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Chapter 1436. Matsumoto Sisters - Enchanted Younger Sister / Maki’s Secret

「 I’m pulling out now 」

I managed to get up even after three consecutive e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.ns.

I slowly pull out my p.e.n.i.s from Maki’s insides.

「 Ahn!~ 」

Maki seems to have a sensitive body.

There’s hardly any damage from deflowering too.

My wilted glans come out of Maki’s entrance.

A moment later and my s.e.m.e.n, mixed with her virgin blood, trickles out of her.

Maki’s already tired so she remained limp.

「 Please stay still 」

Ruriko and Michi are also taking photos of Maki’s lascivious look.

I flop down on the empty s.p.a.ce in the king-sized bed.

As expected, I’m worn out.

「 Nii-san, towel, and cold tea 」

Luna’s a thoughtful girl so she wipes off my sweat with a towel.

She also used the tea bottle she brought for me to cool me down by placing it on my forehead.

「 Ruriko-san, I want to be in the same frame with Maki 」

Marika spreads her legs next to Maki.

「 I’m with Maki right now. The two of us are filled with Kou-kun’s baby seeds 」

I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside Marika before going with Maki, so now, both the piano girls have received fresh s.e.m.e.n in their wombs.

「 Indeed we are, Marika 」

Maki smiled at Marika.

The cla.s.smates take photos of their naked bodies.

「 Hey, I know that you two are getting in the mood, but I also have Kou’s s.e.m.e.n in my womb 」

Mariko cuts in between the two.

「 And so, let’s take a photo with the three of us 」

Mariko also spread her legs to the camera.

The lens point at the genitals filled with my s.e.m.e.n.

「 Right. Maki, Mariko-san is also now Maki’s sister 」

「 Yes, please take care of me 」

「 It’s not just me. Ruriko-chan, Michi-chan, and Luna-chan here are also your sisters now. Most of the girls in the mansion too. Also, Kinosh*ta-san and Kurose-san over there will join the sisters 」

Mariko smiled at Maki.

「 Anyway,, you have a lot of sisters now. You don’t have to worry about anything now 」

「 Thank you 」

Maki replies happily.

「 Stop the honorifics. We’re the same age. We already had s.e.x with Kou together so I’ll call you Maki-chan now. I call Marika-san Jasmine-chan though 」

「 Jasmine-chan? 」

「 Some in the family call me that. Marika means Jasmine in English after all 」

Marika replied bashfully.

「 You can call me Mariko-chan 」

Mariko said and smiled.

「 Kou, how do you want to call Maki-chan? 」

Mariko asks me.

「 Just Maki 」

「 Is that good? Maki? We both are Kou-kun’s women so you don’t mind him calling you without suffix, right? 」

Marika smiled at Maki and said.

「 Ah, okay. It’s fine. I’m Kou-kun’s woman just like Marika 」

Maki repeated what Marika said to affirm with herself.

「 It’s Mariko, Marika, and Maki, we’re all the same age, and we all have M at the start of our names. Is there anyone else? 」

Mariko looked at me.

「 Megu 」

「 Oh right, Megumi-san too. I guess the four of us make a quartet? 」

Mariko laughs.

「 Kou, let’s have s.e.x together with the five of us. We’ll please you plenty 」

「 Sure, next time 」

If that makes the family get along better, then…

So far, Megu and Mariko hardly make contact with each other, but…

Megu and Marika have a common feature as daughters of the prost.i.tute of the mansion.

Marika in between Megu and Mariko, and then add Maki to the mix.

「 Yes. We’ll serve together…although, I still don’t know much 」

「 Don’t worry about it, you have me, Maki, also your sisters, they’ll teach you about s.e.x, so don’t worry 」

Marika and Maki hold hands.

「 Hey, Kou-kun 」

Marika looked at me.

「 Uhm, can I kiss and lick Maki when Kou-kun’s not present? 」

She bashfully points at her p.u.s.s.y while saying that.

「 Of course, I won’t put even my fingers inside, only Kou-kun’s thing can. Mine and Maki’s will only accept Kou-kun’s thing. But, can we lick each other? 」


「 No, I don’t mind. Marika and Maki are both my women, but they’re also lovers, so I understand it. Even when I’m not there, the two of you can kiss, touch, and lick each other, think of it as normal 」

I tell them straightforwardly.

Marika and Maki usually live in the dorm.

They can only stay at the mansion on weekends.

The two of them are into each other, so I’m sure that they’ll make love with each other in the dorm.

「 Thanks, Kou-kun 」

「 Thank you, Kou-kun 」

Marika and Maki thanked me.

「 But, don’t neglect your piano lessons because of that. Rather, you two should get better now that you’re together 」

「 Yes, we’ll be careful 」

「 I’ll also do my best in studying music. Together with Marika… 」

Both of them have serious personalities so I don’t think I need to worry about them.

Such talk reminded me of another cla.s.smate of Marika and Maki.

I looked towards the spectator seat by the bed and Igarashi Izumi was still crying.

It’s depressing so n.o.body calls her out. She just sobs alone.

Kurose Anju is talking to Kinosh*ta-san.

Maki’s sister, Miki-san, looks confused, watching her sister in bed.

She must be surprised by Maki’s change after having s.e.x.

Mariko noticed me looking at Miki-san.

「 Hey, how about the spectators? What are your impressions of watching us have s.e.x? 」

Mariko asks Miki-san.

「 Uhm, to be honest, I don’t get it. Why is Nee-san making such a bright face now? Even partic.i.p.ating everyone else in the naked photo session

Miki-san answered honestly.

While we’re talking, Ruriko’s filming the naked girls on the bed that’s having fun.

Michi has shut down the video cameras.

I guess she’s being considerate to not record even the private conversations.

「 Right, I have no idea why it became like this either. But… 」

Maki tells her sister.

「 But it’s true that I feel refreshed after having s.e.x with Kou. It’s like the evil spirit has been exorcised, or should I say that I feel like I wonder what I was worried about. Now, I don’t worry about my future at all. Kou-kun, Marika, and everyone will come to help 」

「 Why? Why do you trust them so much? It was our first time meeting them 」

Miki-san asks her sister with a suspicious look.

「 Yes. That’s right, but after having s.e.x with Kou-kun, I finally understood that Kou’s been thinking about us ever since we met him earlier this five, and he’s done a lot. It’s all for us, to save us, and he never had such wicked thoughts while doing so. Kou-kun’s a good person 」

Maki-san replies to her sister with a beaming smile who broke through her doubts.

However, Miki-san.

「 To be honest, it’s disgusting. I’m sorry to say this but Nee-san looks like you got hooked on some kind of cult. Besides, what I don’t get is that you need to have s.e.x with this person, even giving your first time to him. Much less promising to give birth to his child… 」


Well, she’s not wrong.

Girls with normal thoughts would find us abnormal.

Miki-san says, but Maki;

「 But, If Kou-kun was a bad guy, he would be more…how do I say this…he’d forcefully rape you and me, not giving us the choice. He won’t take his time, he’d do it right away after Grandfather left 」

「 That’s… 」

「 Kou-kun even showed himself having s.e.x with Mariko-chan and the other girls so I don’t get afraid, Mariko-san even showed it to me. Showing me that s.e.x isn’t scary 」

Maki looked at Mariko.

「 Yes. That’s because if you’re feeling uneasy, it’ll be problematic because s.e.x can become traumatic to you 」

Mariko affirmed with a smile.

「 Kou-kun also did it with Marika. Then, Marika was gentle with me, thinking about me. You’ve seen it, haven’t you, Miki? 」

Maki shows her hand still holding Marika’s hand to Miki-san.

「 Sure, I thought that Nee-san might be s.e.xually abused, but it didn’t feel that way, but… 」

Miki-san is still not convinced.

「 In the end, you won’t understand it unless you actually have s.e.x with Kou-kun. I figured it out when I did. Yes. I understand it now. I feel my bond with Marika and everyone else too. I finally get what they mean when they say “Family” 」

Maki looks at the girls around her.

「 I don’t regret it, rather, I’m thankful. Now, I only feel happy 」

Maki declares with a refreshed smile.

「 But, I still think it’s weird. Having s.e.x with a man you don’t even like, even giving birth to their child 」

Miki-san says, Mariko.

「 But, Miki-san will need to have s.e.x with Kou too, right? I mean, you received his help, so you must repay him 」

I, no, we’re…

We saved the Matsumoto sisters from their grandfather who was against them studying music.

Miki-san doesn’t need to let go of the violin her late father gifted her.

「 But, you should’ve placed the conditions that it’s s.e.x and childbirth when we asked for help!! We didn’t hear about this, but you’re just saying it this late! 」

Miki-san objects.

「 Oh? What are you talking about? When we first asked you sisters earlier today, you had the face that says “We’ll do anything just so we can continue studying music” 」

Mariko laughs.

「 Back then, you would be okay accepting the condition of becoming Kou’s lover. If it lets you continue your pa.s.sion. Am I wrong? 」

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The truth is, the Matsumoto sisters were cornered when I met them, but…

They don’t know if they should trust us.

That’s why even if I bring out the condition to them, Miki-san would refuse.


「 You’re probably feeling relaxed now that your problem with your grandfather has been taken care of for the time being, aren’t you? You seem to have lost sight of the value of what’s done for you 」

Mariko stirs up Maki-san.

「 Besides, you’re a scholarship student, aren’t you? If you and Maki-chan got accepted as scholarship students of the Kouzuki world cultural exchange center, then you can continue to play your violin in an ideal environment. It’s not just tuition and living expenses, Kouzuki house can use its power to introduce good teachers to you, and in the future, they’ll even let you study abroad on good terms. Kou just gave you such an opportunity to be in such a privileged environment, but I wonder if you’re just tossing that away? 」

「?! 」

Miki-san hangs her head.

「 Without having s.e.x with Kou and joining the family, you have nothing ahead of you. Isn’t that obvious? If you’re just a stranger, then Kou and we will not do anything more for you 」

Mariko looked at Maki

「 Maki-chan, don’t help her out. That’s her life, and she has to be willing to pay for it 」

「 I know. Mariko-chan 」

Maki replied to Mariko, then…

「 Maki, this is the path I chose, you have to make that decision for yourself 」

She tells her younger sibling.

「 I cannot repay Kou-kun for Miki as well. Miki’s life is Miki’s 」

「 Is it really necessary to have s.e.x with that man, and give birth to his child? 」

The violin girl asks her sister bitterly.

「 I still don’t get why we have to be family with that person 」

Then, Mariko.

「 If you don’t like it, you can leave our family anytime 」

She tells Miki calmly.

「 Kou’s big-hearted that he won’t ask for revenge because you left the family. Although, you’ll lose all the graces from our family. We don’t help anyone who leaves the family, and we won’t even talk to you if we happen to b.u.mp into you outside. We’ll sever our connections. 」

If you leave the family before that, then we’ll erase all her memories of our family.

We have too many secrets that we have to hide.

Fortunately, we have the shrine maidens who can erase those memories.

「 Besides, if you really want to become a professional, then you’d never want to miss the opportunity we just presented you today. How can anyone who’d throw away such a lucky ticket ever become a violinist? Do you have no dream? No pa.s.sion? Just have s.e.x with Kou and become his woman, and you’ll get the best environment you could ever have! 」

Mariko said.

「 Furthermore, you don’t need to have s.e.x with Kou that frequently. As you already know, Kou has a lot of s.e.x partners. If you don’t ask for it, you’ll only do it occasionally, when it’s your turn. Of course, to become family, you have to do the first one 」

Miki-san looked up and looked at Mariko.

「 Giving birth to Kou’s child, you can give a promise for now. If you don’t want to give birth to his child, then work hard until you’re 25, then become a first-cla.s.s violinist to be independent. Then once you pay back the costs that Kou spent up to that point, you can leave the family. You can do that 」

「 That’s possible. I don’t recommend it however 」

Michi mutters.

「 However, you’ll need to fulfill your duties as one of Master’s women until then.

They have to have s.e.x with me, and not have s.e.x with other men.

「 I don’t know! I don’t get it! 」

Miki-san crouches, covering her head.

「 I mean, I… 」

Looking at her sister’s confused face…

Maki realized something.

「 Oh right! I forgot about that! Miki 」

「 What’s up? 」

Mariko looked at Maki.

Maki turned to me.

「 Ah, uhm, Kou-kun, Miki doesn’t live with me in the dorm so I heard it from her just from a call, that’s why I forgot about it 」

Maki lives in a dorm, and her sister, Miki-san lives with her mother.

They don’t live together.

The younger ones only make calls from time to time.

And so?

「 Wait, Nee-san, I’ll tell them myself 」

Miki-san looked at me with a serious face.

just what is it?

「 The truth is, I’m dating someone right now 」


Even if she’s a middle-schooler, Miki-san’s a beauty.

I see. It’s not weird for her to be dating a man.

I didn’t consider that.

Then that does mean?

「 That’s okay. It’s not as Nii-san thinks 」

Luna whispered.

She seems to have seen Miki-san’s memories.

In short, Miki-san’s still a virgin despite dating a man.

「 She hasn’t kissed yet either 」

Oh, I guess that’s because they’re still middle-schoolers.

「 It hasn’t been a month since they started dating 」

I see.

「 Err, that means, you have a lover? 」

Mariko cuts in.

「 Yes 」

Miki-san replied, looking down.

「 So, which is it? 」



「 It’s either you break up with him and have s.e.x with Kou? Or Have s.e.x with Kou before breaking up with him. Which one will you pick? 」

Mariko asks like it’s normal.

「 I know that it’s normal to have s.e.x before breaking up, but I think that having s.e.x before breaking up with him affirms your decision. It’s to sort out your feelings 」


「 Either way, it’s already decided that you’ll break up with your lover and have s.e.x with Kou. You don’t have a choice. Your choice is which one goes first

Mariko declared.

「 Wait, Mariko 」

I stopped her.

「 Miki-san can’t catch up with that speed 」

She needs to sort things out and ask for details.


「 Miki-san, just how much do you love that guy? 」

Marika, who has been quiet until now, asks Miki-san.

True, we don’t know the status of their love.

If they were dating only for a month, then her love for her partner is much greater than her rational thinking.

I understand that Mariko’s rational attack so far has been unacceptable to Miki-san.

「 That’s… 」


「 I don’t know… 」

You don’t know?

「 It’s my first time dating a guy, and he’s the one who said that he likes me, asking me to date him. At first, I told him that I can’t, but he was so persistent, that he’s done it four times last year 」

「 That’s why you accepted him? 」

Mariko asks.

「 I was uneasy. Father was ill, and Nee-san was in a dorm, not at home. I wanted someone to be by my side. That’s why, last month, I responded with “I don’t know yet, but let’s try it out for now” 」

So she isn’t clear if her emotions toward the guy is love?

Even so, she accepted the idea of dating.

「 But, after that…Father died… 」


「 A lot happened during the funeral, there was commotion every day, and uhm, we started dating, but we hardly ever saw each other. 」

I see.

The last month has been challenging for the Matsumoto sisters.

「 But, we chat every day on our phones, and so I’m sure that we’re dating, but… 」


「 Have you two ever gone out for a date? 」

Mariko asks.

「 Yes. Not even once 」

「 Does that mean you haven’t kissed yet 」

「 Yes, we haven’t yet 」

Miki-san answered bashfully.

「 But, if ever I need to have s.e.x with Kuromori-san after this, then I’ll explain it to him, and I want to give him a proper breakup 」

She’s got such an earnest personality.

She doesn’t want to half-heart everything she does.

「 Okay, I get it. I understand Miki-san’s situation 」

Mariko looked at me.

「 Is there anything else you haven’t told us? 」

I asked Miki-san.

「 Yes. My…uhm 」

So she did.

「 Just tell us. We can’t make a move unless you do 」

I said.

「 Uhm, I sent a lewd photo to him… 」


Lewd photo?

「 U-Uhm, he chatted, and told me that he wants it…we couldn’t meet for so long, and it’s our first time dating, so I felt sorry for him…so… 」

In short.

「 It means that you sent him a lewd photo of yourself? 」

Mariko asks.

「 Yes, that’s right 」

This is bad.

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