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“I want to talk to you about this, I cannot longer make any distinction. My beloved.”

“Ha~ Are you going to attack me Shana, for the sake of Bell...”

“......Well there is no other way but to think it like that, but it was nothing like that.”

Syulein suddenly sense that the atmosphere seems to be different from the before. She took three steps forward and close the distance between them. His hand seems to be able to reach her, but at the same time not. That is the kind of distance between the two of them.

"As I said earlier, I've been watching Belfreya-san for a long time ... ... and that also include you, Edward-san. Well at first I felt like you are really like the prince from the story and I think that you are really a cool guy. Then, I realized why Belfreya-san has been working so hard; it is for that wonderful person."

Since the beginning, Shana already know the information in regards to Syulein. However, it was knowing without really understanding the information. That’s why when she first saw him at that time, she was shocked with surprised. And as she keep watching over him, she feel that he is even more attractive than [he] who is in her knowledge.

"I have a feeling of respect for you who is always trying to be independent and working hard in order to achieve it. You who are being admired by many people are shining so brightly. When I see your laughing face, I cannot help but feel encourage by it.  As a child, for a long time, I have always been longing to meet my prince...... I never thought that the time when I was separated from you would be so painful."

For every half a year, Shana had conducted reconnaissance of Belfreya's specs, while suppressing herself who want to jump out every single time.  In regards to her budding love as well as her life goal; she felt that she had been stuck between the rock and the hard place. Despite the suffering; despite the days she spent hospitalized, she never appeared before them until she entered the school. And that is her ultimate pride.

Shana wipe away the tears that seemed to be overflowing in her eyes immediately with the back of her hand. This is her determination not to shed any tears. Her feeling, Belfreya’s feeling, Syulein’s feeling; to tell the truth, she understand all of it.


"As the rival for Belfreya-san, I have decided to aim to become the heroine. However, this is my life. Even though it was the lowest of me for aiming someone who already have a fiancé, but I just could not give up. I just want to experience a wonderful love. That’s why, the me who are trying to appeal herself to you.... is really genuine."

Shana herself knew that her initial goal is to support Belfreya. Still, she did not want to end it while lying to her own feeling. That's why she decided she will no longer lied to her own feeling. Therefore, when she entered the school, she want to fight fairly with Belfreya as her rival in love.

The struggle within herself is really coming to a close battle. At first she might been swept in with her aim to become the “super human heroine", however, all her acc.u.mulated efforts surely did not lie. This is for the sake of the decisive battle with her rival in love. However, at the same time, for being able to meet the opponent who capable of contending with her polished skills, she could not help but feels happy from the bottom of her heart.

“Did you ever hate Bell, Shana?”

“There is no grudge between us. I am her rival, and she is also my life-time rival. In order for us to go against one another, this is the best rivalry ever.”

“What a things to say....... Woah, I feel like I had heard that line somewhere.”
Whether he found it amusing or whether he cannot help it, a gentle smile floating from Syulein’s face. When he shows that smile, it is always when he thought about his one precious person. Looking at the smile, Shana gave a small shrug and smile as she convincingly said.

“A~a, it seems I am also have been completely defeated by my rival in love.”


"At first, I told you that this will start to pick up.... aren’t I? And today I also told you that I would like you to hear me out, right? So, Edward-San, will you let me put the end to my feeling of love myself?"

It can’t be helped that Shana feel bitter from being defeated. Those are the pains borne from unrequited love. Shana also knew that it will not be easy for her to overcome this pain because she, for sure, has fallen in love with Syulein. However, she also understand the meaning of her own word.

Shana knew that she had actually fallen in love with Syulein who is always with Belfreya. Because for her, the smile that grace Syulein’s face when he is looking over Belfreya is her favorite. Therefore, she feels like it will be wonderful if she can watch over the future of this two people.

Shana was smiling sincerely when Syulein nodded his head upon hearing her request.

“I, Shana Anthrium, really like you...... For you who letting me know about the feeling of love, thank you very much.

With the enveloping softness and gleaming light, the moon is smiling quietly.


End of chapter 3

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