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198 Tell Me Impikchan part 2

Speaking about animals with a good sense of smell, you might think that dogs are the best. But Brown Bears have an even stronger sense of smell than dogs.
Therefore, Agafon was shocked that he could not smell Impika even though he was being tailed.

「Agafon, your Unique skill is 『Destination Path Guidance』, which helps you point towards your goal or destination, while Impika has the Unique skill 『Deodorize Scent』 which can completely eliminate odor and everything related to smell.」

「That’s right yo~ It is really easy for me to follow Agafon this way.」

Pa.s.sing by the side of the aggressive Agafon, Impika rushes towards the location where Yuu and the gang were, and sat on the carpet with a plop.

「King-sama. Please allow me to eat as well.」

The momentum at which Impika rushed over and bowed her head, while saying 『Please』; literally caused her do a wheel spin while rolling forward.
The adorable form that Impika showed made Lena to mutter 『.....Cute』 under her breath while Namari was----



「Namari, why are you the one giving the permission in place of master?!」

「Then I shall accompany you as well.」

Agafon tried to sneak in along with Impika, but Marifa did not allow him.

「Show me your paws and claws.」

「I-I made sure to keep it clean! Otherwise I know that the hag (OniBaba) wouldn't leave me alone.」

「Who is the hag?」


Impika only wished to eat corn and therefore did not bother to speak anything unnecessary.

「Aaaaah~ Is this corn? It is so delicious!」

Agafon who was punished by Marifa had a swollen face while trying to speak to Yuu, but Yuu's reaction was not so good.

「You, you seem to be bothering the Otchan (Old uncle) quite a bit.」

「No-no it's not like that! That is ---- it was only because I pleaded with Uzzu-san so that he would finally sell it! 」

「That sword is not something that you can buy with the gold that you have.
I told the Otchan that he could sell it because you were bothering him so much. That sword is really strong though --- where is the sword by the way?」

Yuu looked over at the shrunken body of Agafon, as he was trying to find the Evil Black sword.

「Even I know that the sword is really amazing, but that. That sword is--」

「Where is the sword?」

Not only Yuu, but everyone around him was also getting annoyed by Agafon's dallying att.i.tude.

「That is- the bear did not wish to contaminate the sword so he hid it inside his house.」

「STUPID! Impika, do not say unnecessary things!!」

「But I am not the idiot though~ It’s the bear that is really stupid damo~」

「It is as Impika said. Is there any value to a sword that is not used? Then that would be stupid to depend on a sword just to make sure that it does not get dirty. Why did you even buy the sword dayo?」

「Ee, hyiiii. I just wanted to have the same kind of sword that King-sama uses.」

Lena and Marifa were shocked at what Agafon said.
Nina was the only one who could understand the feelings of Agafon who said 「Yes, yes. I understand you~ even I wanted the same thing.」 as she nodded.

「Is there a labyrinth which is made completely of water?」

As usual, Impika who had eaten a belly full of corn urged Yuu to talk more about labyrinths.
Incidentally, the Pixies that were surrounding Yuu, all had too much to eat and were tossing and turning with a *PanPan* while holding their tiny bellies.

「Aaa, I remember that there was one called 『Perceptive Coral Reef』. A huge coral reef that would float upon the sea.」

「It was really beautiful dazo~!」

「Right~ Namari-chan has seen such beautiful things. I want to go along as well~」

And so, Impika made up her mind to pose and then winked towards Yuu.

「What's wrong? Why are you blinking your eyes so quickly with a *PatchiPatchi*? Do your eyes hurt?」

Unfortunately, the winking of Impika was with both eyes, not with one eye.

「Hmm? I do remember that this was how Mother (Okasan) showed me.」


「Hisui-neechan, the bear is acting foolish~!」

「Arara. Impikchan is cute but is saying something so terrible.」

While Agafon was smiling with the corners of his mouth reaching his ears, Impika puffed up her cheeks and jumped towards Hisui's chest.

When Hisui strokes the head of Impika with a *It’s alright, it’s alright*, Impika soon starts to smile and then rubs her face on Hisui's chest.
People might be wondering how Hisui can move here and there, but there is a reason to this.
The tree which is the main part of Hisui was in the middle of the Mountain Castle where the Pixies live, but Hisui has control over all the trees in the Nameless Kingdom.

(But Hisui does not say that she dominates all the plant life but rather says that she is friends with all of them), As a result, although Hisui is limited to places where roots of the tree can reach, she can still move freely using her body as is.

「It’s almost time to go back home. We are going to be diving into a labyrinth in the afternoon.」

「A! Come to think of it, the chief did come over to the house! King-sama, this corn is really delicious. Can I take some home for Mother (Okasan)? Is it fine?」

「It's alright.」

「Wafu. King-sama, thank you very much ne!」

Impika bows her head to Yuu until it almost reaches the ground and then immediately rushes into the cornfield. While sniffing at each corn, she carefully places them into her knapsack.
This shoulder bag was made by Yuu himself, it was made to resemble Impika's favorite StepRabbit. Although there was no function such as an item pouch, it was equipped with a function to sense crisis if there was any nearby.

「Ufufufu. Mother, will definitely be joyous- Bear, let's head back.」

「Nope, sorry. I have something to talk with the King-sama until the end.」

Impika pulls hard on Agafon's hair, but he does not seem to budge.

「Mou~ I cannot go back to the village without Agafon!」

「Chi. I guess there is no helping it.」

Agafon places Impika on his shoulders. Impika was immediately delighted with the scenery that was different from usual.

「Wahaa. Huge! Bear let's go, let's go~!」

「Didn't I tell you that I was a Brown Bear?」

Thinking of going back as is, Agafon approaches Yuu.

「King-sama, thank you very much for the talk and everything that happened today.
The corn was really delicious. I would really like to listen to King-sama again.」

As Agafon bowed his head, Impika who was sitting on his shoulders was about to fall.
Namari who seemed to be jealous of the appearance of Impika clinging onto to the head of Agafon muttered, 「You’re falling~」.

「It's alright, it was nothing bothersome.」

Yuu muttered while looking at the returning Agafon.

The Beastman Chief Rubanof had gathered people into one room one after another.
All the best men that were gathered were quite old. They were the respective chiefs of each settlement that had immigrated at the time of Rubanof’s succession.

「Everyone, we are now gathered here today. During everyone's busy schedule, all the chiefs that are gathered here today is thanks to the Beast G.o.d--」

「Rubanof-dono, leave the pleasantries for later. What is the present gathering of clan chiefs for?」

「Oo, is it because of tomorrow? Is it because of the merchant that the King-sama had told us about?」

The Boar Beastmen asked the question, followed by the Dog Beastmen questions.

「That is there as well. The reason that we have gathered today is to talk mainly about the ‘Deserting People’ situation.」

Rubanof's word made everyone's face turn grim.
Deserting People----Although they have their own reasons, they are the ones that had left the Nameless Kingdom.

「Deplorable. To be saved by King-sama, only to run away.」

「They left the country as soon as they got a job!」

「They brought shame to Beastmen.」

Rubanof kept silent while everyone spit out their abusive words. He then continued to speak after the meeting regained calm.

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