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Chen Zhao is being utterly shameless….but well that’s nothing new. We all already share mutual hate for this guy.

Enjoy the chapter guys!

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Chapter 19 : Marring One’s Reputation (Part II)

The incident for which the two maids initially suggested requesting Jiang Quan's help was overruled by Jiang Ruan. Other than her given explanation, she still had another reason. In the end, the truth was that there was no need for her to write a letter. The minister's manor would also learn of this news immediately as the Zhang Lan family would undoubtedly report this matter to their superior. Xia Yan and Jiang Su Su were eagerly awaiting for her to be struck with some kind of misfortune. Naturally, they would not give up this chance and would rather add fuel to the fire in order to strike down someone like her who was in a difficult position. They were capable of many things, and Jiang Quan would be unlikely to take the initiative to get her out of this predicament. From her past life until now, when she remembered her own father's indifferent gaze that declared that his own daughter was a temptress, who not only brought havoc to the country during the shift in the throne position, but had also plotted to murder the emperor. She knew then that Jiang Quan had never deemed her his own flesh and blood; his only daughter was Jiang Su Su.

Even if she had to die, she would not ask help from Jiang Quan. Furthermore, after this matter pa.s.sed, she had a huge gift for Xia Yan and Jiang Su Su, that mother and daughter pair. She would consider the present as a repayment for their decision to send her to this residence, to live a cruel and inhumane life for the past five years .

The show had to go on. It was just that the main character of the play had already been replaced in advance.

While Jiang Ruan was lost in thought, a racket could be heard outside in her courtyard. Before Lian Qiao had the chance to react, the door burst open with a bang and a few officers, with swords girdled to their waist, walked in. One of them asked in a gruff voice, "Where is Jiang Ruan?"

Jiang Ruan stood up, and curtseyed slightly.

The officers' leader sized her up. He was a bit surprised that she was a healthy-looking young lady. Regardless, he continued in a formal tone, "Miss Jiang, I am sorry to intrude. But someone has claimed that you have murdered someone."

Jiang Ruan looked at him in faint surprise, "Oh? May I know who that person is?"

Her voice was gentle, like the willows of spring that softly brushed over someone's heart. There was a certain kind of charm to it that could cause a person's heart to move unintentionally. The head officer could not help but soften his voice, as if he was afraid that he would terrify her, a person who seemed as fragile as a piece of crystal, "He is the son of the person who manages this residence, Chen Zhao."

In the end, Lian Qiao could not stop herself from exclaiming, "My lady is someone who is extremely sweet-tempered. How could she commit murder? Clearly, it is that vile person who is causing trouble and just wants to smear my lady's reputation!"

The head officer hesitated for a while. He looked at how Jiang Ruan was smiling at him, with the edges of her brows exuding an indescribable grace. She was obviously a naive and inexperienced girl, but somehow, she had the elegant bearing of a mature lady. However, there was also a peculiar sense of cold detachment and indifference. This contradiction that existed within her body led her to appear as if she was a spirit being that had accidentally descended into the mortal realm. Furthermore, her allure was so captivating that a person could not help but direct his gaze at her.

Jiang Ruan spoke, "Lian Qiao, you do not need to say more. Whether it is true or false, his honor will make a sound judgement himself. We only need to wait and see."

Hearing these words, the head officer's impression of Jiang Ruan improved considerably. He cupped one of his fists in the palm of the other hand, in a salute, "It is our recklessness that has agitated Miss. There is currently a search being conducted outside. Can you please step out of this residence so that it's more convenient for us to conduct our investigation?"

Jiang Ruan smiled, and walked out with Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao.

As soon as they walked out of the door, they saw that there were officers everywhere. Very quickly the small courtyard had become extremely cramped, with little s.p.a.ce for movement. Chen Zhao stood beside Zhang Lan. When he saw Jiang Ruan, his eyes flashed.

Without waiting for Chen Zhao to open his mouth, Lian Qiao leapt forward, and went on a tirade as she pointed at Chen Zhao's nose, "Clearly, you are the one who killed someone and now you want to push the blame on our lady. You are really selfish and heartless in matters that do not concern you! Bah, you are such a two-faced lowlife!"

Zhang Lan laughed coldly, "What are you talking about? Lian Qiao, you can carelessly eat meals, but the same can't be said for words . You want to falsely accuse my Zhao'er? Be careful or else you will have to face the consequences!"

Chen Zhao looked at Jiang Ruan in grief as he lamented, "Miss, I did not want to expose you. It is just that I cannot go against my own conscience. I had hoped that you would not harbor a grudge against me."

Jiang Ruan chuckled, "Your conscience? Of course, I would not resent you. After death, a person's spirit may linger, especially of those who have died wrongfully. They would definitely seek out those who have hurt them to enact their revenge. I am not scared of them coming for me, but I wonder if you are."

Translated by :  togekiss

Edited by :  Anks & Ely

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