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Looks like Monday isn’t troublesome only for us common folks, even JR lands in trouble. And it’s so sad to see that she doesn’t really have her family’s support even in times of need.

Ely : this chapter feels like the calm before the storm…

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Chapter 19: Marring One’s Reputation (Part I)

The sudden arrival of this piece of news caused Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao to momentarily feel both indignant and stunned. However, contrary to their expectations, Jiang Ruan accepted the matter calmly to the extent that she was still in the mood to continue eating her porridge. Seeing this, Xiao Yuan could not help but speak up, "Miss, you should come up with a plan in advance. Those people seemed extremely a.s.sured, as if… as if they are absolutely certain that you have committed a murder."

These words were phrased in such a clever way, showing that she meant to pa.s.s along a message on purpose. Jiang Ruan smiled softly, "It's okay. The world is divided into black and white. The truth and what is false cannot remain indistinguishable forever.. If I have done it, then I have done it. If I have not done it, then that means I have not done it. And since I have not done it, even if the officers come for me, there is nothing for me to fear."

Xiao Yuan gritted her teeth, as if she had just made a difficult decision, "Let me not keep Miss in the dark any longer. I have worked for so many years in this residence that I have learned a bit about these matters. Miss, you are unaware of the gravity of the situation. This….. is really a dead end. If your crime has already been decided, even if you are really innocent, then you will also be considered as guilty. If Miss doesn't devise a strategy to get out of this as early as you can, why don't you inform Master instead?"

Bai Zhi also nodded, "She's right. Miss, at the moment, these people are easily hostile. Why don't we ask Master for help? He will not just watch silently without lifting a finger."

Lian Qiao bobbed her head as well, "Miss, this matter is extremely urgent."

Under the eyes of the group, Jiang Ruan shook her head softly, "There is no need. Xiao Yuan, thank you for your warning regarding this matter. It is just that the officers are already heading this way so it is inappropriate for you to linger here any longer. If you stay, you will also be implicated with us. You should leave first. If I need your help with anything in the future, I will ask Bai Zhi to find you."

Xiao Yuan peered outside the window and nodded, "Miss, you do not need to be so polite with me. You are my mistress, and servants obeying the orders of a master is a proper thing to do. I will leave now. If you require me, I will perform the task to my utmost ability."

After Xiao Yuan's departure, Jiang Ruan knocked on the table and spoke without much emotion, "When the officials arrive later, no matter what transpires, the both of you are not allowed to divulge any hint of it to the minister's manor. Not only that, I also do not permit you to seek my father's help."

"Why?" Bai Zhi asked uncomprehendingly, "After all, our Miss is Master's Di[1] daughter. Blood is thicker than water. If our Master can lend a helping hand, Miss does not need to suffer these hardships. Miss, now is not the time to be prideful in front of Master. Grudges usually do not fester overnight between families."

[1] Di ( 嫡 ) daughter – refers to legitimate daughter born from the official wife.

Jiang Ruan shook her head, "You have thought about it too simply. If something bad really happened to me and you approached my father for his aid, I am afraid that the help would not benefit us, but would become a burden instead."

Lian Qiao knitted her brows, "Miss, what do you mean?"

"Think about it," Jiang Ruan stared at her own fingertips, "If I am really being vilified as a murderer, after my father finds out about it, what would he do? I fear that he would not clear my name of the injustice, but would instead find someone to smooth things over and keep this matter under wraps. However, currently everyone from inside as well as outside the residence already knows that the officials have sent someone to arrest me, so clearly he won't be able to keep it a secret. Later, even if on the surface it might seem like this matter has died down, there will continue to be gossip that I have killed someone and used my father's authority to settle this matter. From then on, I will definitely have to bear this evil reputation."

As Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao listened, they broke out in buckets of cold sweat. They equally felt trepidatious. Lian Qiao questioned, "Since it's not possible for us to ask for Master's help, then what should we do?"

"The current situation may seem like a dead end, but in reality, it is full of budding opportunities. This is not a hindrance. Being reborn after being cornered into death- it is not evident who is the last winner. But, I have an idea. You do not have to be worried."

Upon hearing Jiang Ruan's words, Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi gradually collected themselves. Bai Zhi spoke, "I know, Miss. Then, for now let us pretend that nothing has happened."

Jiang Ruan removed a piece of paper from a book that was beside her and pa.s.sed it along to Lian Qiao, "Pa.s.s this to Qiu Yan the day after tomorrow."

Lian Qiao nodded. After thinking for a moment, she poured a cup of tea for Jiang Ruan. Yet, Jiang Ruan was not in a hurry to drink it, only caressing the corner of her own sleeves gently.

Translated by :  togekiss

Edited by :  Anks & Ely

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