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While Elder Lin Dong held the beast's claw, the summoned Flood Mantis slashed its left leg, making a deep cut, and the Saber-Toothed Cat hacked below its right armpit.

The Queen roared in pain and moved to attack. It targeted the flood mantis with its three-p.r.o.nged tail, aiming to pierce its head, while it bit towards Lin Dong with her huge fangs.

The Twin-Headed Lioness felt sure of the might of her attack, but its eyes widened in disbelief when it missed both the elder and the mantis. As if it could see the future before the tail even came, the mantis jumped backward, and it hit the ground.

Elder Lin Dong dropped the claw and used an instant movement technique to open s.p.a.ce, the enemy biting only air. Ming Ren used his Spirit Sense to warn them in advance using his battle experience, predicting the beast every move.

Before it could recover, Ming Ren used [Flash Step] to rush past it and slash the queen left eye with his sword, wounding it. Although only at the Peak of the Sixth Layer, with the Battle Formation and his capabilities, he brought out that much power without effort.

The Queen flinched in pain and raised its left arm to guard. The Saber-Toothed Cat bit its neck, avoiding the scales, and the Flood Mantis once again moved to slash its leg.

The Spirit Beast shook trying to throw the Cat off its body while fending off the mantis with its tail. Elder Lin Dong stepped forward, right leg in front, arched body, and struck forward with tremendous power, gathering all the Spirit Energy in the Battle Formation to its fist.

[Forest Clan Fist Technique - Branch]

The impact tossed the Queen into the air, and this time Lin Qiang stepped in, stabbing into one of its weak points with her thin sword, focusing the complete might of her new powers into a small but powerful stab that punctured several inner organs.

Blood spilled all over, the Queen screamed in panic and her army joined the battle. Ming Ren wanted the others to deal the finishing blow, so together with the Mantis and the Cat rushed off to face and contain the other beasts.

Using instant [Flash Step] movement, Ming Ren weaved in the middle of the beasts with sudden powerful bursts of power, dancing as he cut them down with ease.

[Ming Ren Style Sword Art - Dance Of The Clear Sword]

A clear and elegant sword style, with deadly power and speed. Even beasts at the Peak of the First Layer of the Spirit Sea Realm fell in a breath while the others had to fight back and focus on him.

The way he moved between deal showed this technique worked wonders when fighting multiple enemies.

Lin Qiang summoned a Scaled Green Beast while a.s.suming the [Beast and Fist Collaboration] formation with Lin Dong to kill the queen. While they only learned the basics, with their new cultivation and the Queen wounds, it would be more than enough to finish it.

Little Fu, Lin Yin, and Lin Shu woke up with the noise.

Little Fu woke up first, drool on his face as if he had the greatest nap of all times.

"Oh? Diarrhea Elder Dong and Lin Qiang are fighting that huge monster? and winning? I guess I'm still sleeping…" Little Fu tried to close his eyes but the noise wouldn't go away, so he tugged on Lin Yin.

Lin Yin woke with a less embarra.s.sing face, but he also couldn't believe what just happened, so he tugged on Lin Shu, which showed the same expression. It took a while for them to get their senses back.

"Should we… help?" Lin Shu asked.

"Do they… look like they need any?" Lin Yin said.

"WHAT THE h.e.l.l JUST HAPPENED, IS THIS A NIGHTMARE?" Little Fu lost his mind. How did those two become so powerful?

Lin Dong and Lin Qiang switched back and forth before attacking. Although the might of this Battle Formation could not compare to the one with Ming Ren's leadership, their higher Cultivation Base also required less effort to balance it out. They had no Spirit Sea Realm techniques but could incorporate True Elements for greater effect.

Lin Dong's True Element of Wood didn't work well with direct damage arts, but Lin Qiang could increase her speed with the True Element of Wind and their body resistance with the True Element of Earth. She could withstand greater might.

Jana's bloodlines had less effect on Lin Don than on Lin Qiang and Ming Ren, but its benefits were still great. Their sight became much clearer and their bodies stronger. The Spirit Sea grew and strengthened further. Lin Dong True Element of Wood also rose a level.

Even though Ming Ren fought the other Spirit Beasts, he never stopped warning them in advance about attacks. This level of threat wasn't enough to break his concentration.

The Queen struggled to its best but outmatched and overpowered its dying cry echoed, and Elder Lin Dong broke its neck using [Leaf] as chop. The remaining Spirit Beasts that didn't die fled in fear.

"Hahahahaha!" Lin Dong couldn't help but laugh out loud. His former self would never have expected to fight such a powerful beast with such ease.

Lin Qiang also smiled satisfied.

"Elder, Lin Qiang!" The trio approached.

"Your cultivation base…?" Lin Yin asked.

"*ahem* a lot of things happened, explanations will need to wait!" Elder Lin Dong said.

"WHAT? No, I need to know! WHAT THE h.e.l.l IS GOING ON? HOW DID YOU TWO GET SO STRONG?" Little Fu shamelessly shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Quiet, Little Fu! Do you want to attract more Spirit Beasts over?!" Elder Lin Dong roared. Little Fu and the rest shrank in fear. Was this truly Elder Lin Dong?

Ming Ren finished collecting the best Spirit Beasts corpses and Cores and joined them, "We need to move."

"What's going on?" Lin Qiang asked.

"Your forest Clan came!" Ming Ren said. After he a.s.similated Jana's bloodline his Spirit Sense range increased once again.

"What? Our Clan came?" Little Fu and the rest were happy.

"Two at the Peak of the Spirit Sea Realm. Should be your Patriarch or strongest elders!" Ming Ren said.

"Definitely father!" Little Fu shouted. The rest agreed, "hahaha since father came, we'll be fine!"

Lin Dong looked to Ming Ren. He hadn't relaxed at all.

"That… might not be the case. We need to help them, there's a lot of beasts there. Strong ones," Ming Ren said.

"... How do you know that..?" Lin Shu asked but Ming Ren only shook his head.

"Then we must help father!" Little Fu was a brat, but he already lost his mother. He feared to lose his father.

"Benefactor…" Lin Don watched Ming Ren's expression but didn't dare ask him for help once again. He and the Forest Clan already received too much. He knew Battle Formation could only display its might for now if Ming Ren led.

The youth predicted the enemy's movement and relayed it to them via a sound transmission. This was not something he could replicate.

"Naturally!" Ming Ren smiled. His fondness for both Lin Qiang and Lin Dong reached a profound level, and Little Fu had blood relations to him. The Forest Clan could become one of his swords. He had several reasons to help them.

"You three, just take care of the weaker Spirit Beasts, leave the strong ones to us!" Ming Ren gave them directions and the group once again ran.


Cloud Clan, BlueCloud City.

"No news of that brat?" Patriarch Yun Jie asked full of worry. He regretted not dealing with this incident in a better way. Even if he didn't kill Ming Ren and only sent him away his daughter wouldn't hate him too much.

Now, he had to worry not only about his eldest daughter finding out about what happened, but he had to lock his youngest daughter for fear of her telling everything.

"No. I can't believe we can't find a fourth layer brat even after sending these many people out," one elder said.

"Resourceful and detestable!" Yun Jie roared, "Lin Xue is still bedridden. Did that la.s.s Shuqing eat?"

"The miss refused not only food but all visitors," a female elder added.

"I must get that girl to listen! Keep looking for the brat and make sure the other clans don't find out," Yun Jie got up and headed towards Yun Shuqing's room.

He knocked on the door and barged in.

Yun Shuqing stood there cross-legged, eyes closed. All around her a purple and familiar energy.

Mental Energy!

"... This… how is this possible? Half-step Spirit Sea Realm!" His daughter had no cultivation talent and stayed in the fourth layer for years. How did she reach all the way to the peak of the Body Tempering Realm, and even almost broke through?

After Ming Ren broke the shackles in her Dao Heart, Shuqing only had to focus on cultivation to reach a breakthrough. Her frustration at the entire situation became the catalyst that drove her to greater heights. Too many Spirit Herbs and Pills over the years already acc.u.mulated enough Qi in the body to be refined.

But it didn't end there. Vapor surrounded her body followed by a thin layer of water.

"True Element of Water!" Yun Jie became even happier.

The thin layer became solid and the temperature in the room lowered abruptly.

"True Element of Ice! Dual Elements!" Yun Jie trembled on the spot. He thanked the heavens and his ancestors.

Another genius born in his Cloud Clan.

However, he didn't know at that moment he had already repaid kindness with enmity!

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