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TN: this is my last chapter translating it. This chapter gets disgusting and that is a warning. Has rape elements in it and is uncomfortable.I promised I'd translate at least this chapter so here it is.


I opened my eyes.

My golden wrinkled hair blocked most of my vision.I pushed my golden hair back allowing me to see. Fumu, It seems like I had a good sleep.

I stretched out my body while yawning. A koki* sound came from my hip.

As I bent my neck I looked around, hmm there is no one in the room.It seems that Alto went off to somewhere.

While rubbing my half-awake eyes I brushed out my unkempt hair, putting it to a simple hair style.Although I am not particularly a person that cares about their appearance, I am a woman and I feel like I atleast need to take care of myself. It's rude to be too unsightly when with people.

I looked out the window to see that the sky is reddened, it seems to be the evening already. Apparently I unintentionally slept for quite awhile.Though my body feels light,and my head is now clear.

I guess I was frustrated in the morning. Thinking back on it, every time I saw Alto's face a bizarre pang would pop-up, now I am somewhat more settled down. In the morning though, why was I so angry?

Perhap because I was looked at in strange eyes, It may have damaged my att.i.tude towards Alto. However he has saved me many times from the devil king's army.

The awkwardness did go up by a certain degree.

. . . Fuuu~ With a sigh I arranged my thoughts. Yea, It's alright. I will no be conscious of it being strange anymore.Me and Alto are just party members.There should be no more problems when we meet in the future—

" I'm back,Fio. Were you awake?"


Suddenly I hear Alto's voice who seemed to have return.I unintentionally leaked out a scared noise.

What was, "Wyaa"?

". . . . .Fio, Is something wrong?"

"N-nothing! Where were you?"

"Getting money.This village has a flea market here.If I sell my gauntlets we may be able to earn enough money to rent out private rooms in the future,So can I ask you to negotiate tomorrow?"

"I-is that so? Alright. Leave it to me."

I see, The morning me I was pretty upset so I guess I gave him a lot of trouble about sharing a room. I must have really seemed nervous about it. Though considering common sense there should be no reason to worry.Alto hasn't taken any drugs so there are no risk of me being attacked. Besides just the potential doing what he wants to a beautiful woman.

". . . .Yes, don't be afraid Fio. I just want to talk to you a little. Will it be okay to talk about last night?"

"Oh, oh ok. Besides I am not afraid."

". . . Is that so?"

Alto's att.i.tude towards me feels stiff.Is he feeling dejection from this morning?

. . . . .I have to apologize properly to him.It isn't his fault it was the drugs fault, and he is also always helping me. It’s my fault how I handled it.

Besides, Alto was restraining himself so much that his arm was wounded, and it was only until I gave him permission. I even told him not to remember anything about it.

. . . . If anything though, this guys preference for dealing pain though. I don't know what to do about that.

Both me and Alto took our meals from the hotel without saying anything silently. I tried to be able to say my apology about how I was acting in the morning, but Alto seems to be broody over something, like he is about to say something.

Some time ago, Alto said something about, talking about last night. Perhaps he is about to say the same thing I am about to say. At that time I will also apologize.

Then we'll laugh about it and forgive and forget. Yeah, that'll work.

I need to get along with the leader Alto-san. It makes my position in the party way easier.  When I return to the kingdom though, the four girls will always be with him, so it would be impossible to talk. So tonight I will mend our relationship.

I was thinking about it while still a bit sleepy, silently slurping rice porridge.

Alto eye still hung while brooding over the matter. Then I realized that at night we'll be alone.

. . . . With this body.

"Uh, Alto-san. Aren't you a bit close?"

"It is not close, It is a suitable distance."

"Eh,ehh. . .?"

Alto said he wanted to talk about something tonight, so we went to sit down. We bought some cheap Sake and Alto got a chair and sat it right in front of the bed where I was seated. Me and Alto were facing each other.

. . . . However, all of the sudden, he left his seat. He stood up and sat right next to me acting naturally.

This is very close, our shoulders are touching. Touching ! ! Do you even consider this ! !

Alto is brooding next to me again.Perhaps he is choosing his next words.Though there is such little s.p.a.ce between us for there to be a proper atmosphere.

Wait, is he going to talk about it from this distance? Are you that insensitive? Do you truly not mind?

Alto's shoulder is are around at the height of my ears. Now that I notice it, If I lean my head on his shoulder we could do that cla.s.sic head on shoulder pillow. Such a height difference.

. . . . .This train of thought is dangerous. I need to calm down.

It felt like time froze, until it was finally broken by Alto opening his mouth.

". . . From now on, I want to talk with you Fio honestly, about what happened yesterday. Sorry but I can't just forget about it."

I did not see that coming.It seems that Alto was really troubled about what happened yesterday.I'll just quickly dismiss such stupid concerns.

"I don't mind Alto. I can say so with confidence. Yesterday Alto, It could not be helped?"

". . . . Hey Fio. Can I ask you one thing?"


——-Was yesterday his first time?

That is the question he asked with serious eyes. I did not expect this question, how should I respond?

It isn't wise to fiddle with Alto's sense of responsibility by affirming it. However it's bad for Alto who is asking so seriously to just lie to him. If that’s the case then.

". . . . .I refuse to answer."

I don't have to answer.

". . . . .I understand Fio. I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing, didn't I just say it couldn’t be helped?"

"No. The influence of that drug may have existed but I was moving with my own will."

"Your own will?"

"It was pleasant to hold you. I did feel like I couldn’t help it though. That drug may have fizzled out a bit late at midnight, but I could not suppress my own desire and I hurt you all night."

Huh, You were having a pleasant experience while I was suffering. No, I remembered something and I got angry. Calm down,calm down.

"Let me take responsibility Fio. It was really bad."

"Uhh.J-just stop there okay, with this taking responsibility.Enough with making me your wife or something."

As I thought, he was going to propose taking responsibility.

But doesn't he not even like me, and then taking me as his wife? And then wouldn't the 4 girls just murder me if that happens? The End ? No, for the happiness of everybody then.

"No,Well unless you desire it. . . . But that isn't the case."


Another way to take responsibility?Huh?  What is it? I want to know what it is!

"So in short, you want to settle this with money!? Alright then, How much? I'll forgive you,but only based on how much.How much is my chast.i.ty worth?"

"Well you're full of energy now."

I never thought of that. I get money and Alto feels a sense of penance. Win-Win.In intervals I could get withdraw money from him and he would feel less and less guilty. And then I can get money to head to the red-light district.

Alto know me though. The problem about amount won't be settled easily.So I should try to get a good amount of money?

If that's so then we'll begin the negotiations.

"To be honest, I was actually a virgin. It seriously did hurt."

"Is that so, You were a virgin?"

"However yesterday night with Alto was my first time ever. Hmm, How much would a night be with an comrade of the renowned hero be? The price definitely went up by a lot."

"I didn't know. Is that so it was your first night."


I think that the highest ranked ladies are around 4000-5000 G per night. And its four times when it is the first night. So up to 15000 to 20000 G ?!?

Wait, yesterday there was special kind of play in place, so there will be a special charge as well. The hero Alto doesn't use his money often, so he should have enough.

". . . .Fio."

"What’s wrong? Did I calculate wrong? How much is the price?"

"The asking price is fine."

"Ho, Ho!!The asking price is good? You understand right, Alto. Usually people who do such a thing often are unexpectedly cheap. Alright if that is the price- – -"

"I'll double the asking price."

"- – – – – -Eh? W-what? Alto are you really that generous?"

The man in front of me just said he'll give me much more than I ever expected. What his he thinking?

———He slowly placed his hand on my shoulder.

". . . . .Alto, what's wrong?"

"I said to double it.Two times."

My hair was combed gently with his hand. I reflectively looked up and made I contact with him, He was looking directly at me.

"W-wait. What are you saying? What are you doing?!"

"Don't move Fio."

"No,so therefore! What are you thinking, Listen—!!"

What?! Now Alto is stroking my thigh.

This is really unpleasant.

Even if I try to escape in a hurry, I am already held down with by his arm on my shoulder. And his face is so close. I desperately shake and flung around trying frantically to escape from him.

However I was then bent around and pushed down.

"NO, I don't want this !! I already hate it!! I want to never experience it again! ! Release me , Please please release me Alto!"

"Calm down!!"(TN:this is getting really really uncomfortable to translate. . . I had the benefit of the doubt about Alto cause of the drugs, but he is a sc.u.mbag. No means No.)

Alto shouted. I was trembling with fear, I was shocked. I couldn't move.

Close. I was decieved. Close. I hate it. Somebody help me I already im thinking of such a thought.

—————As it is now, I was embraced and gently my head was stroked.

"Only once Ok. Give me a chance Fio"

"You already had a chance."

"Today will be your first night. I don't want to end your first night with a terrible experience."

"No my first night already ended yesterday. Stop- – -."

"Remember we said to forget yesterday. So today is the first night?"

"No, What nonsense are you talking about. Eh now where are you touching!?"

Alto wrapped me closely, although different from last night. His breath I can feel on my cheek.

It is impossible to push him away. The physique and strength are too different. And he is watching. I am being stared at with Alto's eyes, saying "You will not escape."

I don't know what to do. I don't know what Alto wants me to do.

With my head blank. I could only close my eyes and turn my face.

—–Then my suffering night began.

This chapter honestly disgusts me and is making me teary eyed. Perhaps I have a different reaction to this then others because I know many people who were raped or molested but here it is. I am not translating another chapter from this novel so this is the last one from me. I had different reaction to the other one cause it was drugged and different but this is played too real. Fio consented the first time. IDC if they end up together. . . 

Sorry I got heated up there. It just angers me so much. Usually I release them in the morning my time but I just want to get this finished. Sorry for rambling. Probably should’ve listened to warning I heard or read more.

I’ll be searching for a new novel tomorrow or next days. One more light-hearted. Which this was advertised as. . .

I’m not putting my donation thingy here. Don’t really care about this one.

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