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Kaylah looked at her 'friend' and tossed him on her dining table and said: "Time to prepare a meal," while walking towards her kitchen and grabbing her knife set. The man stared at the knifes and trembled.

Kaylah looked at her daggers and smiled while she fantasized about two positions for the man. The first was a cross-shaped symbol 'T' the second was that of an 'X.' Kaylah knew it would insult for her 'friend' to take up the same pose as Jesus and placed the man in the latter position.

Kaylah found a toolbox. It contained a note and few items for repairs. She looked at the man and saw he had no means of escape. She opened the note.

It read: Dear Kaylah if you are reading this note it means something has gone wrong. I left you some money in this room, and some items to entertain yourself. Your birthmother, Valentina Grayson is the last person I visited. If you are reading this, do not trust the Grayson family. While I do not think they wanted to attack you, I am sure they had a part in it.

My angel, if you are still reading this please close this note for now. If you cannot let go of the past read the rest of the note in thirty days. It will at least entertain you for a few days no?

Kaylah closed the note and looked at her victim and said: "Father told me not to read the rest of the note for some time. Entertain me right?"

Kaylah grabbed a hammer and a box of nails.

"You know, I have read that if you break your joints it's painful. We have quite a few joints to test. You have around 60 on your hands and feet. I need to make sure you will not move around. I will need to hammer your hands to the table, or should hammer your wrists?"

She placed a nail on his wrist and slowly hammered it into the table. She smiled, while looking at the man scrum around. She grabbed his head, which was facing the floor, and made him look at her. She said: "Daddy if you don't like this game please feel free to ask me to stop," while rubbing the gag he has on.

"Well dad I will put a needle in your other wrist. I'm glad we can learn together."

The man tilted his head and looked at Kaylah, with watery eyes.

She removed her shirt and covered his eyes with it while saying "That is the last sight you will see I hope you enjoyed."

Kaylah then removed her panties and placed them on the mans' face, while asking "Do you enjoy the smell?" She reached for his belt buckle and removed the belt. She used his belt as a makeshift collar. While she pulled on the collar, Kaylah rubbed his legs. She placed her face near his thigh and blew on his underwear. After placing her fingers near his manhood, she grabbed her knife, and slightly cut into his chest. When blood covered a nipple, she licked it clean.

"Daddy, this gets me excited. I'm so happy you became a client today."


The man, was unsure of what was going on. Was this little girl kinky, or was he going to die? She was teasing his p.e.n.i.s while drawing blood. I would consider enjoy it, if I had constented, but it scared him.


Kaylah looked at his knees and decided that it would be best to nail them down. She must have thought the man could move his legs by force because she used two nails for each knee the man had. Then she said: "Daddy I tried to lick the blood, but it won't stop coming out! I will use fire to close the wound."

She grabbed a saw, and cut into the edge of the table, after placing a bag to collect the dust. She poured the dust into his bleeding knees and lit it ablaze. Kaylah smiled when the man wiggled his legs.

"Daddy you should not move your legs it will cause blood to come out."

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