stare into those gentle, yet, strong eyes. I followed him to the floor, and we danced together. It was wonderful. The song playing couldn't have been better. It was as if we were living in the fifties. He treated me so wonderful.

After we danced, we had a few more to drink before heading out on the town. It was a carnival night, so the streets were lit up lighting our way. We talked and talked about things we hoped for our future. Like how he wanted a house with a wrap-around porch, two stories tall. The idea of it sounded beautiful. I could imagine how he described it as we rode on the Ferris wheel. White picket fence, a few rose bushes in the front next to the stairway leading up to the front door. A porch swing hanging next to a large window. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have such a gorgeous home.

The wheel stopped at the top and you could see the lights from the town. We could see the Christmas lights on every house in the vicinity. Further on, we could see the tall Christmas Tree the Mayor had decorated every year. The star looked so real from where we were. We held hands as we sat there. It was like we were the only two people in the world.

It began to get colder as the night went on. He offered me his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders. I could feel the warmth from him wearing it. When we finally were off the Ferris wheel, we visited a few vendors of the carnival to play games and eat. He won me a huge, brown teddy bear which he carried for me. We ate long corn dogs and shared a lemonade. Then it began to gently snow.

He started to walk me home. It wasn't too far luckily, but we walked slowly enough to continue enjoying each other's time. We walked through the park where a few other couples were spending there night together. It was so nice seeing so much happiness in one night. We made it closer to my house.

I told him how much I enjoyed the night. He was silent. Something was wrong. He stopped suddenly and slowly turned around to look at me. I looked up at him. He looked so sad, like he was never going to see me again. I asked him to tell me what the matter was. The snow was slowly beginning to pick up around us along with some wind. He finally spoke. "My dear, I cannot be with you after this." Puzzled, I laughed and asked him why he said that. "It's because..." The snow picked up and all you could hear was a buzzing noise. I was able to read his lips, however, and my heart sank deep within me. "I'm dead."
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I was suddenly hit with huge distraught. How could he be dead? I didn't understand it at all. I went to question him further when suddenly, I woke up.

It was nothing more than a dream.

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