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"Master JHo, are you planning to just leave Master Cheon-Ho like that?"

Du-Ito spoke to JHo who was in the room through the opened door.

Since the time Master Cheon-Ho humiliated Ho-Chi in front of everyone, JHo did not have audience with Master Cheon-Ho and he stopped watching Ho-Chi from afar.

No longer wishing to see JHo silently sitting in his room, Du-Ito spoke up.

"Master JHo"

"Don't worry…If I stay silent, Master Cheon-Ho is going to forget all about Ho-Chi. …It is because of me that Master Cheon-Ho acts the way he does, so if I stay quiet he will lose interest."

Watching JHo sighing out his words, Du-Ito felt stuffy. Not able to say anything, Du-Ito wordlessly left the corridor.

"It's me.. it was all my fault…I was the problem."

JHo's monologue piled on and became a small hill in JHo's room.

"…Master Cheon-Ho…"

Master Cheon-Ho was unusually sensitive to others' presence, so at night he did not let anyone into his bed chamber.

However in the middle of the night, someone was calling Master Cheon-Ho's name while Master Cheon-Ho was lying on his bed.

Master Cheon-Ho looked up at the shadow beyond a sliding door that was made of paper. Rather than noticing the figure by its shape, Master Cheon-Ho noticed his delicate smell and his small voice. The fox beyond the sliding door was Ho-Chi.

Because JHo was staying quiet in his palace, Master Cheon-Ho almost forgot about Ho-Chi. Now that Ho-Chi came for a visit all by himself, Master Cheon-Ho became curious.

However, the curiosity did not stop Master Cheon-Ho from becoming displeased about Ho-Chi interrupting his sleep. Out of irritation, Master Cheon-Ho got out from his bed and abruptly slid the door open with a bang.

Intending to break Ho-Chi's heart into pieces for being so thoughtless, Master Cheon-Ho looked down on Ho-Chi.

However, Master Cheon-Ho could not say anything.

Because of abruptly opened door, Ho-Chi was looking up at Master Cheon-Ho with a startled expression.

For the first time, Master Cheon-Ho saw Ho-Chi's eyes. Even though they lived together before, Ho-Chi always bowed his head and shrunk his shoulders, so it was Master Cheon-Ho's first time meeting Ho-Chi's gaze like he was now.

Ho-Chi possessed dark hair color like that of human and his face did not have anything special about them. The only unusual trait about Ho-Chi was his star shaped scar on his forehead. Master Cheon-Ho could not take his eyes away from Ho-Chi who was standing very close. Too close that if Master Cheon-Ho took even a step closer, Ho-Chi could be in his arms.

"Ah, m..my apology…"

Ho-Chi was surprised to see Master Cheon-Ho so close. Though startled, Ho-Chi could not help but admire Master Cheon-Ho's beauty.

Ho-Chi thought, 'a fox this beautiful is my creator'. Thinking about how beautiful and magnificent Master Cheon-Ho is, Ho-Chi felt sorry.

Ho-Chi felt sorry because he was nothing special. In fact, he was used to being called useless. It was inevitable that Master Cheon-Ho named him Ho-Chi*.

*Ho-Chi: Disgrace of foxes*

"Uh,…I would like to give you this."

From his bosom, Ho-Chi took out a gift that was wrapped in different layers of clothes and offered it to Master Cheon-Ho.

Master Cheon-Ho retrieved his gaze from Ho-Chi and looked down on the gift.

"I..I made it in between breaks…Although I do not have anything expensive, I've made this with what little skill I have…I would like to offer this to you…"


"..I will make my leave now…"

Master Cheon-Ho did not say anything, instead he looked down at the gift in a daze. Ho-Chi felt that it was strange but choose to quickly leave the corridor.

However, Ho-Chi could not leave the corridor like he wanted to because he was suddenly in the air. His feet dangling in the air, Ho-Chi felt Master Cheon-Ho's arms around him.

Ho-Chi felt Master Cheon-Ho's broad chest from his back and felt Master Cheon-Ho's exquisite clothes made from soft fabrics all around him. Surrounded by Master Cheon-Ho's embrace, Ho-Chi felt confused for a moment.

The arms that were lifting Ho-Chi off from the floor tightened their hold and buried Ho-Chi deeper into Master Cheon-Ho's embrace.

Ho-Chi who realized what was happening, felt startled and happy at the same time. Ho-Chi felt happy that for a moment he wanted to cry.

Even though Ho-Chi was Master Cheon-Ho's child, he never faced him up close and he certainly didn't have chance to hold Master Cheon-Ho's hands.

However, now, Master Cheon-Ho was hugging Ho-Chi.

Because of the hug, Ho-Chi was so happy that he wanted to cry.

Without any tears to shed, Ho-Chi's eye rims became red. With the red eye rims, Ho-Chi looked up at Master Cheon-Ho.

In the midst of happiness, Ho-Chi began to worry about Master Cheon-Ho's unexpected behavior. Maybe, Ho-Chi thought, he did something wrong and Master Cheon-Ho is trying to punish him. Ho-Chi began to feel scared. That is when Master Cheon-Ho woke from his daze.

When Master Cheon-Ho met Ho-Chi's gaze, he became extremely shocked and threw Ho-Chi down on the floor. Master Cheon-Ho then turned his body abruptly to enter his room. After Master Cheon-Ho entered his room, he banged the sliding door shut after him.

Master Cheon-Ho, not noticing the end of this clothes stuck between the doors, stood against the sliding door.

Ho-Chi quickly got up from the floor and apologized multiple times as he ran away through the corridor without patting the dusts off his clothes from falling on the floor.

A few moments later,

after Ho-Chi's footsteps could no longer be heard,

Master Cheon-Ho's head peaked out from the bed chamber and surveyed the corridor.

Master Cheon-Ho's face was colored bright red.

There was only Master Cheon-Ho left in the corridor.

TN: Master Cheon-Ho~~ it is time for you to regret what you did to Ho-Chi~~! XD

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