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Chapter Five

Ye Ming stayed at the hospital for a few days and when he was discharged, Qin Yi's bodyguard kept following him, not giving him any opportunity to run away.

[Ye Ming: My family's Qin Yi is thinking too much. I love him so much, how could I bear to leave him?]

[888: Use your conscience to say that again. Are you it's because you love him and not because you want to live in a rich mansion?]

[Ye Ming: My love for him and my love for the mansion don't contradict each other ^_^]

888: Humans are so shameless.

After an hour Qin Yi stood in front of Qin Yi's villa. On his face he wore an icy cold expression and only went in after the two bodyguards glared at him.

Ye Ming continued to remain expressionless as the head servant took him to his room, but actually his heart went something like this…

[Ye Ming: Oh! He's so rich! Look at that light, look at that vase, look at that painting!]

[888: …..]

[Ye Ming: Finally I can get away from that rat-infested hovel. Sohappy.jpg.]

[Ye Ming: I told you Qin Yi loved me. Look at how well he's treating me! Continuing to use his money and extravagant lifestyle to humiliate me. I have no choice but to bear it!]

[888: Shut up.]

[Ye Ming: QAQ, so scary.]

8888: Ahhhh! He really wanted to beat up his host.

Although the room that Qin Yi gave Ye Ming was an ordinary guest room but even the most ordinary of the guest rooms was not any worse than the room of a five star hotel! Ye Ming lay on the soft and large bed, he was so comfortable he groaned happily.

He finally achieved his wish to live a rich and pampered life. Here he has his own personal chef and waitstaff. He didn't need to do anything except eat drink, sleep. He had a good s.e.x life and money, it was practically perfect!

Qin Yi came home every night. However he didn't call Ye Ming to have s.e.x every night, only at times when he felt like it.

The only thing Ye Ming had to do was maintain his sad act. The more he showed an unwilling expression, the more Qin Yi wanted to force him.

Some time pa.s.sed and the blackening level was reduced by 5 points, now sitting at 65 points.

At this time some one's lazy nature was completely exposed, seemingly not the least interested in completing the mission. 888 finally became impatient.

[888: Do you have a plan or not?]

[Ye Ming: Of course ah~]

[888 laughed coldly: It looks to me like you're not doing a thing. Are you living so happily that you've completely forgotten about the mission?]

[Ye Ming: How can that be. I'm just waiting for the right moment. Can't you see that Qin Yi is becoming more and more tender towards me? Wait until the blackening value is lowered a bit more, then I'll find the right time to let him know how I had no choice but to leave him. If I tell him now he might think that I'm lying and making excuses ah ^_^.]

[888: Are you trying to say that you're not lying and making excuses?]

[Ye Ming: …..]

Ye Ming stood in front of the window with a far away gaze. His face was filled with sadness. "Why are you treating me like this? We've been together for so long, right now is there nothing left between us? Wasn't it you who chose me to be your host? If I do the mission it makes you unhappy, if I don't you're also unhappy. Tell me, what can I do to make you happy?"

[888: ….] What? Is the unreasonable person him????

Ye Ming sighed softly. "I know you don't agree with the way I do things. You think I reaped what I sowed. But I'm doing my best to make up for it, isn't that enough? Between the host and the system, there should be more friendship, trust and understanding. That way the world will become more beautiful. Don't you agree?"

888 actually though there was some sense in this. But that was itself very scary! He actually thought this scoundrel made sense…

Ye Ming thought the time was right so he made an impa.s.sioned conclusion. "So! You just have to trust me! I will definitely complete the mission and rescue my experience points and your system evaluation! Let us walk on the path of victory together!

888 thought he urgently needed to calm himself down. He was scared of getting wrapped up in it.

This day Qin Yi returned home somewhat late. As the CEO of a large company, actually his work was extremely busy and not being able to come home on time was very normal.

Actually before Ye Ming started living with him, he often didn't come home. He would often work late into the night and so would just sleep at the company. Such as today… originally he shouldn't have come home, but he still did.

Qin Yi walked up to the second level and stood in front of Ye Ming's door. He put his hand on the doork.n.o.b, paused, and then slowly pushed open the door. The youth was quietly lying on the bed, breathing softly, clearly sleeping.

Qin Yi lowered his gaze onto the youth on the bed. He must be really stressed. Even though he was sleeping, his brows were still tight. His soft black hair loosely lay around his face and his skin still a sickly paleness to it.

One of his arms lay outside the bedcovers. The collar of his pajamas was slightly ajar due to movement and exposed bruises that peppered his collarbone.

Qin Yi's eyes had a complicated expression. He stretched out his hand and lightly touched Ye Ming's eyelashes.

He once again recalled the events from three years ago.

At that time this was the person he loved the most. In order to be with him he ruthlessly cut off his own parents so they could leave the city together.

He knew his actions back then weren't logical and that he was betraying his parent's hopes and dreams. However when making the choice between reality and love, he willingly chose to give up everything for love. In his whole life that was the only  time he had ever been so impulsive, but as long as this person was by his side he felt like everything was worth it.

In the beginning things weren't easy. Without his family's support he understood how difficult it was to start from scratch. But slowly, they had moved past those days.

At last his business was starting to show signs of success. He thought that their lives would become better and better, he thought that they could be together forever… but just when he was filled with hope about the future, he received a devastating blow.

That day he had prepared the ring and wanted to give the person he loved a surprise. But he waited and waited…

However that person didn't come.

Just like that he vanished, taking away his money, only leaving a letter.

Even now that three years had pa.s.sed when Qin Yi closed his eyes, he could still recall every single word. Each word was like needle, stabbing him until his body was full of wounds. It mocked his great sacrifice, mocked his arrogant love.

In the beginning he didn't want to accept this truth. He searched for him desperately but in end all that he got was only the knowledge that Ye Ming had left the country and from then on there was no signs of him.

It was as though he'd vanished from the world.

Qin Yi couldn't accept this. He waited a long time. He even kept the same phone number, afraid that if Ye Ming regretted his actions he wouldn't be able to contact him. He worried if he was suffering, if he had encountered any dangers. He lied to himself and kept waiting for that call that would never come…

Until finally he couldn't lie to himself any longer.

The money was taken personally by Ye Ming. The letter too was left by him personally, there were no signs of struggle or being forced. He left that city heartlessly, abandoning everything and never intended to come back.

Qin Yi could no longer deny that his love, his trust, it was all just a joke.

His mother had once told him that this person was only after his money and his status but he didn't believe her, but now he did.

Qin Yi finally returned home and apologized deeply for his mistakes. He bowed his head to reality.

For a man who didn't deserve it he had broken with his parents and friends and deeply disappointed them. He had paid such a heavy price. After that day he would never make the same mistake twice.

He became a perfect heir. He took back everything that he had once lost, buried his youthful naivety, and vowed not to waste any more time and emotions on people who didn't deserve it. He transformed himself to become cool and cold.

He put all his time and energy into his career, judging himself with the harshest eyes, always pushing himself to do better.

The him right now was strong and powerful enough that he could protect the person he loved. There wouldn't be any need to run away and no one would dare speak against them.

But… there was no longer any such person for him to protect.

Although he now possessed everything, his heart had long died. The only thing left was the bitterness and unwillingness to accept which welled up in dark and lonely nights.

Qin Yi quietly lay down by Ye Ming's side. He reached out and pulled him into his arms. Such a simple movement now felt like a luxury.

He looked at Ye Ming's face, full of silent questions.

Why did you leave? Even though we were living well? Although we weren't dripping with money, but we were were very comfortable and had means. Clearly we were on our way to living even better.

Why wasn't this enough to satisfy you?

The next day when Ye Ming woke up, Qin Yi had already left, leaving no trace as though he hadn't even come home the night before.

888 also had disappeared off to somewhere he didn't know. Was he really supposed to contemplate life on his own?

Ye Ming felt a little bit bored. He went downstairs to eat breakfast on his own.

This morning the breakfast was as usual so exquisite it really made one want to stuff one's face. But in the interest of maintaining his image, Ye Ming resisted and didn't eat a lot.

Qin Yi didn't appear the whole day and at night it seemed as though he wasn't intending to come home. Just as Ye Ming was preparing to go to bed, the housekeeper suddenly came and told him that Qin Yi wanted to see him and that the driver was already waiting outside.

Ye Ming's expression was indifferent but inside he felt quite curious. It was quite rare for Qin Yi to call him outside, what could have happened? He called 888.

[Ye Ming: What's Qin Yi doing right? Why did he call me out?]

It took quite a while before 888 appeared.

[888: He's at a friend's gathering. How am I supposed to know why?]

[Ye Ming: Okay ba….]

Ye Ming changed his clothes and got into the car. It didn't take long before they arrived at a high cla.s.s private club. He was taken into a grand hall, and he immediately understood what was happening.

Inside there was a crowd of men and women sitting together. Underneath soft, glowing lights they feasted on food and red wine. The wealthy young masters had their arms around the handsome men and beautiful women accompanying them, everyone was laughing and having a good time. Many people were dressed scantily, practically on the verge of stripping themselves naked.

He he… so it was this kind of occasion.

Ye Ming immediately saw Qin Yi sitting among them. He was holding a gla.s.s of red wine, his expression very calm. There was no one sitting beside him and he gave off an aura of being impossible to approach, the only black spot in a flashy environment.

Ye Ming already had a good understanding of what was happening. He put on a unwilling expression, lowered his head and went to Qin Yi's side.

The room was very noisy. In the beginning no one noticed Ye Ming but when he sat down by Qin Yi's side, the people around were shocked. This… it can't be Qin Yi's person?!

The young masters all felt unsure. After all Qin Yi very rarely came to this kind of gatherings and there was always no one by his side. People sometimes even joked that he was frigid. Was he trying to prove himself today?

Although Ye Ming and Qin Yi had previously been in a pa.s.sionate relationship however at that Qin Yi was hiding his ident.i.ty. Afterwards when it was revealed he had a big fight with his family and left with Ye Ming. So that's why the majority of his friends didn't recognize Ye Ming.

The ugly details behind Qin Yi's return to the the Qin family had also obviously not been revealed to outsiders so the people who knew about Ye Ming was very minimal, and there was no one present who recognized him.

That's why no one here thought much of Ye Ming. If he was brought to this kind of occasion then he must be the type that could be bought with money. A real girlfriend would be spoiled and treated gently, they definitely wouldn't let her see this ugly side of themselves. They guessed that Qin Yi had just gotten himself a new pet. His appearance was pretty good, clean and delicate. Was this Qin Yi's type?

Ye Ming felt the shameless gazes stripping him from head to toe. His expression was very uncomfortable.

Qin Yi gazed at him sideways. His cold gaze lingered on Ye Ming's face. Under the low lights further emphasized the depth of his dark eyes. He reached out his arm and pulled Ye Ming against his shoulder and pressed the red wine gla.s.s in his hands to Ye Ming's lips.

Ye Ming frowned but didn't reject him. Under the gaze of the crowd, he drank from Qin Yi's hand then pressed his lips together.

A low laugh came from Qin Yi's throat. His dark gaze lingered on Ye Ming's lips. The youth's originally pale lips were tainted by the wine, leaving behind a sensual red wine color… Qin Yi lowered his head and kissed him. He pressed Ye Ming down on the couch and one of his hands lightly reached underneath the hem of his shirt.

This movement didn't have a sliver of respect. Instead it had a flavor of degradation. Thinking about the him that was being played with under the public gaze, Ye Ming couldn't help revealing a humiliated expression. Was the indignity he previously suffered still not enough? Why he did he have to in this place…

Qin Yi's other hand firmly pressed down on Ye Ming's shoulder. From the close distance he observed the fury in Ye Ming's gaze. Finally he couldn't help laughing.

Oh… so you still have this shred of dignity left? Right now how are you any different from these other base playthings of wealthy people? No! You are even more lowly than them. At least they were bought openly and without deception unlike you, you despicable liar!

The audience were all holding their breath. It was the first time they had seen such an uncontrolled side of Qin Yi. All of their gazes were hot and heavy. It was unknown who first opened their mouth but after they spoke they were joined by a chorus of voices all shouting, "Do him! Do him! Do him!"

Ye Ming heard the cheers of crowd and felt Qin Yi's movements become deeper. At last he couldn't stand it any longer. He struggled furiously to get free.

He needed to get out of here!

"Ah…." Ye Ming jerked his head to one side, avoiding Qin Yi's kiss. His face was flushed with anger. "Release me!"

Indeed he had wronged Qin Yi so he was willing to accept Qin Yi's humiliation in order to compensate him. But this…

Why did his heart still feel so painful…

Why…. did he have to push him to this extent….

Qin Yi's finger lightly touched Ye Ming's cheek. His eyes stared at him mockingly. With one hand he grasped Ye Ming's wrist in a vice-like grip, completely not letting Ye Ming escape him. Lowly he whispered beside Ye Ming's ear, "Everyone wants to see. What do you say we satisfy them?"

Ye Ming's chest heaved. His hands balled into fists and his body trembled.

Qin Yi trapped Ye Ming in his arms. It was as though he was considering a prey that had no means of escape, in order to not miss the look of fatal despair that would rise into his eyes.

Of course he didn't have any tendencies towards voyeurism. What he really wanted was to appreciate the look of utter pain and despair on Ye Ming's face.

I said it before… the things that you want, I will give them all to you. Since you don't want my love and only want my money then you should know that the things bought with money deserve only this kind of treatment. You should get used to it.

Ye Ming's chest rose shallowly. He reached out to push Qin Yi away but Qin Yi's hands were like steel, they firmly clamped down on his wrists. Ye Ming's face was pale with pain. The jeers from around them, the shameless mockery and laughter, the look in those people's gazes… all humiliated him to the core. He was like bird without freedom, trapped in a cage, who could only await its final price.

Suddenly at this time a shocked voice spoke. "Fang Xiao? Is it you?"

Ye Ming looked up with shock. He saw a man standing before him. The man was wearing a pale, casual suit. His face was handsome and his body was well-proportioned. He seemed to have only come in just now and was staring at him with a look of shock, joy and complex emotions all mixed up together.

Ye Ming immediately froze.

[Ye Ming: Big brother, why didn't you tell me He ShaoChen was coming today?!]

[888: Do I need to tell you this kind of small thing?]

[Ye Ming: Is this a small thing? This is like Mars. .h.i.tting Earth okay! Qin Yi definitely investigated and found out that back then it was He ShaoChen who helped me go overseas. That's why he specifically set this trap for me today!]

[888: Oh, is it like this? It seems like your fickle behaviour is finally getting the comeuppance it deserves.]

[Ye Ming: ….]

[Ye Ming: You've changed. In the past you were very responsible. You would never hide something this important from me.]

[888: I need to correct you. Right now I am being very responsible. I always take my job seriously. You never told me to pay attention to He ShaoChen's movements so the fact that I haven't told you is very normal. Besides… I thought about what you said before and you're correct. Between the system and the host there needs to be more understanding and trust.

[888: That's why right now I fully trust you. I trust that you can manage this kind of small thing without any problem. Host, I believe in you! Add oil!]

[Ye Ming: …..]

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