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Chapter 227.1 - Traitorous and ungrateful

Lou Qingwu and Shu Yunyan headed towards the room at the end of the second floor.

Once they opened the door, they were hit with a strong stench of alcohol.

Shu Yunyan froze for a second before sweeping a look at the table filled with alcohol bottles.

At that time, he couldn’t decide on what he was thinking.

He walked over, sat down and then picked up a single bottle and sniffed it, “Fifty year old Shaoxing yellow wine brewed by Chen, gentleman Mu really has elegant taste.”

Lou Qingwu sat down across from him and continued what she was doing before.

She poured herself a gla.s.s and with the flick of her wrist, swallowed it.

“I don’t know what prime minister Shu wants to talk to me about?”

Lou Qingwu’s carefree action made Shu Yunyan freezing, clearly not expecting that a girl would drink so easily before pouring himself a cup too. “Miss Lou, let’s not speak in riddles. Seeing as it’s just the two of us, let’s just speak openly.”

“Oh?” Lou Qingwu raised a brow.

“I want the second half of the Yunji picture.” Shu Yunyan couldn’t hide the excitement building in his eyes. “As I’ve already answered your request, then shouldn’t you also make good on your part of the promise? And why not just today, let me follow you to the Lou residence and then collect the second half of the Yunji picture.”

Lou Qingwu’s figure traced the golden edge of her goblet, her eyes lowered for a moment before looking at him, “Alright.”

“Miss Lou is indeed a quick person. Then, should we go?”


Seeing Lou Qingwu nod her head, Shu Yunyan stood up to open the door and ask for someone for a piece of paper and an ink brush set.

It only took a few moments before Yue Ji came in with a set of writing materials in her arms.

She put them down in front of Lou Qingwu before being unable to help but look at Lou Qingwu and ask with her eyes: do you need help?

Lou Qingwu shook her head.

Yue Ji then left but before closing the door, she gave Lou Qingwu one last worried look.

Lou Qingwu didn’t say anything else as she continued to draw the mechanical design from her recollection of her past lifetime.

She drew the second half of it and as an exquisite view of the inside of the gears appeared in front of Shu Yunyan, he grew even more calm instead.

He didn’t even blink as he continued to stare at it.

His pale face even grew a bit livelier as his eyes grew bright, almost shiny.

When Lou Qingwu finished drawing, he couldn’t help but s.n.a.t.c.h it up to look at it closely.

He looked at it from side to side before carefully slipping it between his clothes.

Then he looked at Lou Qingwu before discovering that Lou Qingwu had already started drinking again.

His pupils shrunk, “It seems like, your mood isn’t that great.”


“Are you really willing to marry the third prince?”

“It was my choice, so do you really think I’m forcing myself?” Lou Qingwu lifted up an eyelid, her eyes were bright.

Shu Yunyan thought for a bit and decided that he was thinking too much.

This woman was so devious that she could calculate everyone’s moves, step by step.

So how could she be dragged along by someone else?

“So if it’s like that, then I’ll bid farewell to you. I’ll give the one hundred thousand to Changle Lane’s owner.”

“En.” Lou Qingwu’s expression was still languid, as if she wasn’t interested in the money at all.

But it seemed like that was right.

If a woman could draw such a detailed plan of a weapon, it meant that she didn’t just have a single design.

And no matter where she wanted to sell those designs, they’d fetch enough money that she wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of her life.

So why did she dive headfirst into the messy matters of the palace?

Before leaving, Shu Yunyan still couldn’t help but turn around and say one last thing, “You should consider that Dongyu’s situation is quite similar to Xiliang’s. If you can come to Xiliang country, I can ask my emperor to give you all of the glory and riches you’ll want.”

Not hearing a response from behind him, Shu Yunyan sighed and opened the door before leaving with taking a second look.

Inside the room, Lou Qingwu lowered her eyes.

But very quickly, the door slammed open again.

This time, it was Leng Yichen.

His eyes fell on the table of empty bottles and couldn’t help but sigh, “What did he want to talk to you about?”


TL note:  

Yunji picture = some sort of weapon design OTL

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