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Chapter 228.2 - Like strangers

For a proud person, he could even go to the palace and beg that old emperor to marry this woman but what did this woman do?

She made him the laughingstock of the city.

And as if that wasn't enough, she even boldly spent the night outside and didn't return to the Lou residence.

She definitely went to the third prince's residence!

This fickle woman, she didn't deserve Feng Yege's love!

Feng Yege froze for a long time before letting go of the whip in his hand.

He walked in front of Zi Li and when he saw that there were tears coming from her eyes, he paused for a moment.

Then, he took a silk handkerchief out and pa.s.sed it to her, “Wipe your face, what do you look like right now? I'm fine now. You should head back.”

“But ….”

Zi Li raised her head up as she looked at him with teary eyes.

She watched him for half a day but she didn't see any sadness or hurt in his eyes which made her finally feel relieved.

She silently followed behind Feng Yege as they both headed towards the Night Prince's residence.

Feng Yege didn't take a single look at Lou Qingwu the whole time.

Thousand Face was a bit uneasy as he turned around to look at Lou Qingwu.

But Lou Qingwu's eyes were lowered.

After half a day, she finally looked up and walked towards the Lou residence.

She was quiet, as if nothing had just happened.

But Thousand Face knew, his master … was sad.

But so what if she was sad.

If they couldn't get together in the end, they could only continue like this, like strangers and be destined to never meet again.

After Feng Yege brought Zi Li back to his residence, everyone in his residence let out a relieved breath.

This was especially after seeing that Feng Yege didn't look strange, and they finally felt like these past couple of days of running around weren't wasted.

No one dared to ask Feng Yege where he had spent the past couple of days.

Zi Li had already made a mess and let out her emotions so she was feeling a lot better.

She returned to her own little pavilion as Feng Yege returned to his own Qingge little building.

Feng Shiyi silently followed behind him.

After Feng Yege soundlessly finished his daily bathing ritual and took a book to read as he lay sideways on his couch, did Feng Shiyi finally look at him.

Feng Shiyi looked at Feng Yege like he had something to say, but couldn't actually say anything.

His expression was too strange, so strange that Feng Yege couldn't ignore it any more.

He put down his book and raised an eyelid to look at him, his thin lips pursed, “Do you have something to say to me?”

“No, nothing!” Feng Shiyi shook his head crazily.

How was he going to say it?

What he had overheard that night from Lou Qingwu?

But he felt like if he did say it, his master might think that he's insane?

“Then go and rest.” Feng Yege regained his previous posture and lowered his eyes to focus on his book again.

But Feng Yege was too cold and this type of cold made Feng Shiyi even more uneasy.

However, Feng Shiyi really didn't know where to start with Lou Qingwu's story so he could only agree and leave the room.

As he kept thinking about it and walking outside of Qingge little building, he coincidentally b.u.mped into Feng Qi who just came back from completing a mission.

Feng Qi was one of the only girls in the Feng twelve so when Feng Shiyi saw her, his eyes lit up instantly.

Maybe it was because he was a man so that's why he had a generational gap with Miss Lou.

That's why he couldn't understand what she was saying!

Feng Qi was a woman so it must be different.

Just as Feng Qi was about to walk past him, Feng Shiyi grabbed at her arm and seeing Feng Qi's warning look, quickly let go.

He laughed awkwardly, “That ah, Feng Qi, I have something I don't understand that I want to ask you.”


TL note:  

Feng Shiyi overheard LQW talking about her kid from her past lifetime but obviously, Feng Shiyi doesn't know she's reborn. So he's just like???

Leave a comment and because we're getting warmer to LQW finally opening up xx

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