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Chapter 138.2 - Getting caught in bed

Knock, knock, knock!

“Open the door, open the door!”

Shangguan Yiyun hadn’t even finished her sentence before the door suddenly was knocked by someone outside.

A slightly drunk male voice sounded from outside, “Open the door, open the door, I’m here to find my pretty little girl, hurry up and get me a pretty little girl! I clearly saw one here, don’t lie to me! Hurry up and open the door, I saw that pretty girl walk in, little beauty, come out and see me …”

“Brother, brother Zhou?” Shangguan Yiyun’s face paled, what type of person was outside?

If other people found out that she and Shangguan residence’s zither teacher were secretly meeting outside, she couldn’t even begin to imagine what her ending would be like.

Zhou Tong held Shangguan Yiyun tightly, anxiously watching the door that was being knocked hard.

His handsome face also paled visibly.

Outside, a drunk man wearing a luxurious gown was glaring angrily at the door that couldn’t be opened no matter how hard he tried.

He took two steps back before waving his fists around, “Get, get this door open, kick it down for me!”


His subordinates heard and immediately rolled up their sleeves to kick the door down.

The teahouse owner who rushed to get here, tried in vain to stop them, “This master, please don’t be angry. The guests here are all important, there’s no madam like that here. Please don’t make things hard for this lowly one, please forgive us, please forgive ….”

“Pei! What kind of thing are you! To dare to block me, hit him! Do you know who I am? The right prime minister is my uncle! Kick open the door! Anyone who dares to block me, will end up like him!”

Under the man’s command, the manager was brutally kicked to the side.

The other subordinates continued to try to kick the door down.

The teahouse was instantly thrown into chaos.

A lot of the other teahouse goers were huddled around in the second level, pointing and commenting on the debacle.

Those who originally wanted to stop him all paused when they heard he was the right prime minister’s nephew.

They all instantly wilted.

The right prime minister’s nephew, seeing how arrogant and overbearing he was, who else could he be, apart from the right prime minister’s related sister Mrs Fan Li’s son, Fan Yi?

The door was then broken down as the two people inside the room were instantly exposed in front of everyone.

A man with a woman, alone in a room and so holding each other so tightly?

No matter how you looked at it, it was extremely ambiguous and easy for other people to come to the wrong conclusion.

Fan Yi swayed, drunk, as he pointed at Shangguan Yiyun, happy, “Aiyo, it turns out the little beauty is here sneaking out with a man, hahahaha, why don’t you follow me instead …”

After he finished speaking, he staggered forward, pulling at Shangguan Yiyun’s arm before tugging on it hard, “Let me see, what does the little girl look like?”

Shangguan Yiyun’s face was pale white, rejecting Fan Yi as she tried to push him away.

But the latter was a man after all and a lot stronger than her.

He tugged on her even harder as he swiped at the air.

Shangguan Yiyun’s face veil instantly fell off and onto the ground, revealing her charming and beautiful little face.

Her expression was uneasy, frightened and teary.

At this time, someone from the crowd shouted, “Miss Shangguan?”

Everyone froze, “What Miss Shangguan?”

“Minister of war’s precious miss, the future second prince’s consort!”

After they called out, the crowd instantly grew even more noisy.

Those people surrounding them seemed a bit frightened but also excited, like they were watching a good drama, as they surveyed around them.

When their eyes fell on Shangguan Yiyun and Fan Yi, as well as the man who had his back against them, their minds quickly filled in with a scenario that made them cackle.

The original pity in their eyes as they looked at Shangguan Yiyun turned into a strange look.

She hadn’t even married the second prince and she was already cheating on him?

The second prince’s head is already green.

Fan Yi didn’t seem to have heard the people behind him as he still laughed as he looked at her, “Yo, it is a beauty! Come, let me kiss you, come follow me afterwards, I’ll let you be my thirteenth little concubine …”

Everyone in the crowd sucked in a cold breath.


TL note:

Hooooooo boy.

That guy’s got guts. But all the better for XHR to lose his reputation.

Leave a comment and for the aftermath xx

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