Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 - Underwear is protective gear. Defense area must be large. Otherwise the son will die!

A voice was trying to wake up Masato who was still sleeping. That voice did not have a fragment of gentleness.

“Hey, get up already. Drinking mama’s milk first thing in the morning is part of a mothercon hero’s routine, right? Get up now and go drink it already. You can’t wait to see your mama, right?”

Masato continued to shut his eyelids stubbornly. Who would wake up to those kind of words......

“Aah I see. Could it be that you are the type that doesn’t get up until you get your favorite mama’s morning kiss? I understand. Then I will call Mamako-san for you.”

“Oi, don’t do anything unnecessary! Mom will seriously do it......!”

To prevent her from calling out, he hurriedly got up, but *bang!* “Tsuu......!?” Masato hit something hard with his head all of a sudden.

“What the heck......huh......eh?”

It was pitch black when he opened his eyes. Turning around slightly, he felt something hard encasing all around his body.

It seemed that he was in a box......there was no exit, so he just pushed against the darkness before his eyes while lying on his back, the s.p.a.ce before his eyes surprisingly opened up as he pushed.

As he sat up, Masato saw that he was inside a coffin.

“......Erm......why am being I treated as dead......this is......?”

He remembered. It was yesterday, after Wise became their companion, they had talked about staying in an inn.

“It was about deciding who would share rooms with whom, wasn’t it......”

The rooms in this inn were all twin rooms. After Masato refused to share the room with Mamako, and also being rejected by everyone for quite a regrettable reason when he suggested sharing room with Porta......it was settled with Masato pairing up with Wise to share a room.

After they had finished their meal in the inn, when Masato was going to enter the room.


He felt it when he heard such a voice, something suddenly penetrated his body like a grim reaper, and Masato lost his consciousness soon after that. That’s it! That’s definitely the case! That was exactly the cause of the current situation.

Holding such convictions, Masato glared at the girl who was lying down luxuriously on the two-combined-into-one bed.

“Oi. You insta-killed me, right?”

“Isn’t it fine? Since I insta-revived you.”

There she was, the Sage Wise, who had the magical power and technique to use both instant death magic and resurrection magic.

“Rather, why are you not affected? Aren’t you supposed to be straight on course to jail from the PK penalty? You criminal.”

“That’s supposed to be the case. Honestly speaking, I also thought [Oh no!], but the penalty did not activate. Perhaps PK penalty only happens in the field? Or maybe it does not apply to companions. Regardless, I am lucky.”

“Alright, I got it, I will report this as a bug.”

“Hey, don’t do that. It’s absolutely necessary for me to protect my chast.i.ty......I reluctantly gave an OK since there was no other choice, but it’s impossible for me to sleep in the same room with you after all. I can’t sleep peacefully at all. It’s just like tossing a maiden into a cage with a beast in it.”

“You have been nonchalantly treating me as a mothercon all these while, only at such kind of time you treat me as a man huh.”

“That is that, this is this......Rather, instead of talking about that, hurry up and get ready. Mamako-san said that we will have breakfast after you get up. I am already ready and waiting. So hurry up, you trash.”

Wise laid in bed as she was, and urged [Hurry up and go wash your face] with her foot *shoo shoo* driving him away. However, that posture caused her skirt to flutter up, and the inside was peeking out.

“Ok ok I got it......geez......suddenly killing me......I won’t do anything......you don’t have that worth. No charm at all. Nothing to look at all. Stupid.”

“Did you say something?”

“Nothing. Geez.”

He couldn’t help getting angry, but first, he would rather wash his face and refresh himself.

Masato entered the washroom that was also the bathroom. In the room that had a wash basin, a toilet and a bathtub designed to fit in, a fragrance of soap wafted about, Wise probably took a shower just now......

On the rope that stretched from one end of the wall to the other, laundry was hung for drying. It was all maiden’s underwear of about five days’ worth.

“I-If she is conscious of me as a guy, then be careful about such things......geez......these are definitely divided by colours according to the days of the week......which day of the week is black for......”

“Did you say something......huh......fuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!?”

She bounced off the bed, stomped over and swiftly took down everything.

Wise barked with a blushed face as red as a tomato.

“G-Going out on a journey means these kind of things!”

“Ah yes yes, I see.”

“Even that heroine you are familiar with as well, when staying at an inn, she would quickly wash her panties in the wash basin and dry them in the room! If not, it would mean that she is just wearing the same panties for days on the journey!”

“Oi you! Stop making that speech which breaks a teenager’s dream!”

An actual journey had various hardships.

“Now then, everyone clasp your hands......itadakimasu.”


“Alright, here. Enjoy your meal.”

The first floor of the inn operated as a restaurant for adventurers to dine in the morning and in the evening.

Lined up on the antique table were chopsticks, rice, egg, miso soup, grilled fish and tsukudani. It was a handmade breakfast by Mamako.

Looking outside the window, warriors in armor and sorcerers holding staves were pa.s.sing by naturally. Seeing that kind of scenery along with a j.a.panese breakfast somehow felt wrong......

“......Well, whatever.”

Masato seemed to be in a relaxed mood. The reason was that breakfast, especially the miso soup.

Usually it was  quickly drunk down, without any awareness to its taste or flavor, but they clearly understood it. [This is it] [That usual one] [Mom’s flavor] that was.

Without a doubt, they could welcome their first morning in the RPG world with the usual atmosphere thanks to this breakfast that was made by Mamako.

“How is it, Maa-kun? Is it delicious?”

“Eh?......Ahh, well......it’s more or less delicious.”

“Mom’s glad to hear that. Bringing miso and dashi along was the right choice. Mom believed that if we are to live in an environment different from the usual, this matter is all the more important. Maa-kun liking it makes mom happy......”

“Tama kake gohan and seaweed miso soup is really too much! I am so touched after encountering my roots after such a long time! Uuuu! My tears just! My tears can’t stopppp!”

“W-Wise-san!? Are you alright!?”

“Noisy fella......eat your food quietly......”

“Ah geez, ah geez! I’m taking off my shoes! I will eat in seiza! I will savor this j.a.panese food even if my feet end up numb!”

“Then since it’s such a rare opportunity, maybe mom should also sit in seiza. On the chair mom goes, heave-ho.”

“I will also sit in seiza! Heave-ho!”

“Geez, spare me from that......where are all these j.a.panese tourists from......heave-ho.”

The j.a.panese Hero sat on top of the chair in agura while grumbling. It couldn’t be helped since he was a j.a.panese too. It just couldn’t be helped.

The breakfast ended as such.

After the meal. While sipping on the green tea that Mamako brewed, they discussed the plans for the day.

“The party will consist of us four people for the time being. Porta is a non-combatant, so it will become three people fighting......even without a defender, I feel that with mom dishing out her all target  attack at the same time when battle starts, it will work out somehow.”

“You should rely on me, who is a Sage instead! Attack, recovery, support, you can leave anything to me! You can expect a lot from my magic too! Fufun!”

“Yes yes that’s true......With that done, the next thing to do after searching for companions is......”

“Of course, it’s shopping! Shopping! Shopping!” (TL note: The last shopping was spelled out in English since Mamako is a housewife, and a housewife just gets hype from shopping.)

Mamako who was holding the guide book in her hand spoke up with an energetic voice. She was unusually motivated. An aura that could be visible gushed out from her. Super Mamako.

“Not simply shopping, we need to buy things that improve our stats......”

“Today we are shopping for the whole day! Now what should mom go and buy!?” *Bounce bounce☆*

“It’s protective gear, of course. Mom and I are both wearing our usual clothes. First will be armor or......”

“Ah. That’s right, that’s right. Mom forgot to bring sunscreen. Is there any drug store around here? Mom’s toner also has little remaining......Ah, hand cream!”

“RPG doesn’t deal with such items. Give up.”

“But, mom will not have the confidence to go out anymore if mom doesn’t take care of her skin......mom also wouldn’t be able to turn towards a monster and show her face.”

“There is no need to be concerned about a monster’s gaze when fighting! Not to mention mom has a default -20 skin age, so it doesn’t matter!”

“I think that I want the pretty Mama-san to always remain pretty! Hence, I think that properly buying cosmetics is better!”

“Cosmetics are a necessity, aren’t they? I mean, wouldn’t that make the hate value towards Mamako-san drop? A feeling such as a pretty person must not be injured. I also support buying cosmetics. If we find a shop selling eyelash extensions, I will buy them immediately.”

“What’s an eyelash extension......what kind of RPG are we doing......isn’t this supposed to be a sword and magic RPG......”

What could this be? Words from reality that should not be in this imaginary fantasy world were exchanged around. “Drug store should be first!” “Yes!” “Ah, I need to buy lip cream.” Only the females were excited. There was no opening for the man to enter. Masato being there was already the same as not being there......

When suddenly, Wise raised her voice.

“Speaking of which, what do you think?”

“Hmm? About what?”

“How much money do you guys have?”

“Money? I don’t have any......does mom have any?”

“Of course. Mom brought all the secret savings along.”

Saying so, Mamako took out her wallet with great confidence. She opened it to show them.

Inside it, ten j.a.panese Yen bills were stacked together......Wise and Porta were slightly troubled.

“Ah, erm......you can’t use real money here. This is inside a game.”


“In a game, you can’t use money apart from the in-game currency. Hence, you can’t buy things with those money......”


Mamako s.p.a.ced out for a moment, but she didn’t give up! “Then how about this!” Mamako took out the national rice coupon! However, Wise shook her head. “In that case!” Mamako took out the national beer coupon! However, Porta shook her head apologetically.


“Give it up. It just means that.”

The penniless mother and son drooped down their heads.

“I’m sorry! To think that Porta-chan had to pay for the inn first! I will return the money used as soon as possible!”

“Please don’t worry about it! I am Mama-san and everyone’s companion, so my money is also everyone’s money! I will be glad to be able to use it!”

“Stop saying those cute words already! How much of a good child does Porta want to be!? I’m really gonna hug you, you little!”

They could not buy anything without money. They could not pay for the services provided. They could not do anything without doing the previous ones. They could not obtain money without doing something.

How should an adventurer obtain money? There was only one answer. Fight.

Masato’s party were walking outside the town searching for enemies.

“In any case, let’s defeat as many monsters as we can first. That will do for now!”

“Yes! After defeating a monster, the special cells in its body will remain without disappearing! It’s called [Gem], but that gem has different types like fuel and material, so we can receive money from the exchange center for it! That’s how we earn money through fighting!”

“More like, that’s the basics! Why didn’t you know!? Those commissioned agents should have explained it to you!”

“The one in charge of us is a troublesome person that doesn’t inform what should be informed!”

Shirase who was in some place sneezed......no, she was not such a sensitive person. She probably did not care. Since she’s Shirase.

“Please leave gem gathering to me! Since I cannot take part in battle, I will do my best in collecting gems! Betting on my honor as a travelling merchant, I will not leave out a single gem that’s worth some money!”

“Alright, we'll leave that to Porta! Mom and I will concentrate on fighting!”

“Understood! Let us mother and son combine our strengths and work hard!”

“Wait, I am also here! Please also rely on my magic!”

“Of course I plan to do that!......There!”

In front of the gra.s.sland they ran through, multiple shadows were there in between the gaps in the forest. The other side probably also noticed them. Silhouettes of wolves and bears moved about slowly.

The first to cut in was Wise. She quickly turned the pages after bringing out her grimoire.

“Witness my strength first!......Supra・La・Magia......”

“Mom cannot let her son be troubled over livelihood! Mom will work hard! Eii!”

Wise was in the attack motion earlier, but Mamako got the preempt. Her Holy Sword of Mother Earth Terra di Madre was swung down.

Mother’s attack called forth the Mother Earth, making countless stone blades protrude out from beneath the enemies’ feet. Following a magnificent all target attack, the group of monsters was pierced through and destroyed in an instant.

The monster group was defeated!

“Wait......even though I’m still in the middle of chanting......or rather, what was that......Mamako-san’s firepower is no joke at all......”

“You were late huh. Next time, start chanting earlier......There seem to be various dice-like things spinning at the place where those monsters were, could it be that they are gems?”

“Yes! Then let me collect them! Please wait for a while!”

The pet.i.te Porta ran around agilely, picking up those spinning colorful gems. That figure was just like a cute little squirrel gathering nuts from trees in a dream. “Then let me feed Porta after she finishes collecting.” “Maa-kun......” Mother watched him with sad eyes.

And then.

“Maa-kun! There is something moving in the tree shade over there!”

“What did you say!?......Ooh, it seems to be a monster-like shadow there as well!”

“OK, leave it to me! This time for sure!......Supra・La・Magi......”

“Mom will not lose! Eii!”

The first to move was Wise, but the rest could be omitted.

Facing the suspicious tree shade, Mamako swung her Holy Sword of Mother Sea Altura. Water overflowed from the sword path, becoming countless water bullets and shot out at the same time. Those huge ants, spiders and centipedes that only showed their figures, were now drilled full of holes and had collapsed.

The monster group was defeated!

“......L-Look here......my magic needs chanting to......”

And Wise was saying something, but at that moment, a fanfare suddenly rang, a screen popped up in front of Masato and Mamako. The words [Level up!] bounced out.

“Oh. Level up feels like this huh......heh......HP and MP, along with other basic status automatically increases......SP received......fumu fumu, spending the points called SP to create my own style or something like that huh.”

“Oh my, it’s points. Mom loves points. Mom will save them for the time being.”

“Oi the person over there. These points are not the points that can be exchanged for shopping coupons or prizes, you know? You need to properly allocate them to your statuses......aah, no, maybe saving them up can learn a special skill......now I can’t decide......”

“Deciding on how to use your SP can wait till later, listen to what I’m saying first. I have a cast time, which means I need a preparation time, so I need a little bit of time before my magic activates......”

Wise was saying something, but once again, all of a sudden at that moment!

“Maa-kun, look up!”

“Ooh, there’s monster in the sky as well huh! Although there’s only one!”

“Alright, sword cannot reach the sky! It’s my turn!......Supa......”

“Leave the enemy in the sky to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

About Wise, it already didn’t matter.

Masato held his Holy Sword of the Sky Firmament tightly. This was the only place he could be active. This was something he definitely could not yield. He put all his body and soul into it and swung the sword. The transparent blade released a slash wave which glided up into the sky.

The auto-homing slash “Piyo!?” hit the sparrow-sized enemy monster, whose name was also Piyotan, and defeated it.

One monster was defeated!

“You did it, Maa-kun! Maa-kun’s strength impressed mom!” *Good job☆”

“Kuh......don’t cry, me......there’s no point in crying......I will lose if I compare mom to myself......”

“Sorry to have kept everyone waiting! I have collected all the gems! There are none left over!”

“Alright! Next time for sure! Next time when enemies are dominant in the sky, I will play an active role! Not winning because of mom’s strength, I will obtain victory with my own strength!”

“Ufufu, so reliable. Then let’s move on.”

“Yes! Let’s go!”

Wiping away the little droplets of tears, Masato started running. Mamako watched her reliable son’s figure as he raised his spirits, Porta was also full of motivation to work hard, the hero group moved forward to look for more enemies.

However, there was one person.

“......I......am not needed in this party......”

The smart Sage who realized that she might not get a turn later on, stood on the spot while looking down on the ground with eyes that looked as if she had her reason for existing.

Before the gra.s.sland, there was a hill with a good view. The group followed Mamako’s suggestion and took a break there.

“Al~right, everyone. Let’s take a break around here.”

“Yes! Let’s take a break!”

“At first I thought that the Hero, that is myself, should’ve said that but......got it. I will rest a little.”

Be it a battle, or making decisions like that, he could not deny that he felt some dissatisfaction from Mamako who was somehow more outstanding than him, but......he suppressed that irritating feeling in his heart for now. He let his mind rest as well.

Though, on a closer look, they could only see three people. Wise was nowhere to be seen.

“I can’t find her whereabouts......she couldn’t do a single thing so......”

Was it sympathy from being in the same shoes, or he was sorry about his mom being just too strong, or rather he felt sorry for her. Out of apology as well, Masato searched for Wise.

He left for the tree shade a little away from the hill where Mamako and Porta were happily chatting. He predicted that a twisted and rebellious person like her would probably be around there so he peeked over, she really was there.

Squatting under the tree shade, Wise was crying with her shoulders shaking......

“Kukuku. Keep struggling, you powerless insect. C’mon c’mon, c’mon c’mon c’mon.”

He was wrong. The ants near her feet were being flicked and played around by a tree branch. It was a worrying condition in another meaning.

Masato bent down near that Wise......of course, while keeping a suitable distance.

Wise ignored him at first, but she expectedly sighed, and threw a small branch at Masato’s feet.

“......What do you want?”

“That’s my line......If you have something to say then just say it. Come on, hurry up and say it. Isn’t it fine to be stupid? I’m sorry for being a useless Sage. Hmph!”

“Being useless is a fact but......well, uh, how to put it......don’t be so concerned about it.”

“Not possible. My pride is already in shreds. It cannot be recovered.”

“That goes without saying......aah, that’s right. Here.”

Masato lightly rolled up his sleeve. There was a slight scratch wound on his arm.

“It seems that somehow I got scratched, can you do something about it? It’s a little painful.”

“Won’t it be fine if you get your favorite mama to lick it? She looks so young, maybe she possesses skin regeneration ability.”

“She doesn’t possess such a thing. As expected, my mom is not that much of a superhuman.”

“Then you can just get a recovery medicine from Porta. There is no need to use my magic, right......Trying to cheer me up like that is useless. Stop doing such trifling things. Hmph.”

Wise’s mood worsened, and faced away from him.

I get to treat my injury with your magic, it’s great to have Wise with us after all......something like that, it seemed that he couldn’t do it well. That plain encouragement was a failure......then.

“......Show me.”

While still facing the other way, Wise pinched and pulled Masato’s clothes.

“What? Are you going to treat me?”

“You guys don’t have any money, right? I just think that using an item for this level of injury is a waste of money. In other words, uneconomic. In that case, umm......using the most economic method effectively is the correct choice......”

“Which means, treating it with your magic?”

“I-I will tell you first! It’s not that I am cheered up or encouraged by you, I just thought that I will at least fulfill my role! Come on, hurry up and show me your arm!”

“Yes yes. Then I will rely on you.”

That dishonest girl. He thought that she might be that kind of person, and it was just as he thought after all. Masato showed his arm in front of Wise while smiling bitterly.

And then Wise took out her grimoire, chanted her spell. She activated her Chainspell.

“Supra・La・Magia・Peru・Mirare......Severing Wind(Vent・Tario)!”

“Ugyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!? My arm is severedddddddddddddd!?”

“Furthermore! Recover(Cura)!”

“Ah, reconnected.”

Masato’s arm was cut off by a wind blade and then restored. Impressive.

“Fufun. How is my true ability? Say ‘it’s great to have you with us after all’.”

“I really don’t want to say it. More like I adamantly protest against it......Or rather, why didn’t the penalty activate? You totally attacked me just now, didn’t you? That’s an out. It’s a bug huh......”

“Hmm, isn’t it because it cannot determine between companions after all? I felt that that’s how it is.”

“Ah, that might be the case. Because it’s between companions, that is.”

Between companions. He purposely emphasized on those words, and Wise faintly opened her eyes wider “......Hmph.” and faced away.

Wise was getting embarra.s.sed, her ears were slightly dyed in red, but he pretended not to see it.

“Anyway, just cheer up and come. You’re not the only one who lost against mom’s strength. I will also work hard.”

“Work hard you say......haa......well that’s right. Steadily leveling up, steadily earning SP, steadily raising status and skills by using those points......there’s no other way.”

“That’s how it is. We can only make a costless living style real in the game. Like how we may become the main attacker one day, we can only continue to do this without slacking off......As such.”

Masato thrusted out his fist towards Wise. Let’s work hard. Wise watched him in a way as if she admitted defeat towards a man’s feeling, but she thought that such a thing wasn’t bad.

Wise also lightly clenched her fist......knocked at his fist with the intention of being companions......just before that.

The ground shook.

“Oi, this is, that......!”

“Don’t tell me, again......!?”

Immediately after, the skill of Mother Earth, the support skill [Mother’s Fang] that could detect her son’s whereabouts and interrupt the current situation exploded, those two were split apart and blown off.

*Spin spin bounce* their flight track was shaped exactly like the contour of a heart......

No, it was just an imagination. That kind of thing could not be possible.

“I say, mom......I beg you, please call out normally first. Since I was quite close by.”

“Attacking companions does not seem to trigger penalty......defeating Mamako-san......that will become my life goal......”

“Sorry! Sorry for being a mom that uses technique she has just learned!”

Mamako was bowing her head in apology. Not going to mention where, but they were shaking a lot. Jiggling up and down, that said, it was not the kind of situation to watch that happen.

“So then, there is something that I want the two of you to take a look at, is it alright?”

Mamako brought Masato and Wise along and descended the hill. Partly because of influence from [Mother’s Fang], one portion of the terrain had deformed slightly, a huge cave opened up in the bowl-shaped depression from the large recession of the gra.s.sland.

A rope ladder had been lowered down to the cave and Porta’s face popped out from inside. What’s with this cave rabbit-like cuteness. So cute. Alright, let’s keep it.

“Ah, Masato-san, Wise-san, welcome back! Were you safe?”

“Well, somehow. What’s Porta doing?”

“I’m just taking a quick look inside it. Actually, there are signs of treasure inside this cave.”

“Travelling merchants have sharp senses for these kinds of things huh......So, how is it? Does there seem to be some outrageous treasure? Does it feel like the treasure is hidden?”

“It’s regretful, but it feels like there isn’t much money. However, it feels like there is some weird tool inside.”

“Some weird tool huh......fumu......”

“Hey Maa-kun, what do you think we should do?”

What should we do huh? Masato pondered a little.

Treasure hunting. He honestly wanted to do it from just thinking about those words. However, after watching their appearances with a calmed mind......leaving aside Porta and Wise, Masato’s and Mamako’s equipments were of worrying materials.

Masato wore parker jacket and cargo pants for indoors. Mamako wore a one-piece for going out.

Leaving aside attack power, their defense power was bare-bones.

“It’s already dangerous to fight against monsters in this state at this point of time, and treasure hunting on top of that......”

He should swallow his tears and give up here. He believed that it would be the safe choice.

However, was it really fine to leave this cave that might have a special item alone? While Masato’s party were still preparing their equipments, there was a high possibility that other adventurers might encounter it by coincidence and search around. In that case.

“......Wise. Can your magic raise the defense power of me and mom?”

“Of course. Defense magic is the most basic of basics. It’s a matter of fact to learn it. Your defense power value will be increased until the buff time is over. Look forward to my magic.”

“Alright, I have decided......So then......”

“So then, let’s go treasure hunting! Let’s do our best!”

“Hey, it’s supposed to be my command......”

Under Mamako’s leadership, “““Ou!””” they replied, Masato’s party started their infiltration into the cave. “Let me guide everyone down up to where I have gone to!” Porta descended down the vertical cave.

“I will go down next. I shall be the exploration team leader. I have just obtained the exploration captain t.i.tle.”

“Then mom will be next......oh no, thinking about it, mom is wearing a skirt. Maa-kun will see it from below.” *Blush.*

“Stop blushing, mother! I won’t look at it even if I die!”

“Saying that you won’t look even if you die......sob sob......even though mom is wearing a new pair......even though it’s a T-back so that the underwear line won’t show on her b.u.t.t......”

“Stop giving unnecessary information! Fine, you go down first! I will go next!”

“Wait there! I’m also wearing a skirt! Are you intending to peek from below!?”

“Eeh!? Even though you don’t want to look at mom’s underwear, you want to look at Wise’s!? What does this mean!?”

“It’s totally normal!......Ah, no, it’s not like I want to see Wise’s! Aah whatever, Wise go down first! I will just go last!”

Mamako descended down to the cave connected by the rope ladder, and Wise continued next. Finally, Masato started to descend into the cave......at that time.

A voice echoed from quite below.


Porta seemed to be shouting something, but it couldn’t be heard well.

“Oi Wise! Porta seems to be saying something below, did you catch it!?”

“Wait a moment! I’m trying to listen to Mamako-san!......Mamako-san!”


“Ah, Yes! I got it! I will relay that!”

“What did she say?”

“She’s saying that the rope ladder cannot support four people descending together, so please wait for a while!”

“I see I see! I got it! Then help me pa.s.s the message below!”


“I wish she had said that earlier, that is!”

“I know right! Rather, why don’t you say that yourself?”

“Well, that’s true! At this rate, sooner or later, more like we will meet them at an unusual speed so Nuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!?”

Unable to withstand their weight, the rope ladder snapped. Masato’s party began their freefall.

“Is everyone alright!? Anyone hurt!? Please respond!”

“Y-Yes! I’m alright!”

“I’m also fine. No problem at all.”

“What about Maa-kun!? Mom cannot hear Maa-kun’s voice!? Maa-kun, are you alright!? Where are you!?”

“Ah, Masato is fine. He’s right under our feet.”

“Doesn’t make sense......I was the last to go down the rope, so why was I the first to crash onto the ground and get stepped on......it doesn’t make sense at all......”

“The reason is simple. I used float magic on everyone in the party except you. It’s an all target magic with the exception of a specified target, not to mention the three of us will land on top of that exception, what an advanced technique, isn’t it?”

“You got some useless technique......”

“By the way, you have already been buffed with defense magic. You’re not injured right? How is it? Have you understood my magic’s greatness? If you understood then you may praise me. Come on.”

“Yes yes, great great......So, that’s fine and all, but......”

Masato endured the weight of three people on his back, and raised his face to look around.

However, he could not see a thing. The surroundings were completely dark. It was so dark that they could not even see their own hands.

“Oi Wise. Light up this place for the time being. We can’t even think about what to do like this.”

“OK. Leave it to this awesome Sage that is me. I will Chainspell fire magic to light this place up in a blink of an eye!......Supra・La・Magia......”

“Oi stop that! We don’t know what’s the surrounding like so don’t suddenly release fire! If done poorly, we will also be burned by it! Using simple light magic will do!”

“Eh......e-erm......that kind of magic, umm......how do I put it......”

Wise was troubled. She writhed about, furthermore, with her heels grinding and her toes kicking. Of course, she was grinding and kicking on Masato’s back. He took 0 damage because of defense magic, but it was very annoying.

“What’s with you? You can’t use that kind of magic? Geez, what a disappointing fella. Even though now is the chance to show off and get respected.”

“Don’t say that kind of thing! I know that the best myself!......Kuh, thinking that it’s useless and not learning it is my failureee......”

“You can’t use it......Then it’s an item’s turn here. Porta, do you have something that can light up?”

“S-Sorry......actually, I think I dropped my bag during the fall just now......I don’t have anything right now......”

“Oi seriously......we’re in trouble......”

“Sorry! I’m really sorry! I’m really sorry for being useless!......About the rope ladder as well, it would have been fine if I had said it first......sniff......”

Porta’s voice broke into sobs. Sniff sniff.* What else could it be if not crying?

“O-Oi. It’s not Porta’s fault, got it? You don’t need to cry, you know? Ok?”

“Sniff......but I’m sorry......sob......I’m sorry for being useless......”

“No, it’s fine. Porta is a very useful girl. Not bad at all. I acknowledge it.”

“Hey wait, that’s way too different from how you speak to me. What is this?”

“An evident difference in favorability rating.”

“Why you!”

Her grinding on his back increased in intensity, but he left it alone since it did no damage.

“Sniff......sorry......really sorry......sob......”

“Umm, erm......o-oi, Porta? You don’t have to worry at all, ok? I beg you, please stop crying, ok?”

What to do? What should I do? I’m sorry for my poor way of wording, I will say anything you like so please forgive me, though I’m apologizing while being stepped on already......

It happened just then. A gentle voice filled with warmth and softness spoke.

“Porta-chan. It’s alright. Everyone makes mistakes. You don’t have to worry about it.”

“Mama-san......sob......b-but......we fell into this pitch black cave, what should we......”

“It’s alright. I will manage something about this degree of problem. Let’s cheer up together. Ei, ei, ou!”

Mamako raised her cheerful voice. When that happened.

Brightness lit up the surroundings. Mamako was shining.

Mamako learned the special skill [Mother’s light].


“Hey, what’s happening!? Mom is shining!? Light is coming out from her whole body!?”

“Mama-san is incredible! It’s very bright! Light is shining brightly!”

“That reminds me, my mama also shone a bit back in the day......she was so thrilled to travel with her daughter that she always acted so delightfully......fuu, that’s some nostalgic story......”

“What’s with the mothers in this world......did they get some weird ability modification......?”

Regardless, thanks to the light shining from Mamako’s body, the surroundings were brightened up.

It seemed that Masato’s party were at a three-way split in the cave. Looking up was the vertical cave which they could not see just now that continued on, and a cave each on their left and right. These caves big enough for them to walk without bending their bodies continued on to the depth.

“After coming this far, let’s leave thinking about how to get back to later. We can think about it after we’ve obtained the tr

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