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Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

The next morning, due to sleeping with Andrea in a cramped bed, my body hurt everywhere.

Andrea's figure that clung to my chest in his sleep inspired a feeling that was quite hard to describe.

I woke up Andrea, who grumbled while half-asleep, and led him to eat breakfast. Even though Andrea was here, my daily rhythm hadn't changed.

Since I had to deliver remedies, I had to go to the village. I also had to go over to the town to deliver medicine. After that, just like yesterday, I would probably make medicine while teaching the village children. If I were to be honest, Andrea was actually a bother.

"Let me go with you."

"There won't be anything fun to do, you know? Even if you say you are tired, you won't get any breaks."

"I'm still going."

As expected, this situation occurred. Sure enough, I couldn't get Andrea to separate from my side.

"It's fine if you want to go. I just want you to answer one thing."

"……What is it?"

"Are you a half-beastman?"

"What, is that bad?!"

"No, I just thought of it, that's all."

Those called "half-beastmen" were children born from a beastman and a human. They were born without possessing physical beast traits, but had the abilities of the beast.

Last night, he knew the location of the lake before I told him, hence I came up with this guess. I suppose he followed the smell of the water to find his way to the lake.

"……For me, my nose is the best. That's why I'd tracked you down, since you give out the same scent as Mother's. But even so, you turned out to be a man and not Mother."

"You're saying that like you're blaming me, but how is it my fault? I don't know anything about your mother, so it's not my fault she's gone, isn't it."


Ahh, again?

Even if I acted immature towards children, every single time I couldn't bear to see them in low spirits like this.

"Anyway, if you want to follow along, you have to keep two promises."

"What, tell me already!"

"You sure are full of yourself……. Oh well. First off, those accompanying me is as much a commoner as I am. Even if you are an aristocrat, as a healer you must not discriminate. So Andrea, you also have to be careful of your words."


"So, your answer?"

"……I'll try my best."

For the most part, I suppose most n.o.bles believed that there was no reason for them to care about common people.

If it was the old me, I probably would have point-blank refused. With that in mind, Andrea could still be considered quite upright.

"The next promise is, if you sense any danger, you must run away. Understood?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"When you are with me, if you sense anything dangerous, or even if you feel just a hint of danger, you will run. I can defend myself, but you can't, can you?"

"Are you taking me as an idiot?!"

"Well, all children are pretty foolish, aren't they?”

"Tch, adults are also just as dumb!"

What was this child saying when he hadn't even grown up?

Ignoring Andrea who was making a fool of himself while stamping his feet, I quickly took off my nightwear and changed into plain shirt and pants. After putting on a white cloak—proof of a healer's ident.i.ty—I s.n.a.t.c.hed up Andrea's hand.

I drew a magic circle and teleported us to the village entrance.

Both the children running towards us and the villagers showed curiosity towards Andrea. In this rural area, it was pretty rare to chance upon such a beautiful young boy.

Andrea's parents were certainly as beautiful as him, and probably just as conceited too.

"Lilius-san, thank you for your continued support."

"I don't mind. This is my job after all."

"Is that so, is that so. Yesterday, my idiot grandchild caused you trouble again, didn't he?"

"…… I can't deny that. It'd be good if he could be a bit more steady."

The grandmother of the fox boy, hearing my reply, laughed happily for some reason.

Today too, I looked around the village to make a note of any shortage of herbs and medicine, and also to see if there were any abnormalities.

When I listened to the villagers' questions, although there were some silly ones mixed in, I heard them out one by one. By the time I finished, the sun had already risen high up.

"Andrea, we're going to the town soon."

"Got it."

I wonder if he'd been too tossed about by the village children?

I took the hand of Andrea, who seemed rather tired, and teleported us.

Then, at the town we arrived at, we were immediately enveloped by a huge commotion.


In this empire, there was a person so famous to the point it was said that not a single person didn't know his name. This person was the commander who led the Order of Magic Knights — Jill Reid Moorwright.

Not only did he join the Order of Magic Knights at a young age, he was also now at the height of prosperity as the brilliant Knight Commander.

His family held the court rank of Duke, his appearance was beautiful, and his character was frank and honorable. He was the rumored Hero of the Empire.

That Moorwright-sama's son seemed to have gone missing yesterday.

His name was Andrea, and the age was six years old.

A boy who had white-silver hair, and honey-colored eyes darker than gold.

"Seriously, you really are a pest."

"……I didn't want to go home. It can't be helped, can it?"

The moment I teleported into the town, let alone the Watch Committee, I was even surrounded by the Empire's Knight Order — as Andrea's kidnapper.

TL note:
ML to appear soon!

This is a bit late but just a quick clarification about this story's tags on NU. When I first got it approved whoever on NU team was doing the approval arbitrarily added some weird tags to it (shota, mpreg, depictions of cruelty, etc) and I've since removed them. I read ahead until ch100+ and none of that exists. I thought I'd removed it quickly enough but you readers are quicker than me orz (it was mentioned on Discord in September. I don't go on Discord much so if no one @ me I probably won't see anything, sorry)

The story is listed as R-18 on syosetsu but those elements also hadn't come in at ch100+ either so for now I've removed that tag too.

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