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[ac] {35} _Stanzas_.--[MS. Editions 1812-1832.]

[31] ["I wrote it a day or two ago, on hearing a song of former days."--Letter to Hodgson, December 8, 1811, _Letters_, 1898, ii. 82.]

[ad] _I dare not hear_----.--[MS. erased.]

[ae] _But hush the chords_----.--[MS. erased.]

[af] ----_I dare not gaze_.--[MS. erased.]

[ag] _The voice that made that song more sweet_.--[MS.]

[ah] _'Tis silent now_----.--[MS.]

[ai] {36} _To Thyrza_.--[Editions 1812-1831.]


_From pangs that tear_----.--[MS.]

_Such pangs that tear_----.--[MS. erased.]

[ak] _With things that moved me not before_.--[MS. erased.]

[al] _What sorrow cannot_----.--[MS.]


_It would not be, so hadst not thou_ _Withdrawn so soon_----.--[MS. erased.]

[an] {38} _--how oft I said_.--[MS. erased.]


_Like freedom to the worn-out slave_.--[MS.]

_But Health and life returned and gave_, _A boon 'twas idle then to give_, _Relenting Health in mocking gave_.--[MS. B. M. erased.]

[32] [Compare _My Epitaph:_ "Youth, Nature and relenting Jove."--Letter to Hodgson, October 3, 1810, _Letters_, 1898, i. 298.]

[ap] _Dear simple gift_----.--[MS. erased.]

[33] {39} Compare _A Wish_, by Matthew Arnold, stanza 3, etc.--

"Spare me the whispering, crowded room, The friends who come and gape and go," etc.

[aq] {41} _Stanzas_.--[Editions 1812-1831.]

[34] ["The Lovers' Walk is terminated with an ornamental urn, inscribed to Miss Dolman, a beautiful and amiable relation of Mr. Shenstone's, who died of the small-pox, about twenty-one years of age, in the following words on one side:--

'Peramabili consobrinae M.D.'

On the other side--

'Ah! Maria!

pvellarvm elegantissima!

ah Flore venvstatis abrepta, vale!

hev qvanto minvs est cvm reliqvis versari qvam tui meminisse.'"

(From a _Description of the Leasowes_, by A. Dodsley; _Poetical Works_ of William Shenstone [1798], p. xxix.)]


_Are mingled with the Earth_.--[MS.]

_Were never meant for Earth_.--[MS. erased.]

[as] _Unhonoured with the vulgar dread_.--[MS. erased.]

[at] {42} _I will not ask where thou art laid,_ _Nor look upon the name_.--[MS. erased.]

[au] _So I shall know it not_.--[MS. erased.]

[av] _Like common dust can rot_.--[MS.]

[aw] _I would not wish to see nor touch_.--[MS. erased.]

[ax] _As well as warm as thou_.--[MS. erased.]

[ay] MS. transposes lines 5 and 6 of stanza 3.

[az] _Nor frailty disavow_.--[MS.]

[ba] _Nor canst thou fair and faultless see_.--[MS. erased.]

[bb] _Nor wrong, nor change, nor fault in me_.--[MS.]

[bc] {43} _The cloud that cheers_----.--[MS.]

[bd] _The sweetness of that silent deep_.--[MS.]


_The flower in beauty's bloom unmatched_ _Is still the earliest prey_.--[MS.]

_The rose by some rude fingers s.n.a.t.c.hed_, _Is earliest doomed to fade_.--[MS. erased.]

[bf] _I do not deem I could have borne_.--[MS.]


_But night and day of thine are pa.s.sed_, _And thou wert lovely to the last;_ _Destroyed_----.--[MS. erased.]

[bh] {44} _As stars that seem to quit the sky_.--[MS.]


_O how much less it were to gain,_ _All beauteous though they be_.--[MS.]

[bj] _Through dark and dull Eternity_.--[MS.]

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