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Chapter 228.1 - Like strangers

Lou Qingwu's face was expressionless but Thousand Face grew angry on her behalf, “What kind of nonsense are you spouting?”

“This miss isn't speaking nonsense. Tell her to touch her heart and see if she's speaking the truth!” Zi Li continued to be aggressive, her small face was ferocious.

This quickly attracted the Lou residences' servants.

But when they saw Zi Li's whip which had iron barbs on it, no one dared to step forward.

They could only shout from afar, “You, you, … you, who are you? Go away! Otherwise, we'll report this to the officials. This is the left prime minister's residence, you really have guts to come here!”

“Go away!” Zi Li spun around and cracked her whip at them.

This frightened the servants so much that they quickly darted back inside the Lou residence.

But because Lou Qingwu was still outside, they didn't dare to actually leave.

Thousand Face was uneasy as he stood in front of Lou Qingwu.

It was a pity that Zi Li was standing in front of the Lou residence, so he didn't dare to use his actual martial arts skills.

Furthermore, there were some things that couldn't be said in front of the Lou residence servants so he could only hold it in and try not to drag Zi Li away.

Lou Qingwu was still as calm as ever as her eyes fell on Zi Li before moving to Thousand Face.

She stepped forward, her eyes glancing at the servants before speaking, “Who are you asking this as? Who are you to Feng Yege? So what if I don't have a heart? What's that to you?”

Zi Li froze, quite obviously not having antic.i.p.ated that Lou Qingwu would ask that.

Her brows furrowed deeply as her eyes continued to watch Lou Qingwu.

As she thought of the disgusting things her mother had done, she could only anxiously shout, “He is the only person I care about other than my mother, so what kind of relationship do you think I have with him!”

Zi Li's words fell and Lou Qingwu's pupils shrunk, something like panic suddenly spread in her heart.

After a long time did Lou Qingwu finally speak but this time, her voice was cold, “Really? Then that's your business. So if you want to take revenge, tell Feng Yege to come personally!”

“He's already been missing for days, how can you tell him to come! You've already hurt him too deeply, vile!” Zi Li grew even more angrier at Lou Qingwu's seemingly careless att.i.tude.

But Lou Qingwu continued to stand in silence.

She didn't want to actually fight with Zi Li.

Zi Li did seem to truly care about her senior brother, and seeing how wantonly reckless she was in defending him, Lou Qingwu was actually a bit envious.

Zi Li's whip didn't end up striking Lou Qingwu in the end.

Thousand Face stepped forward to stop the whip but someone else stopped it first.

Zi Li stared dazedly at the Feng Yege who suddenly appeared.

She first froze before growing excited, but then her eyes widened in disbelief, “Feng Yege, she's already abandoned you and you still want to save her?”

Feng Yege's eyes were half lowered.

He wore a black gown instead of his usual white which made his face stand out more than usual.

When he heard Zi Li's words, his eyes were still calm.

After a long time did his thin lips finally move, spitting out an indifferent sentence, “There was no beginning, so what did she abandon? Zi Li, don't make a ruckus.”

Lou Qingwu's lowered eyes still saw the tall figure in front of her and she felt her breathing stop for a second.

But she forced herself to become cold.

She laughed, “That's right, Miss Zi Li. Between us, there really was nothing.”

Her words were like adding oil to a fire.

Zi Li almost immediately lit up, furious and her eyes were almost spitting fire.

But Feng Yege acted as if he didn't hear anything as he continued to look at Zi Li, “You should head back.”

“No!” Zi Li said angrily.

“You've already done so much for her and she's about to marry someone else. Doesn't your heart hurt?”

Feng Yege, “Zi Li, this isn't something you should care about.”

“But … but, my heart hurts for you.”

It's been so many years.

This was the first time she had used so much effort for a person but he was such a proud person.

For a proud person, he could even go to the palace and beg that old emperor to marry this woman but what did this woman do?

She made him the laughingstock of the city.


TL note:  

Feng Yege orzzzzz

My heart hurts for him but there is a happy ending!

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