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                                Episode 5


"Hirocchi, I know that you want to be with us, but we forgot to tell you that we're planning on visiting your sibling's(1) grave and we will be staying at our previous house." Chihiro's father suddenly told us while we were eating breakfast.

Chihiro froze when he heard his father mentioning his sibling. "Is that so, Tou-chan? It's okay. I'll take care of Sensei."

"You have a sibling?" I asked without noticing everyone's pain upon bringing up such a sad topic.

Chihiro weakly nodded before answering. "Yes, Sensei(2). My twin." He said with a pained expression.

"Sorry, Sensei, okay?" His mother excused himself and I hurriedly shook my head.

"It's okay. I understand." I rea.s.sured them.

We finished our breakfast before Chihiro's parents began packing their things. If it's really his sibling that they will be visiting, why was Chihiro left behind?

"Be safe." His father reminded us before bidding his goodbyes.

"Take care of yourselves too, Tou-chan, Mchan." Said Chihiro.

"We'll talk to Chiromi about your guys." His mom added.

"Mm." One lifeless and wan smile was the only answer Chihiro gave and then, the two finally left.

"Sensei, do you want a tour? It'll be boring if we're just here at home." Chihiro suddenly asked.

"Can I ask something personal?" I directly requested. I was really curious.

I was sitting on the sofa and then Chihiro sat beside me before letting out a big sigh.

"Is this about Chiromi?" He asked.

"That's your twin's name?"

"Ten years have pa.s.sed since that accident happened." He started. "We weren't still living here. Our previous house was near a small grave and our lives were simpler. Chiromi and I are both Omegas, but Chiromi was thinner and more frail compared to me so we never left each other everywhere we went."



"Hirocchi, Chichi, let's eat now." Mchan's sweet voice called us and we, Chiromi and I, automatically stopped playing hide and seek in the backyard and raced to the kitchen.

"Uwah! You really run fast, Hirocchi-niichan!" My twin Chiromi commented between pants, smacking my back.

Even though we're twins, we have many differences in our physical aspect. I was taller, healthier body, and was much better physically than Chiromi. And Chiromi's the opposite; sickly, thin, and weak overall, but even with all that, Chiromi is joyful and was still able to keep up with the kids our age.

I really love my twin. For me, Chiromi's weakness isn't something that won't hide Chiromi's beautiful heart.

"Itadakimasu!" I excitedly exclaimed as I tried to grab a piece of fried fish (that Tou-chan cooked), but Mchan slapped my hand away from the plate.

"Hirocchi, how many times do I have to tell you to wash your hands before eating?" She lightly scolded me and my face shifted to a wronged expression in just a few seconds.

"But, I'm hungry, Mchan." I answered back.

"Listen to your mother, Hirocchi." Tou-chan intervened.

"I'll go with you, Hirocchi-niichan." Chiromi suggested while smiling.

"Hay(3), Chichi, you always baby your brother that's why his head is getting bigger." Tou-chan stated in dismay. 

"You're wrong, Tou-chan! It's just that Hirocchi-niichan has a bad att.i.tude. Right, Hirocchi—ugh!" Chiromi didn't get to finish speaking because I pinched Chiromi's nose in a mixture of irritation and joy.

"You're really irritating." I told Chiromi, suppressing a laugh while I tightened my pinch on Chiromi's nose.

"Id hurrds!" Chiromi laughingly whined and my parents too, joined in the fun and laughed as well.

Our family was like this. Happy.

But everything changed when the day that we both were terrified of came. 


We were walking home from school as always. Chiromi and I got used to holding hands while talking about events that happened in school with friends walking with us.

There were many kids interested in Chiromi because he's kind while many were scared of me because I was ill-tempered. But I'm only good to Chiromi because he's the only one who stayed true to me even with this kind of att.i.tude.

"Hirocchi-niichan, what do you think Tou-chan cooked for lunch?" Chiromi excitedly asked me. 

"Maybe… grilled mackerel." I guessed.

"I want water spinach(4)!" 

"Yuck! That tastes so horrible!" I disgustingly groaned and Chiromi laughed heartily.

"Mchan said vegetables are good for the body. Your body's envious you know, Hirocchi-niichan, because even if you don't like vegetables much, you're still healthy." Chiromi said, a little bit sad and I hurriedly made a mess on his head.

"Hey(5)! You're a man too. You'll see, if we grow up, you'll be big, strong, and healthy just like me!" I encouraged him and thankfully, Chiromi was glad from what he heard.

But it wasn't long when Chiromi froze in his steps. "Hirocchi-niichan…" His voice trembled as he called my name and I confusedly looked at him.

He suddenly hugged himself and began panting even when we didn't run back home. And a few moments after, I took a whiff of a strange smell coming from him and I was shocked and terrified.

"Chichi, are you okay?!" I asked him in panic.

"Hirocchi-niichan… I'm scared." Chiromi's crying and his voice was gradually weakening and I got more anxious and looked around the area in panic.

"Come, Chichi. Ride on my back. We need to get home quickly." I told him while I supported him to get a hold of my shoulder as I carried him.

"What's happening to me, Hirocchi-niichan?" He asked me in a panic. "My body is hot and I'm restless."

"You're going to be okay. Mchan will be able to help us." I tried to calm him.

'I wasn't sure if my guess was right, but Chiromi was still too young to be experiencing his heat! We mustn't get the attention of any Alpha!'

I was going to change our direction, but I b.u.mped into a man. They looked like they were working in some club and when they saw Chiromi's condition, they were slightly confused. But before I could walk away from them, they smelled my younger brother's pheromones and started to become aggressive. They grabbed Chiromi away from me and they prevented me from being able to get anywhere near Chiromi before bringing us into an isolated area.

"Shut the other one up! He's just gonna be a disturbance." I heard a man commanding the others who were holding me down.

"Hirocchi-niichan!" Chiromi exclaiming called for me.

"Let go of me! Chichi!" I struggled in their grips, but the two men were stronger who wore strange faces while looking at my sibling. It looked like they wanted to ravish him. "Chichi! Run away! Save yourself!"

"Hiro—Ugh!" Chiromi could only curl in pain when a man punched him in his stomach.

"Shut your mouth, Omega! Haha! We're lucky. This one's still young. A bit too thin, but we can make do. His backside is wet too." The man who was pressing on my younger sibling malevolently uttered. "Don't worry, kid. You'll like it soon enough."

I witnessed how Chiromi's face paled from what he heard and exploded as he cried. It was like I was deafened and struggled harder than before.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF CHIROMI!" I exclaimed, but I could only gasp when I felt something solid hitting the back of my neck and after that, I lost my consciousness.



When I came to, I found myself inside a hospital. The crying and wailing faces of my parents were the first things I saw the moment I woke up. My mom hurriedly embraced me and I couldn't seem to comprehend what she was saying. My father was silently crying, but the immense hurt and rage were obvious on his face. 

"Hirocchi! Hirocchi, my child!" Mchan wailed and called my name.

"Mchan, how's Chichi?" I stutteringly asked. I had some sc.r.a.pes and wounds all over my body so I guessed that I was beaten up by those men, but instead of taking note of my injuries, Chiromi was the person I immediately asked for. "There were three men… They're Alphas…. Mchan, Tou-chan… C-Chichi suddenly…" I brokenly recalled with tears streaming down my face. "Where's Chichi? I want to see him."

"He's gone, Hirocchi." As Tou-chan let out those words, he quickly covered his face with his hands and suddenly cried.

Mchan was hugging me for a while now, but it tightened and forced herself to stroke my back, but everything was too late. 

I just felt my throat drying and my chest constricting before I screamed and cried. I went berserk inside the hospital that day while my parents tried their hardest to hide the agony they were feeling and put my welfare first.

"Chiromi… Why? Why did you leave me, Chiromi?! Chiromiiiii!"

[End of Flashback]


"I didn't accept what happened to my sibling. One week after the accident happened, the Alpha men who raped my twin also attempted to a.s.sault me. Because I haven't had my heat yet, they lost their interest in me. The three Alpha men were immediately arrested and was almost killed by Tou-chan. I couldn't accept Chiromi's pa.s.sing so even after a month had pa.s.sed, I started to talk and act like Chiromi. My parents were hurt and told me numerous times to stop it and instead pray for my twin's soul, but I just couldn't seem to really accept that my dear twin had pa.s.sed away. Chiromi's gone. Chiromi's gone."

My tears endlessly fell until the end. I couldn't explain how much it affected me. Usually, I'm not really that dramatic when it comes to the death of someone, but when I heard Chihiro's past… I couldn't believe that someone as cheerful as him had a painful experience with an Alpha.

I wonder what he felt when he told me he liked me. 

"Chihiro, I—"

"I… really hate Alphas." He suddenly interjected with such hatred on his face while looking at nowhere in particular.

I winced in shock and decided not to continue to pat his shoulder as an act of comfort. And instead, I felt my chest tightening and became scared to even speak.

"I loathed Alphas since that day except my father, but…" Said Chihiro before looking at me with sincere eyes. "…I forgot everything about that when I met you, Sensei." He uttered and it made me happy. "I was surprised and uncomfortable at first, but even after reminding myself that I won't have any feelings for any Alpha, I always found myself falling for you. I love you, Izumi-sensei." He said those again with an innocent smile and blissful expression on his idiotic face. 

And it was only that moment when I realized that I have already fancied that face of his, thus I couldn't bear not to see his face everyday since it was giving me extreme joy. I really thought that he was so stupid and a lewd, young Omega ogre, but… Chihiro was more than that.

'He's so pure…' I thought to myself, but my romantic excitement(6) that I was feeling lessened when I noticed a tent forming in Chihiro's lower-half.

"Why are you getting hard?!" I growled at him and a shudder ran on my back when I saw a face shifting into a pleasurable expression.

"Sensei… Aah…" He l.u.s.tily called, groaning in pleasure even when I was doing nothing.

's.h.i.t! His moaning voice is—'

I was stunned when a sweet-scent suddenly dispersed in the air. My heartbeat automatically quickened and I frantically looked at Chihiro whose face was in a flush and immensely sweating.

"You…" I uttered and quickly covered my nose. "You're in heat!" I exclaimed.

"Sen…sei…" He weakly spoke and slowly approached closer. 

Since we're just sitting next to each other, he was able to quickly push me down and panted like crazy while giving me licentious stares. 

"Chihiro, take your medicine! You're starting to lose it!" I told him as I pushed him away, but he has a bigger body compared to mine.

I couldn't deny that I got excited by the thought of him pinning me down, but I couldn't take advantage of the situation just because he was in heat!

"Sensei… Sensei…" He kept on calling my name, like a yearning Alpha who went into rut, but in reverse!

He was the one in heat, but why am I the one who's getting weak?!

"Chihiro, stop it. Stay away and I'll get your suppressants." I ordered him, but he wouldn't budge.

Instead of moving away, Chihiro put his hands on my chest and pulled my shirt up, revealing my hardened nipples. Without saying a word, he sucked in them like a hungry beast, making my body quickly react in response. 

"Aah… Chihiro! W-Wait… Ngh…" I wasn't able to hold back my voice when he kept on sucking and licking them.

I tried to push him away, but d.a.m.n! He's really heavy!

"Sensei…" Chihiro huskily uttered and I jolted when he gave me this l.u.s.tful look in his eyes. He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with desire all over. 

I have already seen that lewd look on his face many times, but today was different. I just couldn't find myself to push him away.

'I want his c.o.c.k inside my a.s.s.' I thought to myself while feeling my own hole twitching. 

"Chihiro, let's stop this." I pleaded, tears starting to build up in the corner of my eyes.

"Sensei…" He once more uttered and finally stopped playing with my nipples and hurriedly pulled down the jogging pants he was wearing. 

Then his hard manhood was exposed and I felt myself swallowing when I saw it up close. I have already seen that part of him too, but…

'He's f.u.c.king huge!'

I admit that I love c.o.c.ks, but Chihiro's d.i.c.k was bigger than what I expected!


"Aah… Haah… Chi…hiro… No more… Mfgh… Ahh!" I moaned while crying in both pain and pleasure.

In the end, I couldn't do anything and was left to this. Chihiro made love to my a.s.s while doing it from behind. Since we were on the sofa, it was difficult; but it was nothing to Chihiro. I shouldn't be new to this kind of pleasure, but Chihiro's d.i.c.k was so big that it filled me up right up to the hilt. 

"Sensei…" He repeatedly called out my name with so much pa.s.sion and l.u.s.t. 

"Chihiro… Aah! Ahh!" I couldn't stop myself. "It feels so good. It f.u.c.king feels so good. Aah…"  

"Sensei… Ugh." His thrusts started to intensify as he felt how eager I was while taking his c.o.c.k inside me.

I was going crazy on how huge he was, but the feeling of his hands wrapped around my chest as he pounded harder made me more excited than ever.

Everything became a blur. I shouldn't be doing this with Chihiro. He's an Omega. How come an Omega is making someone like me so wet?!

"Sensei, your insides are tightening. I can't move properly." Chihiro shudderingly uttered while trying to be gentle, but his desire was of course, dominating his rationality. 

"Ngh. Just keep going. I'm almost… Aah…" I said and tried to focus on the pleasure that my a.s.s was getting. 

"Sensei… Sensei, I love you. I love you… I love you." He repeatedly said these words, wrapping my upper body with his big, bulky, strong arms.

"Chihiro…!" I suddenly cried out when I felt myself nearing to burst, but this feeling I was experiencing wasn't coming from my shaft.

My a.s.s started clenching up so tight and when I felt Chihiro's d.i.c.k getting bigger inside me, it brought a tingling feeling to my whole body and the next thing I knew, he came inside me and I had a dry o.r.g.a.s.m.

"Aahh…!" I trembled all over.

"Sensei!" Chihiro didn't let go of me and we both shuddered in pleasure and came.

Soon after, we both went limp.


"Uwaaah! I'm so sorry, Sensei! It won't happen again! Uwaaah!" Chihiro cried like a kid after everything calmed down.

"You say that, but look at what you did to me." I monotonously chided while I felt myself losing strength.

I ended up not being able to stand. My hips f.u.c.king hurt and he came a lot!

"I'm sorry! Uwah! It was my first time and I didn't know what to do! When my heat arrived, my mind just blanked out and you became even s.e.xier in my eyes, Sensei! Uwaaah!" He cried as he apologized while hiding his face in embarra.s.sment. He was sitting on the floor with his d.i.c.k widely exposed.

It was no longer erect, but d.a.m.n; he's just too big!

"Whatever. Just quit crying. You're really ugly when you do that." I tried to shrug it off, but I just couldn't hide my age at the outcome of our l.u.s.t, so I'm just so ticked off(7)!

"I'm really sorry! It's just that I really couldn't believe that my dream would come true. Your moans were so lewd, Sensei, and your body was just so s.e.xy. When I tried to pull out my member, your grip was tightening so I became more eager. Hearing you felt so good, Sensei. Sorry!" Chihiro endlessly uttered while shivering like a mad dog.

"JUST SHUT THE f.u.c.k UP!" I growled at him, smacking his head. "Why do you have to be so honest?! f.u.c.k you!"

Chihiro jumped in shock, but in the end, he kept pestering me about his first experience on sec. He told me that he didn't expect that our roles would be reversed as he's the Omega, but he just felt so excited that he plunged himself into me.

'Ah, f.u.c.k. It felt really good. Now that I tasted Chihiro's c.o.c.k, I wonder if he will be able to keep liking me if he ever found out about my secret?'

Will I be conceited if I ever told him that I was an Alpha wh.o.r.e who loves to play around?

'But I don't want Chihiro to hate me…'

"What the h.e.l.l is this feeling?" I whispered to myself when I felt like crying.

No gender was written in the original, but I think he's a guy, if I continued reading. Filipino has no gender p.r.o.noun too. XDOriginal: "Opo, Sensei." – Po and Opo are words of respect. Opo is a formal and respectful affirmation.A sigh of frustration? XD It's similar to aiyaa or aigoo.Water spinach – kangkong. For more info: Original: "Ano ka ba?" – literal tl: What are you? But in this context, ano ka ba is like an interjection. KiligI think Chihiro just have too much stamina. XD

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