Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Volume 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 - He never once thought that having an understanding mother was good

The sky they saw was sunny, without a single speck of cloud. Gently blowing breeze would at times brushed against their backs. It was time to advance.

It was a great day to start a journey and seek adventures.

“Alright then, let’s get going! Everyone, follow me!”

“Yes! I’m ready anytime!”

Following that energetic command, the party left Ka.s.san Town.

They were advancing through the gra.s.sland with light footsteps......Except the fact that only two of them were light.

“Listen, I’ve been thinking about this! How about we have a race to our destination or something?”

“Yes! I will do it!”

“Alright, let’s do it! The person who reaches the forest first will receive a present filled with luxurious rewards!”

“Yes! I want luxurious rewards!”

They were a Sage JK wearing a crimson jacket and a Travelling Merchant girl hugging a large shoulder bag. Those two ran intimately together, humming tunes while skipping along the way, and making *kyaa kyaa* shrieks as they were chatting. A flower garden of two.

What the heck are they doing?

“Haa......oi Wise, and even Porta as well. Just what happened? Aren’t you two unusually hyped?”


“Hmm~? That’s because......”

Answering Masato’s call, Wise decided to make a spin and turned around, with a smile blooming on her face.

Just when he tried to understand what she was doing, she suddenly drew close to Masato’s bosom and grabbed his chest vest, then stared daggers at him furiously as if she was trying to stab him. What an intense stare! Who is this scary person!?


“You see, Masato? Do you not understand why we are feeling this way? Hey, do you not get it? Thanks to someone, the party’s atmosphere was sunk and ruined. Do you not comprehend our efforts to desperately try and lighten up the mood? Hey, do you not realize it?”


“You don’t really have to apologize. Isn’t there something else you should be doing since you are responsible? How about it? Hey, how about it?”

“Y-Yes......I also think that I need to do something since I am responsible for it, please pardon me......”

“Then hurry up and do it. Come on.”

Getting pushed on his chest, he retreated five steps back .

Masato lined up with Mamako who was next to him.

“Ah. What is it, Maa-kun?”

“Eh? Ah, erm......”

Mamako, who wore a light armor over her one-piece, used her usual voice to call out to him with her usual tone.

However, her expression was somewhat reserved. Her overwhelming youthfulness still remained, but it seemed as if there were traces of illness, for she showed a slightly clouded smile......It was needless to say what the reason was.

To get back that sunshine-like brilliance that was currently covered by a cloud. That was Masato’s current mission.

“You, see......that......about my equipment......”

As he was trying to talk it out, Mamako suddenly showed a frightened face, lowering her head in panic.

“Sorry! Mom’s really sorry! How should mom apologize!?”

“No, you don’t have to apologize! It’s fine already! That blunder was already fixed after Porta mended it nicely! This feels pretty good!”

The protective gear that Masato was equipping currently was known as [Armored Jacket]. Using the ruined jacket and the shoulderguard and gauntlet parts of the armor combined, it was remade into a light armor. It was a product from Porta’s Item Creation skill.

As a result of the combination, the complete immunity against abnormal statuses was downgraded, auto-recovery and breath resistance effects were reduced. That part was a little regrettable.

However, the helpful functions were combined, its design was also not bad, more importantly, he was happy that it was Porta’s hand-made.

“That’s why, you don’t have to worry about it already......”

Calming down from the current situation after going through twists and turns, I’m glad it turned out this way......he was trying to go along with this flow, but......

“Mom’s really sorry. Mom will stop doing things on her own. Mom will not get in the way of Maa-kun. That’s why, mom beg of you......don’t hate mom, okay?”

Mamako was completely withered. She was full of apologies. An iron wall-like apologetic att.i.tude. She was not listening to anything he said.

Masato retreated as he had no choice......or at least, he wanted to, but “No escaping! Garrr!” he was threatened by Wise, who was walking at the front, and got pushed back. He returned next to Mamako.

“Ah......erm......uh look......”

“Sorry. Mom’s really sorry. Mom will not do anything anymore.This way Maa-kun will not get angry, right?”

“That’s......no, it’s not about that......not doing anything is not alright......”


“Aah, that’s right! Roles! The important matter I have to talk about is roles!”


“In this kind of games, everyone will play their own role, doing their job properly, and come together as a party. As a result of playing different roles, trust is born and you also start to think that you want to be intimate as a party as well. So.”

“Playing a role is important......then what should mom’s role be......in charge of meals? Laundry after that? Ah, attending guardian meetings is also mom’s role.”

“Alright, calm down, first you need to stay away from the reality and think in terms of game basics.”

“Ah, t-that’s true! We are currently adventuring in a game!”

“That’s why”

In the meantime, was there any suitable role for Mamako?

There was. Just the perfect role.

“Speaking of which, mom is holding onto that guide book,right? Regarding that, the map of Lost Forest which we are heading to is recorded inside, right?

“Mapu......aah, you’re talking about map. Yes, it’s recorded. Mom has properly checked it. Mom has folded the page so she can flip to it immediately.”

“Alright, alright. That’s why, for the time being, mom’s role will be guiding us. We will break through the forest, which has a reputation for making people get lost in it, and arrive at the village located inside of it. Feel free to play a big active role. I’m depending on you.”

“Yeah! Mom will play her role properly! Mom will work hard!” *Shine!*

“Alright, that’s the spirit! Let’s go in a bright mood!”

The sun in the sky and Mamako’s smiling face after regaining her motivation. If talking about which one was more dazzling, it would be Mamako by a small margin. He secretly had such embarra.s.sing thoughts while maintaining a serious face.

Why would one get lost in that forest? There were two reasons.

One was because of the countless paths that could not be differentiated, as human or beast trails were entwined together.

The other was how the trees grew. Due to their lack of special features and identical growth pattern with the same density, a similar scenery would show up when one looked left or right. That’s why it was called the Lost Forest, where people would easily get lost.

Mamako led the group and stepped into the Lost Forest first.

And then, they went round and round about thirty times back to entrance.

It’s more like [We are back to entrance before we even realized it] to be precise.

“Haha! We are totally lost! What is this about, mom!?”

“Even though mom properly followed the path written on the guide book and advanced......Maa-kun! Please give mom one more chance! Mom will fulfil her role!”

“I will believe in those words......Then, let’s move on.”

They moved from the entrance of the forest. First, they went straight. “After pa.s.sing the bush in front, go right” They pa.s.sed the bush and turned right. “Next is left”. They turned left and followed a beast trail “Walk straight just like that” crossed over a fallen tree “Left” pa.s.sed through between pillar-like rocks, and then......

They reached the entrance. I’m back. Welcome back.

“Oi......you can’t even guide the way huh......”

“S-Sorry! Mom is really sorry!”

“Ah......ah, no......you don’t have to apologize for that......”

Mamako overreacted to Masato’s mumbles, desperately bowing her head......I did it again. Even though Masato should have been more aware of himself.

Taking the guide book from Mamako who withered again, Masato checked it just to be sure. The map drawn was no different from this Lost Forest, Mamako’s guidance also seemed to be accurate according to the explanation.

Despite that, not being able to go through the forest was......

“Maybe a special item is necessary? Or is it an event?......No, then it would have been written here......then could it be a bug?......Ah geez......useless......”

“S-Sorry......for being a useless mom......”

“No, you got it wrong! I didn’t mean you when I said that just now!”

He followed up in panic, but the depressed Mamako did not even lift up her face.

And, the hair Masato’s occipital region was *beshi!* suddenly pulled.

“Ouch......w-what is it......”

There was only one person who would do this. He turned around, and it was indeed Wise.

However, Wise did not say anything, and pushed out Porta, who was together with her, right to the front of Masato. Those pure pupils, as if very sad, were staring up at Masato. *Stare. Stare.*

“I-I understand already! I will do something! Leave it to me!”

He said that, now what should he do? He couldn’t think of anything at all......

At that time.

“......Umm, Maa-kun? Can mom have a bit of your time?”

Mamako called out to him in a reserved manner. And then, Mamako sat in seiza in the middle of a spot where sunlight leaked through the canopy, looking at him while tapping her knees.


What exactly did she intend to do? As Masato tilted his head in wonder, Mamako pointed at the tree branch next to her. Two wild birds were there. They were chirping, but......

“Ah......Ah, yes yes, that’s what you mean.”

Masato immediately understood what his mother was saying. However.

“Umm, mom. That’s a no.”

“I-Is that so? Mom thought that it might unexpectedly work though......as expected, it’s not possible......”

“Hold on. Don’t communicate in a way only you mother and son can understand. Explain to us as well. What does that mean?”

Wise voiced her dissatisfaction. Porta also seemed to be looking here with great interest. He had to explain it here.

“Honestly speaking, this is just some stupid talk......when I was a brat, I really hated cleaning my ears. Cause it’s ticklish. Then Mom told me this.”

“Mom said ‘After you clean your ears on mom’s lap pillow, you will be able to hear the voices of animals’. Then Maa-kun was able to enjoy cleaning......Ufufu, it’s nostalgic. Last time was just about a week ago, probably.”

“That’s from ten years ago! I realized it was a lie before going to elementary school!”

“I don’t really care if it’s one week ago or one day ago. So what about it?”

“In other words, if I get my ears cleaned on mom’s lap pillow, I may be able to hear the voices of those wild birds, which could possibly give us a hint on breaking through this forest, that’s the kind of stupid thing she’s thinking. That’s about it, right?”

“That’s right. It would be great if we could do that......Because, mom can make her body glow, you know? That’s why, maybe, what if, is what mom thought......”

“I understand that mothers are able to unleash incredible abilities. But I just know that it’s not going to happen. That’s just too unreasonable.”

“T-That’s true......sorry for saying weird things......”

“Uu......ah, no, I have said many times that you don’t have to apologize......”

Mamako slumped in depression.

Mamako probably thought desperately about what she could do. Even though she was probably trying her best to regain her honor......Masato immediately dismissed that. Her heart was in pain.

Meanwhile, Masato’s back was slapped. It was indeed Wise and Porta who were there when he turned around. Eyes filled with condemnation and also eyes filled with sadness were staring at him. Wordlessly staring at him. Such pressure on his back.

He had no choice but to do it here.

“Ah, listen, mom. Can I have a minute?”


Masato laid on Mamako’s lap pillow. His cheek pressed onto those soft thighs as he lightly closed his eyes.


“Trying it out is fine right? That’s why, here, hurry up and clean my ears.”

“T-That’s right! Okay!......Porta-chan, can you pa.s.s my luggage over please?”

“Yes, here you go!”

“And I will keep staring at you. I must carefully observe this guy’s face as he’s openly lying on his mother’s lap pillow and getting his ears cleaned. Kukuku.”

“I’m begging you, please go somewhere! I’m begging you!”

His appearance from the embarra.s.sing play was shown, but he would endure it this time. Endure.

“Then, Maa-kun. You must not move, okay?”

As he listened to Mamako’s joyful laughter, the tip of an earpick entered his ear.

A solid feeling, but steady and gentle, scrubbing here and there, making it ticklish. Masato really hated this feeling. Even now, he could not say that he liked it.

However, directly opposite to the ear that was being tickled, he liked the feeling of his cheek pressing onto the lap pillow. So soft. So warm. His position was a bit high, causing some burden on his neck. However, it was comfortable nonetheless.

And he frankly thought.

“It’s mom’s lap pillow, huh.”

“That’s right. That’s because this is mom’s lap pillow.”


He was quite embarra.s.sed about letting out his voice without thinking.

Still, that lap pillow was against the rules. Felt pillow would feel better if he had simply considered putting his head on it. However, this lap pillow was packed with an absolutely satisfying feeling, a special thing that he definitely could not feel from anything else.

It could only be that lap pillow......it could only be mother’s lap pillow, he confirmed that it was something special.

Something that could even make a stubborn heart open up.

“I have to say it properly on this occasion. This is a chance.”

Masato had to tell Mamako. He felt that he could say it now.

“......Hey, mom.”

“What is it?”

“Sorry about various things. I seemed to have said too much, since the other party is mom......I’m really sorry for making you feel bad. It’s my fault.”


“About mom, I have never thought that you are useless or a hinderance. You are very useful......that seems to be a bad way to put it......you are very reliable. Even now, I still can’t clean my own ears, so you are a great help.”

“Oh my. Is mom an ear cleaning agent? Is this mom’s role?”

“No! No no! That’s not what I meant......!”

As he was going to get up in panic and rebut her, “Hey. Don’t move” her gentle hand pressed his head back down. That hand started stroking his head just like that. Again and again, affectionately.

As Mamako was doing that.

“You know, mom really likes Maa-kun for being gentle and looking out for his mom.” *Shine.*

“Thanks......more importantly, mom is dazzling.”

Light filled with happiness was overflowing. Masato closed his eyes as if to escape from that dazzle.

His immense embarra.s.sment subsided along with his consciousness as he fell asleep......

When Masato woke up from his mother’s lap pillow, his already way too inmmense embarra.s.sment bursted out and he felt like dying from it.

“D-Don’t misunderstand, okay!? That’s the effect of mom’s lap pillow! A special skill that makes you fall asleep on her lap pillow......!”

“Yeah, yeah, keep saying that. You got to nap on mama’s lap, good for you.”

“Kuh......I’m seriously regretting it now......!”

“But I think that being able to hear the voices of birds from ear cleaning is amazing! Thanks to that, we can break through the forest!”

“Umu. I’m also astonished by that. To think that I really became able to hear......mom is amazing. That ability is immeasurable.”

“Mom is very happy for you to say this! Mom feel much better!” *Shine!*

The chirping of birds flying above their heads became words as Masato listened to them. “Go up, go up, go down, go down” “Go left, go right, go left, go right” He certainly heard those chirps continuously. (TL note: Secret move: Konami Code!)

Although they would return to the entrance if they had followed those instructions......

Pushing aside the bush, he didn’t find the entrance. It was no longer just a forest. Hostile trees that had thorns growing on branches and messily growing trunks everywhere made it look like an interrogation ground of thorns.

There, he saw the figure of a person. On a closer look, she seemed to be the Mysterious Nun Shirase.

“Ah! Dear travellers! Now, come here! Let’s do something nice together! It’s alright, there is no such thing like traps here at all! Ufufu! Ahaha!”

The Shirase standing over there was showing a rare smiling face, just like a fake saintess figure forged by an unofficial souvenir shop, waving her hands and body like a puppet being controlled, making a pose that said ‘come, fly into my bosom’.

Beyond being shocking, it was almost admirable how low of a quality it was.

“There’s already no need to suspect whether it’s suspicious or not, it’s a trap.”

“Even though it’s not the first time we encounter each other, she still said ‘Dear travellers!’. Her att.i.tude is totally different. That’s completely broken.”

“U-Umm......according to my eyes, there seems to be something like a tree root stabbed into Shirase-san’s back......it seems to be eroding her whole body from there......”

“Oh no! If we don’t help her immediately!”

And thus, Mamako immediately rushed out, but stopped when she suddenly realized it.

She looked at Masato and spoke again.

“Oh no! If we don’t help her immediately!”

“Ah, un. You are yielding the role to rush out first to me......Hmm, but you see......this is obviously a trap......”

“Then I will go. You just go sleep on your mama’s lap pillow. Pupu.”

“Oh, is that so? Then Maa-kun, welcome.” She sat down in seiza and tapped her laps.

“Don’t go on standby!......Ah, oi, Wise!”

Wise moved first with her back towards them. She walked up to Shirase, who was obviously looking strange, grasped her hand, and at that instant.

*Omnf!* They were eaten.

“......Hah?......Oi, seriously......?”

Eaten......as per ground area, the whole party was eaten along with the entire place itself.

The true ident.i.ty of the trap was the very place where Masato’s group had arrived at. That was just like a huge snare. The instant when its prey touched the bait, which acted as a trigger, it would snap shut its trap.

The ground surrounding Masato’s group was folded up into two, and as if chewing, th.o.r.n.y trees started rubbing against one another.

“Hmm. I expected this would  happen! Just like what I had read!” *Ehen!*

“Then take care of it before the trap activates. Geez......now then, mom.”

“Let’s go!......Is what mom wanted to say, but......mom seems to be unable to stand.”


Maybe she got injured. As he was getting anxious “......Funyaa......” Porta was sleeping on Mamako’s lap pillow in Masato’s place. “Look, Wise! See! See!” “Yes, yes, I get it already!” Mom’s lap pillow did have a drowsiness inducing effect.

“How daring in this kind of situation......but good job Porta! If mom cannot move!”

“It will always be our turn from here on out! Let’s do it, Masato!”

“Yeah! Since it’s a good chance, let’s try the combo effect!”

“I agree! Then, let’s go!”

One was on Masato’s left middle finger. The other was on Wise’s right middle finger. Aderire Ring, which upon wearing adjusted its size, was shining as its effect was activated. Combo attack had started.

Meanwhile, Masato was holding Firmament, but. “......Where exactly should I attack?” “I also want to know that!” The folded-up ground. The grinding trees. They could only attack everything for the time being.

“Forgive me Mother Earth! Forgive me trees! I’m sorry for being a hero who isn’t eco friendly!......Wise, follow up!”

“OK! Cast Cancel! Explosion Ball(Bomba・Sfera)! Furthermore! Inferno(Fuoco・Fiamma)!”

In addition to Masato’s slash, Wise’s magic followed. They cut, blasted, and burned their surrounding “Wait till my action power recovers!” “Hurry up!” After resting a while “Alright, let’s go!” “OK! Cast Cancel!” They cut, blasted, and burned.

They tried to attack randomly like that, but leaving aside the combo activation, there didn’t seem to be a response.

The big mouth of the ground continued to chew without getting affected, Masato’s group seemed closer to being crushed.

“Oi this is bad! If we continue like this, we will really get eaten!”

“I know that already! Then what should we do!? Attacking the surrounding doesn’t seem to have any use! The only place we haven’t attacked is......just Shirase-san......”

“Y-Yeah. Shirase-san is clearly the key point......”

Accidentally was one thing, but directly attacking was a little......meanwhile.

“Uh? Where’s Shirase-san?”

When they turned towards her, Shirase’s figure was not there. Where did Shirase go?


There. Shirase was right next to Mamako. On the opposite side of Porta who was sleeping on Mamako’s lap pillow, Shirase was also in a deep sleep using lap pillow. ““Oi”” In addition, the parasitic root monster on her back was sleeping together with them.

“This......don’t tell me it’s mom’s new skill!?”

Mamako had learned the sleeping skill 【Mother’s lap pillow】 that would certainly make a maximum of two targets fall asleep, regardless of whether it’s an enemy or a friend, in exchange for her falling asleep as well.

“To even make a boss level monster fall asleep......mom’s lap pillow is scary.”

“This is our chance! The parasitic root on Shirase-san is most likely the main body! The opponent cannot resist while sleeping, the two of us can cut and burn it to end this!”

“Don’t say it in THAT way......doesn’t that make us look like we are doing something terrible......”


However, what they were actually going to do was just that. [*Note: The opponent is a monster!] Masato randomly cut up the defenseless, sleeping opponent. [*Note: The opponent is a monster!] Wise used Chainspell to burn the opponent who couldn’t resist into a crisp. Those two were only considerate in words at the start, but their furious attacks continued.

“Masato! Finish!”

“Leave it to meeeeeeeeeee!”

The tip of Holy Sword of the Sky Firmament pierced deeply into the root on Shirase’s back, victory was decided. Devil’s Root defeated!

The widely stretched out Devil’s Root withered. The transformed landscape returned to normal, and Shirase’s body was released from being a host. “She seems to be scorched in some places?” [*Note: She was already dead the moment she became a host. It’s not my fault] No penalty.

And then, the result from the victory was displayed. At the same time, the window which informed them of level up *popopopon!* popped up continuously.

“Alright, good. A big boost in level ups, a large amount of SP get. Seems like I can learn some nice skills......Hmm......that battle gave a really bad impression, but we properly gave consideration and won! This is our victory! That, is our real ability!”

“That’s right. Although Mamako-san has set the table, it’s certainly our power that......rather, Masato attacked once, I attacked twice, so two thirds of that is thanks to me, right?”

“D-Don’t say that kind of thing......even though I got into a good mood after so much trouble......”

“Yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry. Now then......here. You wanna do this?”

Wise thrusted out her fist. This was ‘that’ which had been interrupted many times. Of course he was going to do it. In celebration of their victory, their fists knocked against each other.

And then......

*Hyahho!* *Yay!* and so on. The person who was watching over those children cheering after their victory was here.

“......Mom’s role, perhaps it’s this kind of thing.”

Mamako murmured, and closed her eyes again.

“Supra・La・Magia・Peru・Mirare......Awaken(Alzare)! Furthermore! Resurrection(Rianimato)!”

Wise used Chainspell. Awaken magic to wake Mamako and Porta up, and resurrection magic to revive Shirase. The nun with an unsociable face raised her body.

“This is everyone. We meet again. I am the Mysterious Nun Shirase. I’m Shirase that doesn’t inform you what that mystery is.”

She seemed to have returned to being an incomprehensible person as usual. This was much better than that disgustingly sociable person. Masato’s party patted their chests in relief.

Now then. Without further ado.

““Shirase-san. Oi.””

Masato and Wise thrusted out their hands at the same time. With very nice smiles, “Hand. It. Over”, they said.

“......Yes? What are these hands about?”

“Obviously, our reward. Reward. Just thinking about taking our quest reward.”

“Cause we defeated the boss. You said that there would be a reward, right?”

“I see......but regretfully, there is one thing I have to inform you about. The Devil’s Root here was this forest’s area boss, and not the quest objective for my request. The quest I requested starts right now.”


“Seriously. However......it seems that it appeared at a place different from the setting......the layout of the forest also seems to have changed......and my condition just now was just like account hacking......as I thought, the possibility of that person modifying is......”

“Erm, Shirase-san?”

“What are you mumbling about? I can’t really hear it.”

“I’m sorry about that. I’m just talking to myself, so you don’t have to mind it......Now then.”

Shirase lightly joined her hands into a praying posture.

“Well then, I am grateful for this reunion. Allow me to request your help for a quest.”

“And the main content is?”

“Possessing the rare and strong parent-child bond, using its power, please resolve the incident that happened in Maman Village ahead.”

Was what she said.

“Erm......maybe a more detailed explanation would help?”

“Please investigate about it in the village. Gathering the necessary information is also part of the quest.”

“You should have just told us that. You wasted our time.”

“This is also one form of the beauty of style......Now then, let’s depart. I will also be coming along with you to Maman Village.”

“Well! Shirase-san has also become our companion! Mom’s deeply moved!”

“I think that increasing the number of companions is a good thing! I’m also deeply moved!”

“Eh? Frankly speaking, I can’t handle this person though.”

“I don’t particularly have any issues. Then, on that note.”

Mysterious Nun Shirase became their companion.

Then Shirase casually moved next to Wise. “I already said I can’t handle you, why are you coming closer!?” “It’s just hara.s.sment. Fufufu.” As they knew that she would likely do something like that, the other companions watched over them warmly.

“Now, let’s go......Speaking of which, Mamako-san, how is life over here? If there are any inconveniences, we will immediately deal with them.”

“Hmm, let’s see......I want to spoil Maa-kun a little more......For example, hugging him tightly or something.”

“In that case, how about turning the hot spring in Maman Village into a mixed one? It’s the so-called skinship. Masato-kun would be unable to hold back and come clinging to you. Something like getting dangerously intimate.”

“What should mom do!? Mom will be troubled!” *Oh no. It’s sho embarrashing.*

“She doesn’t mean it like that, right!? Not in the forbidden way, right!?”

“Other than that, how about administering some medicine? This world is outside the application of Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, so you can use any kind of medicine you want.”

“Is it alright not having Pharmaceutical Affairs Law?”

“It’s not, but item usage and sales would otherwise be restricted. This treatment is unavoidable.”

“Ah......I have been using them normally, but recovery medicine is still a pharmaceutical drug......”

As they engaged in a lively conversation with traces of a dangerous medication topic, they left the Lost Forest.

After breaking through closely packed trees, the village’s scenery expanded before them. There were few houses built between wide fields and oxen were leisurely strolling narrow field roads. The sunlight was gentle, the wind was gentle, and the scolding voices aimed towards children  playing around the crops were also gentle. That was Maman Village.


“Then, I will be going. I will never forget the number of steps I have walked with everyone.”

Shirase stopped being their companion.

“Eeh!? Suddenly leaving!? Even though we have only walked around thirty steps together after becoming companions!?”

“The correct number is twenty-eight steps. My promise was to walk with everyone until Maman Village. Promise must be fulfilled, that’s the rule of Shirase style.”

“Shirase-san, can we be together for a bit longer? I want to chat with Shirase-san some more.”

“I’m very happy for your feeling, but I have some other work to do from now on. Please forgive me. Well then......ah, before that.”

Shirase brought her lips next to Wise’s ear.

“Your mother seems to be nearby, so I think that you should use this chance to talk with her a bit. Would you want me to accompany you?”

Masato overhearing the content of that secret whisper by coincidence was a secret.

Wise seemed a little lost, but she turned her back to Shirase.

“......Why don’t you hurry up and leave? Since I don’t have anything to say.”

“I see. Then it can’t be helped......Well then, everyone. I bid my farewell here. Please stay well until we meet again.”

Shirase politely excused herself, then headed into Maman Village.

He was a little worried about Wise who was facing the other way, but he dismissed it for now.

“......Now that that’s done, what do we do now?”

“Even if you ask what to do......since she had some business, it can’t be helped. After saying goodbye to Shirase-san, we should go to Maman Village.”

“That’s true. Then, let’s go.”

Coming to terms with that slight loneliness, Masato’s party walked towards Maman village.

However, as a result of their destination being the same, they felt like they were following Shirase, who was walking ahead. The distance between them was about two meters, but since they had already bid farewell, it felt wrong to call out to her.


All five people, including Shirase, continued walking in that suffocating subtle atmosphere.

“I’m sorry to bother you when you are busy. Could you spare me a bit of your time?”

“Eh?......Y-You all, you appear to be adventurers, could it be that you came through that forest!? Wow, amazing! You’re all such young ladies!”

“Oh you jest, calling me a young lady. Despite looking like this, I’m already a mother, do you see the fifteen-year-old boy here? He is my son, Maa-kun......Hey Maa-kun, say h.e.l.lo.”

“Mom! Stop introducing your son every single time you meet someone, do I have to keep telling you that!?”

“Ueeeeeeeh!? Could it be that you are not fifteen years old!?......S-Such a young and beautiful mother, it’s my first time seeing one like that since I was born......”

“Thank you......So umm, may I ask some things?”

As they were speaking to the villagers, Shirase had already entered before them. “Thank you for caring about us.” Masato thanked her in his heart as he listened to the villagers’ stories.

Based on what they heard, there seemed to be some trouble brewing in the Maman Village. However, they had to listen to the village chief for the details, so they quickly went to his mansion.

“Geez......I wish they could tell us quickly without wasting our time......”

“I honestly feel the same, but don’t say that. This is meant for the beauty of style. These villagers have practised a lot.”

“Now, where could the village chief’s home be......”

“It must be that! My eyes are never wrong!”

A single residence was standing alone, back facing the forest. An old man, apparently the village chief showed up holding a cane, as some villager probably called him earlier.

They went into the house under village chief’s guidance. From his story, this acted as the village chief’s mansion, village gathering spot, and also a lodging, since this village did not have an inn.

In the dining room of such a big mansion, as they were moistening their throat with purple shiso juice which served as a welcoming drink, the village chief performed his duty of telling them the situation.

“It happened a few days ago. A devil that calls herself [Queen of Night] appeared.”

“Queen of Night......Devil......”

“With her sudden appearance, she forced the villagers into submission with her great power, and made a certain demand from us......offer a sacrifice, if you value your lives, she said.”

“Don’t tell me you need to offer the most beautiful girl in the village? What a cla.s.sic unforgivable fellow!”

Masato enraged at that point. He believed that getting angry there was what a hero should do. Ain’t that right? Yeah, that’s right......However.

“Ah, no no, she doesn’t want a girl. She’s a Queen anyway.”

“Ah, that’s true. If she’s a queen, then she is a female as well.”

“Yeah. She even said that she didn’t want to see any girls, regardless of the situation......what she demanded was [The most handsome and macho host in this village with pectoral and abdomen muscles that I won’t get tired of even after stroking them for a whole day].”

“Heh......somehow an image of a really dumb erotic MILF appeared in my head......”

Seeing his companions’ glances, Mamako was smiling bitterly, Porta was giving a cute blank look as she didn’t understand the meaning......Wise was holding her head in agony. The content of her demand would indeed warrant this kind of a reaction.

Village chief appealed with an expression full of distress.

“The live sacrifice was promised to be handed over tonight. There isn’t much time left and we can’t refuse. There are no villagers who meet the requirements, we also searched around......when I was so troubled by this, you all have arrived......umm, how should I ask you......”

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