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Published at 22nd of July 2019 06:07:43 AM Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Helping Hands

Location: Taiwan Time: 9:51 AM

With a “pa,” in this most critical moment, someone from our side actually smacked the back of my head .

“Did you watch too many police movies!?”

Even if I’m using lines from police movies here, Senior, did you really have to fight against one of your own at a time like this?

When I turned my head again, Jeres had already noticed me . The expression on his face was completely stiff, as if he did not at all expect a random pa.s.serby to break off his arm .

“Don’t, don’t move, I suggest you return to your place now . ” I was so close to telling him to drop his weapon and surrender . I secretly peeked at Senior . He was currently busy and wasn’t that keen on paying attention to me: “Or else I will kill you . ” Adding on this sentence at the end .

“And cut up your corpse and tear the flesh off your bones!” Seeing him distracted, the five-colored rooster head directly knocked him down on the ground, even adding a few punches .

The Ghost lay on the ground, then slowly revealed an extremely strange smile, causing my hair to stand on end behind him, “Haha…”

That very low laugh, will give people gooseb.u.mps .

The whole deck began to sway . Those tables and chairs fastened to the ground nearby kept making noise .

Based on this situation combined with movies, light novels and performances, the demon king is about to evolve and upgrade .

I hastily fired several shots at the Ghost on the ground, and every shot hit his head…At this time, I suddenly felt so touched for being forced into practicing my marksmanship by the five-colored rooster and Ran before . It’s actually pretty accurate .

But the bullets exceeded our expectations . All of them pa.s.sed through Jeres’ head like they were hitting air, and nailed the deck . The area around him started to slowly melt into flames, as if wanting to repeat the act of being unkillable from before .

This is bad, that’s never going to end!

“So annoying!” Veins popped up on the five-colored rooster head’s head .

Just when I was thinking about how I could shoot the bullet Senior entrusted me with into his head, a noise that sounded very much like wind blowing through something drifted through the air from the other end, whistling several times, before I saw a couple of shiny things directly launching themselves on Jeres, issuing a lot of sound .

That Ghost let out a furious howl of pain, and every single one of the objects that attacked nailed themselves into his body, fastening him to the deck unable to move, as if they were nailing a specimen .

After it was silent, I then noticed that those things seem to be short arrows fired from a crossbow .

Who would bring a crossbow onboard?

“Chu, now!” As soon as Senior saw that the specimen flaming person was temporarily unable to move, he immediately shouted at me .

Whether it was because of an instinctive response to his urging or something else, I immediately ran over, squeezing past the five-colored rooster head, and my action of loading the bullet was so fast that even I felt as if I was possessed .

It was only after the shot rang out that I realized I fired at the Ghost’s forehead at close range .

His eyes widened, and I was petrified .

“Run!” Beside me, the five-colored rooster head grabbed my collar, with the suspicion of taking advantage of my petrification to murder me, before dragging me backwards a good distance away .

“I, I’m going to die! Let go!” I waited until he stood still before struggling right away .

“You’re only going to die if you stand over there!” The five-colored rooster head was still holding onto my collar .

Who made this piece of clothing; how come it still doesn’t rip after being grabbed around like this!?

Right before I was finally about to kick the bucket and faint from lack of oxygen, I won, and my freed collar left that chicken claw that wanted to murder me .

Before I could protest, a tremendous explosion sound abruptly came from the place where the Ghost was lying at just now——

Senior, did you give me a bomb!?

I instantly turned my head to look at that person who gave me the bullet . He turned his head away, too lazy to even glance at me .

A gust of ash flew past, and I saw odd greenish-blue flames rolling up over there . For a moment, it looked like a big cl.u.s.ter of will-o’-the-wisps, burning brightly, and in the middle of them was a figure nailed to the ground struggling madly .

In less than three seconds, a huge array appeared beneath the will-o’-the-wisps . Like a funnel, the things above were all quickly reclaimed by it, then the array also twisted, and finally vanished .

There was nothing in the surroundings .

So silent .

Was that a send-off array just now? I wasn’t too sure, because I felt like it was very familiar, but a bit different .

“That was a reinforcement-based send-off array . ” Senior coldly snorted and told me like this .

Aih? Shouldn’t it include a crossbow?

I suddenly remembered the crossbow . Glancing around, there was no one else here at all .

Who was the one that helped us out?

The cruise ship’s hull abruptly shook severely . I wasn’t standing properly and immediately slipped, even grabbing the five-colored rooster head along the way and making him fall down with me .

“Yang~you want to get beaten!?” The person whose whole face crashed into the deck directly protested as soon as he got up .

“Sor, sorry, slip of the hand, it was all a slip of the hand . ” I got up and hid at the side right away: “But why did the ship all of a sudden…” Having just decided to bring up the issue, I saw a large black shadow flying over me, even magnificently carrying glowing beads of water . It was just like the legendary dolphins-jumping-out-of-the-water marvel that you would always see at the beautiful seasides—but at our side, it was long-tailed sharks leaping over cruise ships .

All the water sprayed on my head, almost freezing me to death!

Senior, is it possible at all for you to adjust the temperature of your ice spell!? What if the people in the ship just go to sleep forever like this!?

“I am so sorry the maximum temperature can’t be adjusted, causing you to be disappointed . ” In the back, Senior issued -80 degrees icy words .

I’m sorry, I’m wrong, please focus on continuing .

“Don’t run!” The five-colored rooster head, who hadn’t forgotten about investigating them at all, actually rushed over to chase the shark, even grabbing the other side’s tail spike and falling overboard with it .

“Ziray!” I ran over to see . He and the shark fell on the ice beside the ship . The shark had crashed a hole through it to the sea, and the five-colored rooster head had fallen on top of the ice . In an instant, he flipped himself up and angrily kicked at the ice .

The outer ring of the ice already had sea people climbing on it . Yuli and Yǔ lǐ were a bit far from the ship . They were essentially not on the ice anymore, but rather on the sea dealing with those sea people and the other shark below .

Should I jump down now?

Should I bravely jump down on the ice?

This is at least nearly ten stories high!

If I jump down, I’ll probably die, smashing straight into the ice, then my whole body breaking apart plus my head splitting open .

“Chu, there’s something on this ship called the stairs . ” Senior already didn’t want to talk, his entire tone becoming lazy .

That’s right, how could I forget that there are stairs on the ship!

“I, I’ll go down and help first . ” Maybe I won’t be able to help much . However, considering the current situation, my being here seems very unnecessary .

Senior didn’t say anything .

Before rushing down the stairs, I saw that he was still fixing the whole ship in place on the ice .

The ship’s hold was quiet, so quiet that it was unusually strange .

Just as Yǔ lǐ said, everyone was asleep . Even an attendant who had walked halfway across was asleep, lying in the corridor . Maybe because of the tremor just now, he was sleeping turned in a horizontal direction .

Not wanting to see more, I ran down several flight of stairs in a row, and abruptly found that the ship’s hold wasn’t as cold as I’d imagined . There was a big temperature difference between outside and here . They were simply two different worlds .

After running to the open-air balcony on the lower floor, I carefully climbed out of the balcony and stepped on the ice .

The ground was slippery as h.e.l.l . You could easily fall if you’re not careful .

“Ziray!” Using a very, very slow speed, I strenuously went in Ziray’s direction . He was crouching by the hole to see where the shark had escaped to .

“Hateful, get out for this uncle, you cowardly shark fin!” Angrily standing up, the five-colored rooster head kicked the ice again very irritably .

You can chase it down there…It can’t be that you’re actually a landlubber!?

I suddenly remembered that I honestly didn’t seem to have seen the five-colored rooster head swimming before . Speaking of which, it is winter now . No one would actually jump into the ice, right; even if you don’t freeze to death, you’ll be half-dead .


The five-colored rooster head hadn’t finished shouting when the entire ice unexpectedly began to shake, before a large fragment suddenly broke off from our front . Very similar to the disaster films you’d see in the cinema, the chunk of ice charged upwards, and the shark was sent flying in the air .

Without saying a second word, I pulled the five-colored rooster head and ran .

No wonder people say that you have unlimited potential during times of life and death . I actually didn’t fall on the ice that was still slippery just a moment ago, and even swiftly pulled the five-colored rooster head back to the balcony by the ship .

I know! Sure enough, my skill is running for my life; it really is an unique skill that makes one touched enough to cry, so useful!

After the two of us fled to the balcony, the ice completely shattered, and the ship once again tilted halfway . I bet if Senior was here right now, he would definitely use a ferocious gaze to tell us to get rid of him immediately, and not let him continue breaking the hull .

The shark leaped about beneath the shattered ice, and it didn’t take long for the ice layer on top to quickly start condensing again . Whether it was my misconception or not, I felt that it seems to have become much colder outside .

“Tsk, if I don’t use my trump card, you’d honestly think this uncle is afraid of you . ” The five-colored rooster head glared at the shark below . The ice had yet to seal off completely, when he suddenly jumped down to the sea, so fast that I didn’t have time to stop him .

Turns out he can swim!

The shadows of the shark and the five-colored rooster head vanished beneath the sea in an instant, before the whole ice returned to its original state .

“Ziray?” It can’t be that he actually turned into a sea chicken?

Looking at the ice layer, below was so murky that I couldn’t see anything clearly .

Just when I leaped to my feet wanting to help, the surroundings abruptly turned dark . As soon as I raised my head, I saw that at some point…maybe when the ice broke; the point is, several black sea people were already approaching the balcony . These sea people’s appearances were a bit weird . I can’t tell what sort of marine creatures they are . Some had scales, and some actually had short downy fur, which even dripped with water .

“Minas . ” Like a reflex that was there from the start, I immediately fired a shot at the nearest sea person . That sea person was sent flying back, with a hole on its head, leaking a transparent liquid that was as dense as water .

As soon as the other sea people saw me open fire, a large mouth suddenly stretched open on their black bodies . Inside were all those steel-nail-like teeth that were sharp enough to make you feel pain just by looking at them .

Senior…My gun isn’t a shotgun…and I’m not a light-speed shooter either!

What should I do in this situation?

Taking two steps back, before I could escape, my back b.u.mped into someone .

“Aih, this isn’t a good place to talk . ”

That person sighed in a way that seemed as if he was coldly snorting . I didn’t have time to understand what was going on, when the sea people in front of me suddenly issued a strange sound, somewhat like m.u.f.fled wails, before they all collapsed, never to move again .

I turned around at once and saw that Ashis, who hadn’t been knocked out by the sleeping drug, was standing behind me, and even wearing that smile that sent chills down my back .

Even if I had no way of understanding the situation, I also knew immediately that he was the one who saved me just now . No matter what Senior said, I still thanked him first based on courtesy: “Uh, thank you for your help . ”

Ashis curved into a smile: “It was nothing, I still don’t want what I have my eye on to be obtained by others first . ”

I didn’t dare to ask him what he meant by what he “has his eye on . ” My whole scalp was basically numb, and the eccentric feeling this person gave me went up another level again . This made me decide that going down to fight the sea people would be better .

“Then, then I’ll continue…” Just when I wanted to climb down the balcony, a huge noise suddenly came from outside .

The shark beneath the ice seems to have been viciously pummeled by someone . It was badly beaten and thrown on the ice…Tut tut, that fish’s face was at least swollen to twice its size . Who knows how it was beaten up .

The five-colored rooster head climbed up soon after . It looks like he completely won .

And a few seconds after he climbed up, the second shark flew over, falling horizontally on the first one . Its body also had many scars; what’s different was that this one had its throat slit, while the five-colored rooster head’s was still breathing .

Yuli and Yǔ lǐ simultaneously stopped on the ice: “With this, the sea people will soon scatter . ” Pulling a slightly tired Yuli to the side, Yǔ lǐ told us .

“Ha! This is the all-round victory of this uncle!” The five-colored rooster head smugly stepped on top of the sharks .

“We also defeated one . ” Yǔ li gave him a look .

“Don’t you understand what ‘caught live are fresher’ means?” Smacking that not-dead shark hard, the five-colored rooster head looked down his nose at him: “Throwing dead seafood up here, can that thing really be eaten . ”

Basically, I think the live one can’t be eaten either .

Yǔ lǐ probably didn’t want to engage in a meaningless argument with him, not even replying to him .

I reached out to help pull the two of them up . As soon as they were pulled up, Yǔ lǐ hurriedly said that they had to return to the room on the bottom floor first, supporting Yuli as they ran off at a fast speed, as if they were going to be late for something .

The five-colored rooster head was still in the same place evaluating those two sharks . Just when I was afraid he might take them back to be handled by the kitchen, he suddenly stretched out his hand to kill that live one, before pushing the two corpses into the sea . After causing a huge splash, the fish corpses were immediately swept down to the bottom of the sea by the waves, disappearing .

Not knowing what this move of his meant at all, I just stayed in the same spot dumbly watching the five-colored rooster head run back . Then he said: “I suddenly forgot that it was poisonous and can’t be eaten . ”

“…” I gave a moment of silence for the two sharks, really .

“Who are you?” The five-colored rooster head circled Ashis, revealing a very suspicious gaze: “So familiar…”

“He is Ashis . Let’s head up over to Senior to see the situation . ” Pulling the five-colored rooster head, I really wanted to quickly leave that person who gave me chills .

“I’ll go up with you to see . ” Standing beside us, Ashis leisurely said .

Can you not go with us…I could almost predict Senior’s displeased expression .

Perhaps noticing that I wasn’t too willing, he added on: “Since I’m also from the sealed world, I can help out if something happens above . ”

The way he said it does seem to make some sense…Looking at the remaining sea people who really were starting to disperse, I was a bit hesitant .

“You guys are so long-winded! Just go already!” Not wanting to wait for me to finish hesitating at all, the five-colored rooster head abruptly grabbed my hand and ran toward the stairs heading up .

Please finish listening to people sometimes, okay!

Since there’s no use stopping him, I resigned myself to being pulled along again, and then I saw Ashis following behind us . His speed should be faster than the five-colored rooster head’s, because from start to finish, he maintained a certain speed following behind us a few steps or so away, not too far or too slow .

Precise to the point that it was a bit strange .

It took less than a few minutes for the five-colored rooster head to already drag me to the deck on the highest floor .

The whole deck was exactly the same as below . It was all frost, even denser than before . It really looks like some kind of glacial zone .

Is it necessary to put in so much effort?

“Senior?” Struggling out of the five-colored rooster head, I looked around, walking toward the location where Senior was just a moment ago .

He was still there, collapsed on the ground . His situation didn’t look very good, especially when I noticed that his face, hands and neck all had those silver totems that I seemed to have seen before—

“He’s in a state of imbalance . ” Standing beside me, Ashis raised an eyebrow and immediately walked over .

State of imbalance?

I suddenly thought of what happened during the sports compet.i.tion .

Swiftly moving past Ashis, I directly crouched down beside Senior . Oh no, now that the ghost child and Restua aren’t here, what should we do if he’s in a state of imbalance?

Will hitting him wake him up?

“Do you believe I would have beaten you up first before you could hit me . ” His icy tone directly sliced past my head like a knife . Turns out Senior’s consciousness was still very clear .

“P-pretend I didn’t think about it . ” It’s so cold here, super cold .

Senior withdrew his hands, frowning . Those totems on his body became even more obvious than just now .

Speaking of which, even now, I still don’t know why these totems would appear on his body…

“Can you stand?” Coming to his side at some point as well, the five-colored rooster head sized him up . Clearly he knows more about the seriousness of the matter than I do; unlike usual, he wasn’t fooling around either .

“I can . ” Senior grabbed the railing nearby a few times, and slowly stood up .

“It’s better if you don’t force yourself . ” Staying in the same place after being overtaken by me, Ashis suddenly threw out this sentence with smile that wasn’t quite a smile .

Senior instantly glared over: “I warned you not to come near us . ”

Ashis shrugged, still smiling, and didn’t get angry over Senior’s hostility .

Um…Senior, he saved my life just now…

Red eyes abruptly glared over, glaring for about five seconds, and causing my scalp to become even more numb .

“Your situation isn’t good . If you want to fly into a rage, you should wait until later . ”

Disregarding the fact that he was glaring at him, Ashis quickly said this: “If you want to drive me away, based on your current state…Hehe, you should be glad I really did come here on vacation . ”

Wait a minute, how come I seem to have heard something similar before?

Hurry up and think, where was it?

“It’s best if you send him back to his room first . ” While I still couldn’t think of it, I heard Ashis’ voice again . He was telling the five-colored rooster head to support Senior back to the room .

Perhaps it really was due to how serious the effects of being in a state of imbalance, Senior didn’t put up more resistance and was half-supported and half-pulled down the stairs by the five-colored rooster like this . I quickly ran after them .

After only a few steps on the stairs, I saw Thomas about to head up . As soon as he saw us, he stopped: “I contacted the Guild . They will immediately dispatch the maintenance personnel and robe levels over to help . Additionally, they will also connect with the organizations here so that the ship can enter Hong Kong early . ”

“Nn, please inform the ship captain . ” Senior very briefly spoke .

Probably knowing his condition, Thomas nodded, then turned and left in the direction of the captain’s room .

After going downstairs, Yuli and Yǔ lǐ‘s sleeping drug should have begun to wear off . I saw that several people lying in the corridor were already awake, but due to the drug, their expressions still seem sluggish, as if they hadn’t figured out where they were .

Before everyone could notice us, the five-colored rooster head had rushed toward the room at a rapid pace, kicking open the door and pulling Senior straight into bed .

I suddenly remembered that there was still a ballfish in the bathroom .

“You can scram now . ” After entering the room, Senior immediately issued an explusion order against Ashis .

“You don’t need me to do a small favor for you?” Ashis curved into a smile: “I can instantly control the imbalance for you . ”

“I don’t want to owe you any favors, scram . ”

For some reason, Senior’s hostility toward Ashis was deep to a very strange extent .

Just who is this guy?

“I suddenly really want you to owe me favors . ” Seemingly deliberately antagonizing Senior, Ashis laughed, before moving near the bed .

The five-colored rooster head suddenly stood in front of Senior vigilantly: “What are you trying to do!”

Even the five-colored rooster head acted like this . I should believe his wild instincts . Without needing them to say it at all, I held Minas and pointed at Ashis’ head standing in the back .

He was still smiling, not at all nervous: “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you guys . I’m still on vacation right now and for the time being, I don’t intend on making a move . ”

Since he said it like this, I believe this person is probably an enemy .

…He knows me?

I thought of the first time we met, the very familiar att.i.tude of this guy .

After thinking back and forth, of the enemies who know me, there is only one person, and the answer was that person who makes my hair stand on end and gooseb.u.mps appear all over my body .

I hope it isn’t that person my mind is thinking of . After all, their names are different .

“Then leave . ” Senior glanced at me, frowning .

Senior…It can’t be that what I’m thinking of is the correct answer?

Not answering me, Senior only glared at that person in front of him .

Not paying attention to Senior, Ashis glanced at the five-colored rooster head and revealed a smile: “I want to treat him . I won’t lay hands on him . ”

The five-colored rooster head’s expression looked very doubtful . He still hadn’t figured out their relationship .

I stood in the back and suddenly saw Ashis’ hand about to rise—

“Ziray, go check on Chu’s family first . ” Senior suddenly said something completely unrelated .

“Aih?” The five-colored rooster head was obviously stunned as well, turning his head to look at Senior .

“It’s fine, go first . The ship is currently unstable . You can go confirm their safety . ” Senior said this, glancing at me whether intentionally or not, before turning his gaze away .

After looking at Ashis and Senior for a long time, the five-colored rooster head nodded and left the room .

After the door closed, there were three of us left .

The air was taut, almost to the point where the heaviness could crush people to death .

I suddenly felt that I should have found a random excuse to escape this room with the five-colored rooster head just now . This place gave one a terrifying feeling .

The air doesn’t seem to be circulating at all .

Who knows how long it’s been, maybe only a dozen seconds, when I saw Senior slowly open his mouth and say something that made me extremely terrified——

“Andellar Ashis, what kind of game are you playing at!?”

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