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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 29 Part 1

Xiang Nuan also thought that she was probably making too much out
of the current situation. It was simply impossible for a normal girl to click
with a crazy person like Lin Chuyan.

She felt embarra.s.sed for thinking too much and explained: “I've had a lot
of people chase after me before. I'm overly sensitive.”

“There are a lot of people who've chased after me too.” Lin Chuyan didn't
want to be outdone.

Xiang Nuan thought that was because those girls were blind.

When they finished the match and was about to start another one, they heard
footsteps outside and voices.

“I don't have the key. Do you have it?”


Xiang Nuan had sharp ears; she immediately recognized that the voices
belonged to Yao Jiamu and Shen Zemu.

Her lips curled..

Shen Zemu said: “Xiang Nuan should still be here.” He knocked on the door
as he was speaking.

Xiang Nuan stood up and heard Yao Jiamu's voice: “Are you sure? She was
with Lin Chuyan and he should have left by now.” She also knocked as she
was speaking. “Anyone here?”

Xiang Nuan stood behind the door with her hand on the door k.n.o.b and heard
Yao Jiamu speak again: “There's no one here.”

“Waiwai will be here soon.” Shen Zemu said.

“How was Xiang Nuan doing at yesterday's compet.i.tion?” Yao Jiamu suddenly

Xiang Nuan was curious, she wanted to hear how Shen Zemu thought of her.
She left her hand on the doork.n.o.b without moving.

“She's alright.” Shen Zemu answered briefly as he always did.

Yao Jiamu asked: “So, you watched her play yesterday?”

Xiang Nuan's heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

“No.” Shen Zemu replied: “I heard it from Waiwai.”

Yao Jiamu: “I noticed that Xiang Nuan has moved up the ranks very quickly.”


“I heard Lin Chuyan and his other 3 roommates helped her play. For helping
her, Lin Chuyan had spent over 10,000 RMB to buy runes.”

Xiang Nuan grew quite annoyed after hearing her speak. What did it mean that
the four of them helped her play? It was through the effort of all five of them working
hard to advance together. Why would Yao Jiamu say it in such a way that sounded
like Lin Chuyan was her sugar daddy……

Shen Zemu didn't response to it, so there was no way to find out what he thought
about it.

Xiang Nuan opened the door.

Yao Jiamu saw Xiang Nuan and knew that she had heard their conversation. She
was abashed only for a moment, then she acted as if nothing had happened and
gave Xiang Nuan a broad smile: “Xiang Nuan, you're inside? I thought you had left.
We've waited for a while and no one opened the door.” It seemed like she was complaining.

Xiang Nuan said: “Xuejie, I'm the best Zhang Fei in the Yuanchi region of the
Nanshang City.” She subconsciously straightened her back as she spoke, pride
written all over her face.

Kings of Glory had a ranking system of champions based on different regions.
Xiang Nuan had been using Zhang Fei the entire time, climbing up the ranks very
quickly. Besides, Zhang Fei wasn't a popular support champion in ranked games.
Not many players used Zhang Fei, therefore, Xiang Nuan's ranke for Zhang Fei
could reach the top of the Yuanchi region.

Xiang Nuan felt proud like an average student who had gotten into the best university.

Shen Zemu was looking at his cell phone as Xiang Nuan was talking. He was
amused by the way Xiang Nuan said it and raised his eyes to look at her: “Very nice.”

“That's for sure, I can testify to that.” Lin Chuyan who had been sitting at a desk leaned
back and showed his face behind Xiang Nuan.  Lin Chuyan said: “Xuejie, I bought runes
because I have money. It's alright that you might have thought too much into it, but it's
better to keep it to yourself. Otherwise, others might be embarra.s.sed when they hear it.”

Lin Chuyan rarely spoke so aggressively. Xiang Nuan was a little surprised and looked
back at him. He was lazily leaning against his chair, looking quite unscrupulous.

Xiang Nuan could tell from his expression that he was somewhat offended.

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