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“Ah, so d.a.m.n hot….”

“Uu, my shirt is already all wet, this feeling is the worst….”

“Senpai, please take a rest…”


A few days had pa.s.sed since the team left Third Elementary, in fact, today’s the seventh day. So far, Feng Yu Chen & co had saved dozens of survivors, 2 of which are players of the Unlimited Games.

The humvee they rode has basically gone to h.e.l.l with wear and tear and so Feng Yu Chen & co abandoned it.  That’s basically the reason why they are out here under the hot sun and travelling on foot.

“Alright, let’s rest at that area full of trees, Takashi and Kohta take 5 people with you to scout the surrounding geography, Saeko and officer Minami take over Takashi and Kohta’s role. Finally, Asami and me…”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“Oh… awesome…”

“Let’s move.. let’s move…”


If one were to name the person who had changed the most during these past few days, it would be Nakaoka Asami. The girl, who is his mind had been a weak cop, has now turned into a cool and smooth woman who’s marksmanship is top notch. Not even Kohta could best her, she had grown within such a short time to amount to an OP state. Besides Minami Rika, no one could win against her in marksmanship.

Asami is also a dual gun wielder, she can hit anything she wants with those 2 guns of hers in combat mode…

As expected, if someone really wanted to grow stronger then they can really exceed their own limit. Feng Yu Chen could see this happening for Asami. She’s a pretty important a.s.sistant to him, although her position is not yet at Saeko’s level, Feng Yu Chen still gives her a lot of respect.

Asami’s transformation became the inspiration of others. Saya picked up her gun, even though she’s still something of a strategist within the group, she has started fighting as well…


Saeko and Asami each handed a bottle of mineral water to Feng Yu Chen….

He’s suffering a bit of a headache when he saw the two, how to choose? Recently, he sensed Asami coming onto him, seeing how she is so outstanding, how can he refuse her? On the other hand, his heart is telling him that he likes Saeko more, but he can’t just ignore Asami like this.

Saeko naturally saw through the dude’s mind and she stopped extending her hands to him before sitting down next to him, she then started drinking the water.

Feng Yu Chen grinned apologetically and accepted the bottle of water from Asami before chugging it down.

“Our next objective is about 5 kilometers from here, there are approximately more than 10 people and they are hiding within a huge building.”

Minami Rika said as she took out a map from her backpack. before coming here, she borrowed a map of Tokonosu city from the JMSDF, on it were the coordinates of possible refugee areas with survivors.

Saya said,

“The food will only last for another 3 days, our small group has increased in scale to near 20 people, our food consumption is triple what it were before, accounting for battle consumption, our food issue is now the biggest problem we face. Suppose there are survivors there then it would certainly increase the rate at which our food will be depleted.”

Feng Yu Chen nodded. He then asked Rika,

“There should be some field or vegetable shack nearby yeah? There’s got to be some food products there ready for consumption. It’s a natural stash of food. Furthermore, there’s a lot of grain shop around the area. Even if the rice aren’t frozen they could last for a long time and are completely ready to be turned into cooked rice.”

“Oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of that. If it’s like that then there our food problem would be solved!”

Saya’s eyes lit up. They only know how to obtain preserved food that could last for a long time from supermarkets, they didn’t even consider the possiblity of obtaining food from nearby fields and grain shops. Maybe it’s because they stayed too long at fancy places that they forgot the basic source of food?

“I think if we are staying here to fight it out then we would first need to establish a secure base and then gather food and livestocks. Also, a defensive wall. If we keep moving around like this we are just going tog et ourselves in trouble sooner or later, but if we had a base then at the very least we could secure a source of food and resting place. We could then bring the survivors in batch by batch and establish a safe community. This would be better in my opinion.”

Zi Yue Ling said.

Saya pushed up her gla.s.ses before continuing,

“Hmm, feasible, next we would have to find a small area about the size of a small villages surrounded by mountains, clear out the zombies, secure all the fields and livestock we could get our hands on and build a wall. Our team should be temporarily split into 2, the team with the weaker fighting power would be in charge of building a base while the stronger team would be in charge of hostile confrontation and survivor rescuing.

And if possible, after some time when our members and front line members has grown to a sufficient size, we would split into smaller bases and then slowly form a giant base. We are at the end of the world, it’s high time to consider fighting this out in the long run! Be prepared to continue fighting for our whole life, perhaps only our next generation would know a stable and safe life!

You could say our world is in the process of rebuilding, much like how the ancient tribes were formed. We are now the ‘cavemen’, while fighting zombies, we are trying to form a small tribe and then finally a kingdom. In the past it was beasts that threatened mankind, and now the threat changed to zombies, two sides of the same coin.

Everyone should consider our state as being the pioneers establishing a foundation for a true society, if I were to a.n.a.lyze our present situation like this, you guys don’t have any objections right?” (Tl: girl took up more than 20% of the chapter with one fu3king comment!)

Everyone nodded. It’s just like Saya to concisely put everything together in a short duration.

“I expect nothing less of our strategist, OK, that’s our plan, Takagi will be in charge of our location, she will choose the location of our base that will we will build. With the map, it should be easy to find a suitable place. After we reach the refugees, we will start the building of our base.”

Feng Yu Chen clapped his hands.

Takagi Saya nodded and then hammered her chest.

“Leave it to me, I am a genius afterall…”

“Her summary pretty much cleared up my head, otherwise we would be blindly fighting our way through and finally succ.u.mb to our weakness in a matter of time and fall.”

Saeko said while she nodded.

“Hmm, true, her a.n.a.lysis sounds about right. What an a.n.a.logy, hah, ‘cavemen’, what a nice a.n.a.logy. And the zombies are the beasts. I like this plan, yeap, cleaning zombies and building a home.”

Rika laughed as she nodded. What a team Feng Yu Chen has, not lacking in diversity at all. This is the foundation of survival!

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