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Chapter 139.1 - Being misunderstood

Even though Shangguan Yiyun right now was alone with some unknown man in a room together, she was after all, still the future second prince’s consort.

So the way that Fan Yi was acting, was clearly disrespecting the second prince, as well as the royal family.

But, thinking about how this Miss Shangguan was willing to boldly cheat on the second prince, they were about the same.

They both wouldn’t have good endings.

But Fan Yi’s hand hadn’t reached Shangguan Yiyun before being pinched by a slender wrist.

This was clearly a light little pinch but Fan Yi couldn’t move an inch.


Fan Yi angrily, with a bit of embarra.s.sment, turned around before seeing who was pinching him, suddenly froze.

Everyone else was also stunned, not able to move.

Originally, the man who was behind Fan Yi and had pinched his wrist, was clearly a man.

But when they looked at his face, it was white and jade-like, charmingly beautiful as it was revealed.

It was almost soul sucking in how enchanting it was, his long black hair falling like water as the golden sunlight illuminated his face.

In that moment, it was like they’d lost their souls as they watched him.

This “man”, was Changle Lane’s Miss Yueji.

“Ah! It’s Miss Yueji! Miss Yueji!” No one knew who shouted it first but it woke everyone up.

In an instant, the teahouse exploded with babble.

Changle Lane was famous far and wide for its four famous beauties who played the zither.

And amongst the most famous for her beauty, zither skills, dance skills was Miss Yueji.

No matter whether it was n.o.ble officials, n.o.ble gentleman or misses, they all came to Changle Lane in hopes of seeing Miss Yueji.

Who knew they’d see her in person today.

Fan Yi’s eyes that were originally glued on Shangguan Yiyun instantly turned lovestruck as he stared at Yueji.

Yueji curled her lips, coldly looking up.

Her long eyelashes hid the coldness in them as she raised her hand and turned to look around.

The people around her all felt like their hearts were about to jump out as they all held their breaths.

Yueji then, was satisfied as her red lips raised up, her voice that sounded like it was from the heavens raining down, “Everyone seems to be … misunderstanding something.”

Everyone: “.....”


It was a misunderstanding!

No matter what Miss Yueji said, that was always right!

“Miss Shangguan came to find Yueji originally because she heard that the second prince liked Yueji’s zither so she came to learn a bit. But who knew that someone thought they were impossibly high cla.s.s and n.o.ble to come and flirt with the future second prince’s consort? This crime … could be small or big, don’t you say?”

Her jade-like wrists revealed her white skin as a golden b.u.t.terfly on her wrist looked as if it was about to fly away, dazzling Fan Yi’s eyes.

He couldn’t help but swallow as he widened his eyes, looking at the jade hands on his chest.

His mind went completely blank as his heart felt like a kitten was scratching at it, he felt like he was about to melt.

“Definitely deserves to be punished, punished …”

He mumbled, lovestruck and drunk before hearing someone’s m.u.f.fled laughter.

Yueji covered her lips as she giggled, “Seeing as gentleman Fan also agrees with Yueji’s words, then … could you let everyone witness before taking a trip to the justice department.”

Fan Yi then became dumbfounded.

But he’d already spoke before suddenly waking up.

He really did flirt with the second prince’s future consort.

When he reached the justice department and the crime of flirting with the second prince’s future consort fell on him, adding to how many witnesses they were, the crime was nailed shut.

The justice department’s official Zhou immediately put Fan Yi in jail, and made him await punishment.

When Yueji and Shangguan Yiyun came out of the justice department, it was already four hours later.


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