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He was stunned, not expecting such a request, Gu Yan was momentarily unable to react. By the time he recovered, Gu Yan took another look at the conspicuous red mark that hadn’t dissipated on the other’s wrist and felt that he must not reject this tiny request from his family’s lover.

The G.o.d that held control of the Underworld region was similar to the Abyss Demon King in the fact that their appearances were very handsome. But, the two faces held no similarity at all. The former was filled with cold aura, while the latter was filled with demonic beauty.

To do intimate things with two people who looked completely different, feeling weird was unavoidable, despite knowing that they were both his family’s lover.

A warm and soft feeling came in contact with the corner of his mouth and lingered for a moment. The Death G.o.d closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of being kissed by the youth on his own initiative.

The natural and proper action was to take this chance to kiss him back. The players that had died in this s.p.a.ce had already been thrown outside of the transmission zone. This meant that they were thrown back onto the previous platform, with only the two of them remaining in this plane.

Once again, there was a surge of irresistible pleasure merely from being touched. Gu Yan who was being kissed on the side of his neck suddenly stopped breathing, knowing that his family’s lover was definitely adjusting something in secret again. His body that was being kissed and lapped at, went soft, but this time, before this person could continue to the next step, Gu Yan resolutely hugged him to obstruct his movements.

“Not now.” Gu Yan’s voice, when speaking was somewhat unstable. The numbing pleasure seeped into his bones, swimming around his limbs, making him unstable. He was completely reliant on the cold black form hugging him tightly to himself, to remain upright.

The last name, other than his, that was still lit on the party members list finally darkened. Of course Gu Yan still remembered that he was in a dungeon. The light brain did not have any feelings of embarra.s.sment. If he was not stopped, Gu Yan could confirm with a 100% likelihood that his family’s lover would just push him down right here in this map and do things that would cause him to lose his morals.

The G.o.d that symbolized death currently held none of the terrifying coldness it had when it was slaughtering. Having heard what the youth had saidd, he was also not unwilling to comply, but he kissed the side of the youth’s neck once again, before he answered with a low voice, “Okay.”

Having predicted that he would be rejected earlier on, he had caused the youth before him to say ‘not now’. For Asa, this sentence meant he had achieved his goal. From another perspective, ‘not now’ could be understood as being able to do it afterwards. This was how Asa perceived it.

“You need to kill me. Only then, the party will be fully exterminated.” Gu Yan helplessly looked at the black-robed Death G.o.d that had no intentions of taking any action against him. If he didn’t die, it would not be considered as a party extermination. This way, the boss would not refresh, and his revived party members would not be able to enter the palace hall.

However, the rules of the game world were all set by the light brain. The highest being in control of the entire virtual world was now in the palace hall, overtly violating the rules that he himself had set.

He rejected the youth’s statement, forcefully darkening the magician’s name in the party members’ list. He then waited till the time for revival was almost correct to light up the name again. Afterwards, he sent the youth above the palace hall.

Presently, the revived team members were coincidentally sent there at the same time. Gu Yan who had successfully met up with his party members was silent. This technique of his family’s Qiuqiu could be said to be very naturally cheating…

Since the whole party had been exterminated, this meant that they had to start all over again from the top. The palace hall had also regained its original look, the black figure with a full health bar was once again standing by the side of the Pool of Reincarnation.

“Meow.” As the party members were stacking each other with buffs, the kitten that had eaten attribute raising food and was originally lying p.r.o.ne by the entrance of the Palace Hall entrance, now moved towards the youth’s side again, before flopping on the youth’s legs and purring loudly.

After waiting for every party member to finish buffing themselves, this little round ball of fluff lapped at the youth’s fingers, before it very conscientiously moved away from the youth’s legs and returned to lay quietly by its original position beside the entrance.

Lightly swaying its tail, this kitten with horns on its head squinted its deep purple eyes.

It had the patience to wait, to wait for this party to successfully complete the dungeon. After that, it could do whatever it wished to do.

To shorten this waiting period, it could even cheat at opportune moments. All it had to ensure was that no one would be able to detect its cheating actions. This was not a difficult matter, it would just pick suitable people from the MVP results with certain technical abilities to speed up the process.

For example, for the ‘connection’ skills, all he had to do was pick the two nearest people, let the arcane orbs chase after the cla.s.ses with high movement. Cheating without a trace; like this, the party of people would only think that their luck was very good.

The party had finally finished stacking various kinds of buffs, but they did not immediately proceed with the second round. In fact, they listened to the summary of a.n.a.lysis of the BOSS’ skills during the second phase, including… the problem of their DPS rotation.

It basically meant the rotation of their attack targets. Whether a DPS rotated in time, it could be seen from their output data.

The DPS players of a professional dungeoning party would not aim for beautiful damage output results, but to do well at what they should be doing. But since the commander already mentioned the problem in rotation, in addition to the fact that this was just before they started their second round, people would naturally have some comparison amongst themselves. The DPS players within the party opened up the board for the party’s total output stats.

… After which they were all simultaneously shocked stupid.

Looking at the name of the player with the highest total damage output, the blindingly bright 47k DPS, together with the blindingly bright back of the dark purple figure, all the Damage dealers in the party suddenly fell into a state of silence.

Were the magicians that they had seen before and this magician of their party really playing the same profession??

End of Chapter 65

The author has something to say:

Red mark or whatever, of course it’s Qiuqiu who had caused it on purpose =l=

First have some dessert as an appetizer, only then will one have more appet.i.te to eat a feast

Qiuqiu: miaow~~

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