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Translator: Vian

Editor: Aconyte

Qi Shaorong stayed at Zhuang Linyuan's manor for a while, then hastily said goodbye.

Zhuang Hao followed Qi Shaorong out and asked, "How come you are in such a hurry to leave?"

"Since I can not help, then it is not better to leave earlier?" said Qi Shaorong.

"Do you happen to know something?" Zhuang Hao asked.

"What can I know?"

"You are afraid."

"Zhuang Linyuan's family is very kind and friendly, what am I afraid of?"

"I do not know why you are scared. I just feel that you are currently worrying over something. Is it related to Sister Zhuang Ling's illness?" Zhuang Hao seriously stared at Qi Shaorong.

Qi Shaorong stopped his footsteps and turned around to look at Zhuang Hao, "Young Master Zhuang, you really know how to think up nonsense. Your Sister Zhuang Ling only has a weak system."

Zhuang Hao stared at Qi Shaorong, and tightly knitted his brows, "My intuition tells me that you are lying. Ghost Doctor qianbei, you know that it is not easy for Sister Zhuang Ling to live up till now."

"I know."

"If, Ghost Doctor qianbei, you have a solution, I beg you to help her." Zhuang hao insisted.

"Young Master Zhuang, do you know that it is also not easy for me to live till now ah!" Qi Shaorong looked at Zhuang Hao and took a deep breath, saying, "I have already said it, there is nothing I can do. Young Master Zhuang, can you stop talking nonsense?"

Zhuang Hao, "…"


Qi Shaorong's manor.

"Young Master, you are back?" Qi Heng asked.

Qi Shaorong nodded, "Yes."

"Where's Young Master Zhuang Hao?" Qi Heng asked.

"Was angered away by me."

"How is Miss Zhuang Ling's condition ah?" Qi Heng asked.+

"Not very good. I've heard of Zhuang Ling's situations before, and just randomly guessed. I didn't expect it to be really as I guessed." said Qi shaorong.

"Will she die?" Qi Heng asked.

"I'm afraid she won't be able to live pa.s.s another month." said QI Shaorong.

Qi Heng frowned, "That's really a pity."

"I agree ah. She was a stunning beauty, yet she is about to shatter like jade, and wither like a flower, such a pity." Qi Shaorong lamented.

Zhuang Hao pushed opened the door and entered, saying, "My apologies."

Qi Shaorong glared at Zhuang Hao, and rebuked, "Young Master Hao, breaking in one's house is not becoming of a gentleman ah!"

"My apologies. I knocked on the door, but no one answered, so I welcomed myself in." said Zhuang Hao.

Qi Shaorong, "…"

"My apologies, I did not mean to eavesdrop on your conversation." said Zhuang Hao.

Qi Shaorong shifted towards Qi Heng, and whispered, "Didn't I tell you to lay out several traps to prevent thieves?"

"Sorry, I haven't had time to arrange them." Qi Heng apologized.

"Your efficiency is horrible. If this continues, be careful that I don't fire you." threatened Qi Shaorong.

Qi Heng awkwardly smiled, "I will definitely arrange it as soon as possible."

Qi Shaorong waved his hand, and said, "You can leave."

Zhuang Hao gazed at Qi Shaorong, "You really do know something."

Qi Shaorong shrugged, and said, "I do know some of the circ.u.mstances, but I advise you to not meddle too much in other person's business.

"Why? Are you worried that Uncle Zhuang Linyuan is too poor, and can not afford to pay the fee? If he can not afford it, I can pay for him."

Qi Shaotong looked at Zhuang Hao, and said, "Young Master Zhuang, you know that I love money very much, but I love life more. However, since we are talking about money, then I will say this seeing the chance. Young Master Zhuang, your payment for last time was made much too slow. If it was not for me clearly understanding Zhuang Family's reputation, I really would have thought that you are reneging on the payment."

"Next time I will pay my account on time. Returning to the topic, I do not understand how you saving Sister Zhuang Ling and your life have any relation?" said Zhuang Hao.

"That Uncle of yours is an expert yes? If I were to ruin his plans, I may not be able to endure his revenge." said Qi Shaorong.

Zhuang Hao stared at Qi Shaorong, and said, "You think that Uncle will kill you if you saved Sister Zhuang Ling? How can you have this kind of thought? What kind of person do you take my Uncle as?"

Qi Shaorong fiddled with his fingers and replied, "Who knows? Only the person himself knows."

Zhuang Hao, "…"

"Ah Heng, you go out and guard. Young Master Hao and I will have a little chat alone." Qi Shaorong turned to Qi Heng and said.

Qi Heng nodded, "Okay."

"Please sit down Young Master Zhuang." said Qi Shaorong.

Zhuang Hao sat down facing Qi Shaorong.

Qi Shaorong crossed his legs and leisurely asked, "Young Master Zhuang, have you ever heard of Spirit Blood Gu?"

Zhuang Huang shook his head, "No."

"Young Master Zhuang is still young, is ignorant and inexperienced. This is understandable. Actually, rumors of this kind of Spirit Blood poison have already disappeared. You not knowing, is very normal." Qi Shaorong pursed his lips.

"What is it?"

"It is a type of gu worm that lives inside the human body and relies on absorbing the host's spiritual power to live. After having this gu worm inhabit them, the host will frequently feel weak and need to take spiritual medicine to contain it."

"What will happen if you stop taking the spiritual medicine?" Zhuang Hao asked.

Qi Shaorong shrugged and replied, "Oh, then that would be troublesome. The gu worm would start feeding on the host's five viscera and six bowels because of its hunger."

"What is the use of this gu worm?" Zhuang Hao asked.

"For the host, there's no use. But for the host's relatives, there is a use. After the gu worm has absorbed enough spiritual medicine, especially first-rate spiritual medicine, as long as the host is refined with some spiritual medicine plants into a medical soup, it can be made into a spiritual medicine that greatly increases a person's power."

"This cousin of yours should have absorbed many spiritual medicines after so many years. The essence of all those spiritual medicine are now held inside that gu worm. You can imagine potent that gu worm is."

Zhuang Hao scrunched his forehead, "What does this have to do with Uncle."

"The reason why the Spirit Blood Gu are close to extinction is because there are many restrictions on using this gu worm. Fist, the gu worm can only live inside someone with a special physique. Your cousin seems to have an innate spiritual yin physique. Second, the medicine made from the gu worm will only be of use to people who are related to the host. If someone else drinks this medicine, it's will be instead deadly for them."

"Speaking of it, Young Master Zhuang Hao you also have some familial relation with Zhuang Ling ah! However, the relation is a bit far. If you were to use that medicine, you probably wouldn't die, but it the drug might scatter into your meridians and create some small cracks through them."

Zhuang Hao stared at Qi Shaorong and said, "You are suspecting it is Uncle Zhuang Linyuan?"

Qi Shaorong shrugged,saying, "Who knows, there are many instances of a father killing their child in the world."

Zhuang Hao furrowed his brows, "It cannot be him…"

"No matter who it is, they are not someone to be trifled with either way. Zhuang Hao, you need to know: I do not want to provoke any trouble." said Qi Shaorong.

Zhuang Hao took a deep breath and said, "Before, I heard you tell
Your servant that there was only one month left. Why is there only one month left."

"That's right. If my guess is not wrong, the gu worm is most likely about to mature." said Qi Shaorong.

"Is there any way to remove the gu?" Zhuang Hao asked.

Qi Shaorong shook his head and said, "I don't know either. Maybe the person who planted the gu has a solution, or perhaps has an idea how."

Zhuang Hao's lips drew out into a straight line, and said, "Therefore we need to find this person?"

Qi Shaorong nodded, and said, "Exactly. However, even if you find that person,it is unknown if they will be willing to tell you."

"Wait a minute, Zhuang Hao."

Zhuang Hao turned around and looked at Qi Shaorong, asking, "Ghost Doctor qianbei, is there anything else I need to know?"

"The Spirit Blood Gu must be living in a body with medicine. Meaning is, your cousin must be alive when it is refined into spiritual medicine. Without me saying it, you should know how cruel the person who planted the gu worm is. I cherish my life very much. When you go to handle it, you best not involve me in it." Qi Shaorong warned.

Qi Heng walked in and said, " Young Master, Zhuang Hao left. His complexion didn't look very good."

"What a child. Such little experience, he just heard some appalling things and is already scared to a loss of what to do. He just needs to live for a few more years." Qi Shaorong tsked, sounding proud of his age and experience.

Qi Heng, "…"

"Who does Young Master think the person the planted the gu is?"

Qi Shaorong shrugged and said, "How would I know, it's not like I know Zhuang Ling's family that well."

“I don’t think it is Zhuang Linyuan necessarily.”

Qi Shaorong eyed Qi Heng and said, "Why do you say so ah!"

"Although a tiger is cruel, it will not devour its cubs. I don't think zhuang Linyuan is so cruel. In comparison, I think Zhuang Linyuan's younger brother is more likely."

"I have heard that Zhuang Linyuan and Zhuang Linmu half-brothers, they have the same father but different mothers. Ten years ago, Zhuang Linyuan was considered a genius. He completely pressured done on his younger brother, Zhuang Linmu. However, over ten years have pa.s.sed. Zhuan Linyuan wasted a lot of time for Zhuang Ling. Zhuang Linmu's current strength already far ahead of Zhuang Linyuan."

"Also, coincidentally, Zhuang Linmu has been out for experience for so many years but he suddenly came back at this time. Young Master, you already know that the gu worm is about to mature."

Qi Shaorong touched his chin and replied, "That guy is really suspicious, however, what does that have to do with us?"

Qi Heng nodded, agreeing, "That's true ah!"

Qi Shaorong looked at Qi Heng and said, "Do you still have something else to say?"

Qi Heng looked at Qi Shaorong and informed, "Miss Qi Shaoru came, but you were talking with Young Master Zhuang Hao, so I didn't let her in."

"She came, yet you're telling me now?" Qi Shaorong frowned.

"She wanted to see you, but she just saw Young Master Zhuang Hao left and chased after him. I reckon she's already gone." said QI Heng.

Qi Shaorong: "…Zhuang Hao that d.a.m.n playboy."

Qi Heng: "…"

"I'll go and look." Qi Shaorong stood up.

Qi Shaorong went out, and unexpectedly, Qi Shaoru was still there.

Actually, Qi Shaoru really did chased after Zhuang Hao when he left. However, Zhuang Hao was in too much of a hurry so she didn't catch up and could only return.

"Ghost Doctor qianbei, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time, I now can finally met you."

Qi Shaorong looked at his own fifth sister. He couldn't help but feel as if it was a lifetime ago back when he was only five years old and the four years old Qi Shaoru was already leading a group little girls to throw stones at his room. However, today, this little brat sat down opposite of him, saying the she has been looking forward to meeting him for a long time now.

"I do not know what matter Miss Qi is looking for me for?"

"I heard that Ghost Doctor qianbei and Brother Hao have recently gotten very close." said Qi Shaoru.

Qi Shaorong nodded his head, saying, "I would not consider us very close."

"I have heard that Ghost Doctor qianbei had just visited Zhuang Linyuan qianbei." said Qi Shaoru.

"Zhuang Hao wanted me yo take a look at Zhuang Linyuan qianbei's daughter, however, I am only of humble talent and shallow learning, and was of no help." said Qi Shaorong.

"May Ghost Doctor qianbei not brood over it, many doctors have looked at Zhuang Ling, but Zhuang Ling still did not have any improvement. It has already been more than ten years now, fortunately, she has a good father did she persist up till now." said Qi Shaoru.

“Looking at it, Zhuang Linyuan dearly loves Zhuang Ling. Speaking of it, Zhuang Ling really is a stunning beauty ah!" exclaimed Qi Shaorong.

Qi Shaoru discreet inquired about Zhuang Hao's situation from Qi Shaorong, then left.

"Young Master, Qi Shaoru came for Zhuang Hao." said Qi Heng.

Qi Shaorong rolled his eyes, and said, "Nonsense, if she didn't come for Zhuang Hao, then could it be she came for me? Zhuang Hao this brat really is a source of calamity."

Qi Heng: "…"

Shatter like jade, and wither like a flower – A beauty dying

Gu worm – A type of poison, I think most of you guys should be fairly familiar with it, if not, here's a  with more details about it.

Five viscera and six bowels – The five visceras are the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys. The six bowels are the stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, urinary bladder and Triple Energiser (San Jiao).

Meridians – It's a concept in traditional Chinese medicine about a path through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows.

For those who didn’t read this , this novel is dropped,  and is free for adoption.

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