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Those Sweet Times

Chapter 28 Part 2

Lin Chuyan sensed that he had probably gone a bit too far. When he ordered
takeout in the afternoon, he ordered a cup of hot lemon tea for himself and a
cheesecake, milk tea and fruit for Xiang Nuan. Xiang Nuan ate the cake sitting
next to him as he played the compet.i.tion.

The compet.i.tion for Rhythm Master was held in a large conference room, not
too far from the Esports Club's office. Lin Chuyan took the advantage of being
a member of the club and played the match inside the club office.

Xiang Nuan was very careful not to disturb Lin Chuyan. She ate the cake quietly,
hardly making a sound.

Lin Chuyan, on the other hand, was quite relaxed. His fingers rapidly and
accurately tapped the screen and he could still move his head to the side to
sip his lemon tea.

Xiang Nuan watched him move his head sideways again while keeping his
eyes on the screen, she quietly moved his lemon tea away.

Lin Chuyan chuckled: “Knock it off.”

Xiang Nuan couldn't stand him when he talked in a low voice since the voice
was so pleasant to her ears that it seemed that he could get away with anything.

Xiang Nuan pushed the lemon tea back positioning the straw right in front of
his mouth.

Lin Chuyan sip some tea and got a bit carried away: “Cake.” Then, he opened
his mouth waiting to be fed by Xiang Nuan.

“Go away. It's all mine.”


Xiang Nuan acted as if she hadn't hear it. She watched him play as she ate
the cake, quite content. It was very pleasant to watch him play. He had good
looking fingers. Though Xiang Nuan didn't know how to play Rhythm Master,
just watching those fingers rhythmically tap here and there…...she could watch
it for the whole day.

After advancing to the next round of Rhythm Master, Lin Chuyan didn't go back
to the main campus right away since there was a gathering of club members
that night.

Lin Chuyan and Xiang Nuan stayed in the club office to play Kings of Glory.
Xiang Nuan chose to play Xiao Qiao and Lin Chuyan used Li Bai. Usually a
mage would stay in mid lane by himself and farm minions. Lin Chuyan's Li Bai
however hung around in the jungle, hitting monsters and making trouble. Both
sides of the mid lane was jungle. The champion that roamed the jungle was very
close to the mid champion making it easy to support each other or work together.

Xiang Nuan wasn't very good at playing Xiao Qiao yet, but Lin Chuyan was
skilled with Li Bai.  Since their opponents weren't that strong, the two of them
quickly frustrated the enemy.

The opponent's mage started dissing them, calling them “a cheating couple.”

Lin Chuyan laughed out loud.

Xiang Nuan looked at him as if he had lost his mind: “Silly, why laugh when
he's calling you names?” After she finished, she started to fight back like a pro
without looking at him again.  

It's Nuannuan: Call me papa.

Chuyan: Call me mama

Xiang Nuan: “......”

The most handsome guy in the King's Valley, Li Bai, told others to call him
mama? Was there something wrong there?

Xiang Nuan squinted at Lin Chuyan: “You aren't interested in me, are you?”

Lin Chuyan didn't even move his eyebrows and answered while his full
attention was on the game: “Not a chance.”

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