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ch 86 - Crazy News; Everybody Has Their Own Thoughts (19)
“The Cheng's are big deal now…”

While the discussion was going on over there, over at Willow Village at the foothill of Mt. Wanan and after days of labor, layers and layers of living quarters of different sizes surrounding the main building had began to take shape.

Everybody at the Cheng's smiled happily!

These living quarters were all built from lumber and rocks. There weren't a lot of residents at Willow, but many of them are well skilled in their craftsmanship. There was no shortage of talent in this area!

With the exception of the st.u.r.dy men even some st.u.r.dy women joined in to help. Everybody was happy as the Cheng's provided the meals, and their children would be accepted as his disciples. It was a win-win situation for everyone.

Most importantly, they didn't have to worry about going hungry anymore. Not only was the meals at the Cheng's delectable, they could eat as much as they want!

A few particularly talented villagers even established long term contract with the Cheng's to perform work for them. They even got paid on top of that, many of the other villagers were jealous of them.

In the meantime, Cheng Xiao Xiao was looking at 14 girls of various ages in front of her. All of them below the age of 12, because any one 13 or above were already married and wouldn't be here.

None of them were exceptionally beautiful, just a few of them were fair. At least none of them were downright unattractive.

Speaking of, it wasn't Cheng Xiao Xiao's idea for the to be here, but their families were nagged so much by the women in the village that they had no choice but to send them there.

According to these village women, they didn't have any maids at their house so they sent these girls to be maids at their place. They didn't ask to be paid, just need to feed them three meals a day!

When she heard this, Cheng Xiao Xiao's jaw almost hit the ground. The villagers just outright treating them like morons!

But they have known the villagers for three years, they knew what kind of people they are. It was difficult for Cheng Biyuan and Mrs. Cheng to decline so they accepted their offer.

That asides, they tossed all of it for Cheng Xiao Xiao to handle!

Even though the Cheng's weren't any excessively wealthy land owner, but at this age and time, all poor families tried to get their daughters into wealthy families to be maids. Being able to serving their master of the house was viewed as an honor.

So Cheng Xiao Xiao had no choice but to accept. She couldn't let all the village women down so she had to grit her teeth and take in these young village girls.

“You sure you want to join us Cheng's? Let me get something clear up front. If you want to join us, then you must be obedient to us in the future, even if it's an order from your parents, you will not carry it out without our permission. Is that understood?”

Looking at the very series Cheng Xiao Xiao these semi-old kids look at each other. After all, none of them have encountered these situations before. Growing up, they have always been obedient to their parents. Naturally they would be a bit hesitant hearing that they can't listen to their parents any more.

Cheng Xiao Xiao didn't rush them, she continued, “Take some time and think it over. I won't force any of you. But if you want to enter the Cheng's, you must be prepared to be obedient. If anyone of you violates our rules, you will be let go in a light case, in a more severe case, you will be punished, maybe even by death. So give it some serious thoughts. If you can't make that decision, you can go home and discuss with your families first.”

After she was done talking, Cheng Xiao Xiao stopped and wait for them to response.

“Miss, my family has already decided, once I entered into the Cheng's, I will be a part of the Cheng's. I will obey every order from miss, master, and madam!”

Liu Yesu, the oldest of the lot, replied seriously.

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