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Chapter 6: Killing, Conflict, Exposed

Atlantis  1:59 AM

The surroundings had some kind of supernatural stench and then the nonstop sound of something being corroded down.

That triangular mantis looked at me with an extremely resentful gaze.

I didn't do it, I didn't do it…

Then, I saw the mantis person, whose face was continuously being corroded, walking step by step toward me.

Just like a scene frozen in the movies, the surrounding time and sound seemed to have slowed down. I watched as the triangular-mantis person walked step by step, and then he stopped, his whole body trembling.

There was a thin needle protruding out of his chest. The triangular-mantis person dumbfoundedly turned his head around.

The face-changing person, who was originally standing next to me, had already appeared behind him at some point. The black needle in his hand had penetrated straight through the triangular-mantis person's chest, piercing out in the front.

"An…" The mantis person used an extremely dumbfounded expression to look at him.

"I've already said it: don't target my prey." With an unchanging icy-cold expression, Andellar slowly withdrew the black needle in his hand. "It's the same for anyone. If you want to complain…Nn, I guess there's no way for you to complain now."

The second his words ended, the triangular-mantis person suddenly seemed like he was made out of particles as he abruptly disintegrated. Black blood was sprayed out everywhere on the ground, but not even a bit of flesh was left behind.

I took a step back. The black blood had corroded the ground in front of my feet.

The instant the triangular-mantis person disappeared, the remaining white fog also disintegrated.

I saw many greenish-white flames suddenly appearing in the surroundings, like those ghost fires in the movies, as they faintly emitted a cold light. The amount increased, until the entire underground cave was almost crammed with them.

"These should be all the souls of Lake Town." Looking around, Gasai nodded at Senior.

…They really are ghost fires.

"Your whatchamacallit compet.i.tion has ended, so you can leave now." Pinching a greenish-white flame between his fingers, Andellar curved into a cold smile and said, and then that flame just vanished in his hand.

"What are you playing at?" Putting away his illusionary weapon, Senior narrowed his blood-red eyes as he looked at him.

"Nothing, both of you are here, so it looks like if I want to take away the person I need, it might take some effort." Andellar shrugged, "I might as well wait a little later, when you're not paying attention, and then secretly bring him away, to make it more a.s.suring."

He directly said how he was going to kidnap me for ransom right in front of me…

Now, based on normal reactions, shouldn't I start thinking about how I would escape?

"You think you still have time to do that sort of thing?" Senior smiled, and at the same time, a white array appeared on the ground with him as the center, and then the round array activated, slowly turning in a circle.

Right when the array began moving, the greenish-white flames started to gradually decrease, one by one, until the entire underground cave returned to its original s.p.a.ciousness.

"Sending back the souls, are you worried that I'd eat all the souls of Lake Town?" Folding his arms, Andellar turned to face Senior. "Relax, I'm not interested in snacks."

"I know, because that person you ate just now, is Lake Town's only white robe." Continuing from the end of his sentence less than a second later, Senior likewise replied coldly.

Andellar suddenly laughed, "You truly are talented. If you don't want to oppose us, I'd really welcome you to come and join us as my partner."

I secretly glanced at Senior's real partner. I wonder what kind of expression would be under Gasai's mask.

"It's rather strange for someone like you, who has already left the Guild, to say these sorts of words. I thought that you would've forgotten about having this kind of thought after defecting to the Ghost King."


The Guild Senior's referring to should be the one that I'm currently thinking about, right?

There's only one Guild that I know of. I heard that it seems to be the robe levels' whatchamacallit United Guild and the like. A lot of people in our school originated from there, and the school itself even signed a whatchamacallit cooperation treaty with the Guild.

The face-changing person laughed again, as if Senior's cold and arrogant att.i.tude didn't affect him at all. "You really know too much. I thought this matter would have been long since sealed away. I didn't expect for the people of the Temple of Nothingness to really be this incomparable to normal robe levels." His eyes suddenly changed, icy-cold as he stared at Senior. "How much do you actually know!?"

Without a trace of fear in his red eyes, Senior raised his hand to stop Gasai's action of drawing out his weapon. "I already know all that I should know. The source of my information doesn't come from the Guild, but rather the Temple of Nothingness. So, including the fact that you were once the top leader of the medical team, and at the same time, had doubled with a black robe's qualification, as well as the matter of you rebelling and joining Ghost King Yelu later on, I know all about them."

The face-changing person was once a member of the Guild!?

I dumbfoundedly looked at that person who still had a carefree expression.

He's a double robe level?

Wait a minute, he later joined Ghost King Yelu as his subordinate?

But I remember that this guy seems to be Evil Ghost King Bishen's first expert, right?

I felt dizzy from all the complicatedness.

"As soon as Ghost King Yelu was annihilated, I'm not sure why you would become Evil Ghost King Bishen's subordinate, but you're the Guild's most wanted criminal, and at the same time, you're also a rebel. There's no doubt about that." Senior looked at him, making a conclusion with his last sentence.

At that same second, Andellar had already appeared in front of Senior, his black needle against Senior's forehead. "If you let these things leak out, you should be very clear that I won't be holding back and playing around with you anymore, cute younger generation."

Senior narrowed his eyes, "You're also afraid of letting your past be known?"

"I'm different from you, a little younger generation who even sealed away his real name. My robe levels ident.i.ty is my shame, and also a symbol of boredom. I rather hate being a.s.sociated with those things." Seeing that Senior didn't waver at all, Andellar boredly retracted his black needle. "But if you want to join our group, I would very much welcome you."

"Stop joking around." Senior showed a disgusted expression.

"I'm not joking with you, and I'm certain that this future is bound to exist." Who knows where his confidence came from, Andellar spoke these words full of absolute certainty.

Stunned for a moment, Senior immediately glared fiercely at him.

"Let's see if you can actually make it out of this mess first."

Just as Senior finished talking, several teleportation arrays' light circles emerged on ground. In the next second, numerous robe levels and non-robe levels appeared before my eyes.

The remaining teams in the compet.i.tion arrived at the same time.

Someone helped me up.

I turned my head around and saw the sacrificial clothing of Seven Hill Academy. However, this person's face was covered by the lappets of his hat, so I simply couldn't tell who he was. "Uh, thank you." The other person also nodded at me, taking two steps back to his companion's side.

It was only when I subconsciously raised my hand to wipe away my sweat that I found out I had already been unknowingly covered in cold sweat.

The amount of people who showed up wasn't small. All of Seven Hill Academy's players were here, and so were Randall, Geng, Ryan, and Chifuyu, who came back, as well as the real Tenju's original black robe partner.

The whole scene immediately became filled with a murderous aura, and then I was very similar to a pa.s.serby pa.s.sing by. Apart from being completely out of place, I also seemed like I was just someone who came to join in the fun.

Based on this situation, according to the direction of how the movies would play out, if the face-changing person were to escape and take a hostage now, I'd probably be the unluckiest number one target.

"Andellar, your ident.i.ty has already been leaked out through instant transmission. Right now, everyone in the world knows that you are the first expert of Evil Ghost King Bishen. Do you still want to continue using that face?" Chifuyu, who looked like he was already alright, had an eyeball similar to the one that senior Gasai had used before floating above his hand.

I guess, it's not up to the point where the whole world knows about it…That world of ours definitely doesn't know about it…

The face-changing person coldly snorted, and then his right palm covered his face. After his hand lowered, his face had already changed completely into that real appearance that we'd seen before. With his dark blue hair still tied behind his head, he wasn't panicked at all from being seen through. "The whole world knows, so what?" His tone seemed like it was totally unrelated to him, very relaxed.

"Then just pay for it with your life!" The blood blade of the real Tenju's partner suddenly appeared, slashing horizontally at Andellar's head in almost the blink of an eye. His action was fierce and violent, as if the face-changing person was a high-level murderer who killed thirteen generations of his family.

Not dodging or hiding, Andellar's hand flicked out a black needle.

A stream of small sparks drew out in the air, and then the b.l.o.o.d.y blade was forcibly bounced off.

"Although you're very powerful, it seems to me that I can just casually strangle you to death. If you want to go up against me, then why not have all of you attack at once to make it more interesting." Andellar folded his arms, and coldly curved into a smile.

He's provoking!

He's really provoking!

"Wiltan, please send our teammate, Chu out of this place, alright." Senior looked at Seven Hill Academy's representative team beside me. One of them who looked like he should be the team leader (because his clothes weren't the same) walked out. "Chu, I'm sorry, but you're not suitable to be here for the scene after this."

I understand…

I understand everything…

Because I'm the legendary stumbling block.

"If you want to see blood spurting everywhere, flesh falling here and there, and human heads rolling about, then you can continue to stay here." Senior's tone instantly changed.

I immediately turned around to look at that Seven Hill Academy team leader. "I'm sorry, I'll have to trouble you with all of this."

I personally feel that I probably don't have that kind of courage yet.

The Seven Hill Academy team leader nodded, and in the next second, a faint light immediately emerged in my surroundings.

I'm very familiar with this.

As expected, in the blink of an eye, the scenery around me immediately changed, and the huge sun appeared above my head.

In front of me, a scene that could be said to be unfamiliar and yet not too familiar appeared.

Lake Town's town entrance.

Several white robes had gathered at the entrance, and among them was a familiar person.

"Yang Yang!" After that person raised his head, he immediately saw me and directed a wide smile at me.

"a.s.sistant." I quickly ran over to him, very surprised that I would be able to see the aborigine a.s.sistant here. "Why are you here?" He was even wearing the medical team's formal blue robe. His whole imposing manner was just not the same.

"I'm the boss of the support team. Of course, I'd be here." The a.s.sistant rubbed my head hard, and for a second, I felt that my scalp might get pulled off by him.

…So you're the boss of those medical teams that were very exaggeratedly blocked out of the town.

Speaking of which, why would I be sent over here?

At the same time that I was pondering this, someone came out of the house behind the medical teams.

"Yang Yang." While he was wiping his palm with a white cloth, Yido walked over to me. "That's great, I was still wondering whether you had successfully escaped." He let out a sigh of relief.

"Just now, I was sent out by Seven Hill Academy's player." Seeing that he was fine, I was also slightly relieved. "What about the others?" I didn't see the five-colored rooster head and the two brothers, Yado and Leido.

"Ziray's injuries were rather serious, so they're currently strengthening his treatment. Other than that, Yado and Leido are already fine. A little rest and they'll be able to move about again." Greeting the a.s.sistant and the others, Yido told me.

"Nn." I nodded my head hard.

If everyone's fine, then that's best.

Just when the two of us had nothing else to talk about, the sound of a clap abruptly broke the silence. "Alright, those who have time should immediately sort out all the clean beds, medicine, and barriers. It's time to start getting busy!" The person speaking loudly was the a.s.sistant. However, the target of his words wasn't us, but rather the other members of the medical teams. "Groups of two, start moving immediately! Quick!"

It's only now that I realized the number of members of the medical teams seemed to be even bigger than what the General a.s.sembly had reported before.

There were nearly eight or so blue robes running about in front of me, and who knows how many more were helping to treat the others.

Is it because we discovered the Ghost King's subordinate here that they were so urgently dispatched?

"Yang Yang, you can go and rest first. The rest is our job." The a.s.sistant said, while calling a few people over, and after instructing them to do something in a low voice, those few people immediately disappeared on the spot in front of me, as if they had evaporated.

To be honest, Senior and the whole group are still down there. How could I be able to rest?

I had a kind of impulse to go back to confirm their safety.

Beside me, someone suddenly patted my shoulder. I looked up and saw Yido gently shaking his head at me; he knew exactly what I was thinking.

"Even if we go back, we still won't be able to help them, you understand?" His tone was a little heavy; I had no choice but to nod. "Sometimes, there are still some things that can be done, but tasks that are too difficult aren't suitable for oneself. However, certain areas would definitely have need of one, such as something that only you can do."

Honestly, for a second I didn't understand what Yido's words meant.

"An example is praying. If you want, I can teach you the Water Fairies' praying spell. Although it's not very efficacious, it does have some effect."

…Turns out the only thing I can do is pray.

Five black lines immediately hung down on my face.

I know that Yido was being completely well-intentioned, but to pray…that felt rather like…cough cough…forget it…

"How do I do it?" Of course, you can't just pour cold water on someone's kind intentions, otherwise, once those two, who always tags along behind him, wakes up, I'll be in big trouble.

Yido took out a little white crystal that was probably only as big as a thumb from his small backpack. "First, draw a simple praying incantation on your palm, and then hold onto the crystal." He drew a very simple three-stroke design on his palm for me to see, before he clasped the crystal with both hands. "Close your eyes, pray in your heart, and then let go."

I saw a white transparent fine powder scattering down from Yido's opened palms. The white crystal was already gone.

The powder fell on the ground and emitted a faint glow. A second later, I saw something that looked a lot like a bird appearing from the powder. It suddenly spread its wings and flew into the sky, disappearing at once.

"The incantation of praying for a wish. It's very easy." Yido took out another white crystal and handed it to me.

Looking at the crystal in my palm, I likewise drew a very simple incantation on my palm, and clutched the crystal.

If it's to pray, I hope that everyone will be alright, with no one dying, and then smoothly end this compet.i.tion.

In that second, my palms suddenly felt abnormally hot, even hotter than last time when I put on Old Man's bracelet. There was a scalding feeling as if blisters would appear and a layer of my skin would fall off. In order to prevent my hands from being seared through by the heat, I directly released my hands amidst the pain.

This kind of heat and Yido actually didn't feel anything at all!

My hands were completely red, and the fallen crystal powder supernaturally floated up in the air.

Turning his head, Yido looked at me with an expression like he'd been hit by a ghost. That's not right, his expression is no longer something that can be described as being hit by a ghost.

I'm innocent, I'm innocent…!!!

The powder floating in the air abruptly expanded into a bird the size of an eagle with a swish. It issued a huge cry and rushed toward the sky. The cry resounded throughout the sky, and even the medical teams that were in the middle of preparing looked up to see what was going on.

After ten seconds, the large bird vanished.

I cautiously turned around to look at Yido, "May I ask…What does this mean?" Does it mean that the crystal got scared by my wish, so it made a speedy getaway…?

Yido stared at the sky for a long while. His expression was a little complicated. "I guess it probably means that your wish can be successfully achieved. This is also the first time I saw this kind of variation."

It's also your first time!?

It can't be that it really did make a speedy getaway…

"It's here!"

Just when we were still dumbfounded with the crystal powder's abnormality, a roar suddenly sounded.

A blue array materialized near the medical team, and in less than a second, three people appeared on it. Two of them were blue robes, with one of them also being among the people who disappeared just now, and the other person couldn't be any more familiar…

"Senior Geng!"

I saw those two people supporting  senior Geng, who was covered all over in blood, as they appeared on the array. Senior Geng seemed to have lost consciousness; both of her eyes were tightly closed and her face was as pale as paper. The point is that her left wrist had been entirely cut off.

"Don't get in the way!" The two people supporting her were ill-mannered as they directly drove off the other groups of people in front, menacingly rushing straight into the house.

Seeing someone I know, I hastily ran two steps and then stopped again.

If I go, then I'll just get in the way.

"Yang Yang, don't worry. As long as there's still one breath left, we will be able to save them." The a.s.sistant walked over, and patted my shoulder hard. "Otherwise I'll take down the medical team's signboard and let you smash it."

I nodded my head, "Alright."

"You really are good! Stinky little kid!" Smacking me on my back, I almost got severely injured and coughed up blood, "Julian!"

A person wearing a normal white coat came over. That person with the white jacket had long black hair that covered his whole face; there was even a pair of thick gla.s.ses in front of his bangs, which really made him look like a black cactus that someone had put gla.s.ses on.

He looks really ordinary, almost more ordinary than me.

"Julian is from the a.n.a.lysis department of autopsy, anatomy, and so on, in the medical team." The a.s.sistant gave us a very simple introduction of that person, before he turned around and continued to explain things to that person.


I suddenly thought of something.

"Can you a.n.a.lyze a finger?" I remembered the thing that Senior and I saw yesterday in a certain store.

The two people, who were originally discussing something, suddenly turned around to look at me, and even Yido did the same.

"Sure." The gla.s.ses-wearing black cactus was the first to speak. "Even a drop of blood can be a.n.a.lyzed." He spoke in the most normal and accurate Mandarin, causing me to suddenly feel nostalgic for my hometown.

"Yang Yang, tell us the location in detail." The a.s.sistant then questioned me closely, and so, I told them everything about the approximate location from what I could remember.

After listening, the gla.s.ses-wearing black cactus didn't even take half a second before he left behind one sentence and disappeared in front of us, "I'll be right back." He disappeared quickly, gone in a blink of an eye.

He really is a cactus with a high mobility.

"I forgot to tell you that Julian is a necrophile." The a.s.sistant then added these words, "He would also help the students who died outside and couldn't be saved by making a sample* of them. His a.s.sessment is very good, so if you want to have one done, you can make an appointment in advance."

[T/N: I think that means he identifies their corpses?]

Yido and I shook our heads in a identical motion.

I think, it would be better to keep a little distance from the members of the medical team in the future, because they really are weird.

Then, from the other end of the hardworking medical teams came another roar.

"It's here! Get out of the way!"

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