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Translator: Foreverhungry from mehtranslations

Editor: Vivi

Chapter 65.1

A reader sent this to me and it actually looks like GY x QQ

It wasn't Gu Yan's first time experiencing this kind of ice cold feeling that showed no signs of life. When he had first used summoning magic to summon the other person to him, his hand had also moved towards the other person… Oh wait, it should be the other person's sickle and he even touched it a few times.

When Gu Yan had accidentally touched his fingers, he had instantly felt this kind of pure, chilling cold.

But there were several differences between now and then. This time, he was being wrapped in the other's embrace. The cold aura now completely enveloped his body, and Gu Yan felt as if he had been shoved into a freezer.

His body involuntarily shivered from the cold.

The heart of the G.o.d that symbolized darkness and death had, during a ma.s.sacre, gone as cold as his body's temperature; Ice-cold to the point of unfeeling.

But this Death G.o.d with a handsome face was currently, with a careful countenance, hugging onto the magician who had mercilessly attacked him with a Magic Star bomb, eyes drooping slightly.

Sensing the body within its embrace shivering, a hint of light surfaced within the Death G.o.d's pitch black eyes. He lightly pressed his thin pursed lips onto the youth's earlobes, already in the process of pulling back his body's chilling aura.

From a freezer to a regular air-conditioned room, Gu Yan felt more comfortable than before. In the meantime, he was thinking about an extremely grave matter.

Accidentally domestically abused my family's lover, what to do—??

Gu Yan could ascertain that, before he had entered this bitplane s.p.a.ce, his family's Qiuqiu was definitely not in control of the Death G.o.d's body, but just now…

He had actually solidly landed a Magic Star Bomb on his lover's body. Thinking of this point, the corner of Gu Yan's eyes uncontrollably twitched, his expression complicated.

He realised that the moment the other had taken over control of the Death G.o.d's body was the moment they had looked over, but he had already finished chanting the incantation at that time. The Magic Star bomb landing on the other's form had also surface a distinct chain of numerical damage.

"Does it hurt?" Gu Yan turned himself around. Having remembered the position where the Magic Star Cannon had landed, he reached a hand out to probe at the position of the black-robed Death G.o.d's wrist.

Players had all lowered their pain sensitivity in game, to the point where no matter how much they were beaten up, they still wouldn't feel anything. Meanwhile, Gu Yan didn't know whether his family's lover had lowered that setting when he was controlling the BOSS' form.

Being asked that, the G.o.dly handsome face lowered even further. He had noticed that when the youth asked the question, his gaze held concern mixed with guilt.

The master of the Underworld region could finally feel the body warmth that belonged to humans when his wrist was touched

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This cold and cold, life-threatening temperature is not the first time. When he used the contract to summon the magic to summon the other party, he started to go to the other party… Oh no, it was touched on the sickle. under.

When he accidentally touched the other person's finger, he felt this pure cold.

But this time it was different from the last time. He was hugged by the other person this time. The cold air wrapped around the whole body. Gu Da has a feeling that he is being stuffed into the freezer.

The body involuntarily shivered and was cold.

The G.o.d that symbolizes darkness and death is killing, and the heart is as warm as his body, cold and without emotion.

But this beautiful death is now holding a magician who has smashed a magical star bomb on him with a careful att.i.tude, with a slight brow.

I noticed that the body that was holding my arms was shaking, and the twilight in the dark, dull eyes of the G.o.ds. He gently touched the bloodless thin lips on the earlobe of the young man, and quickly converges his breath. .

From the freezer to the normal air-conditioned room, Gu was very comfortable, and he is now thinking about a very serious matter.

Careless domestic violence, how to break their own lovers -? ?

Gu Yan can be very sure that before entering this s.p.a.ce, his ball is definitely not controlling the body of death, but just now…

He was a magical star bomb on his lover. Thinking of this, Gu's eyes didn't hold back, and the expression became a bit complicated.

He found that when the other person controlled the body of the G.o.d of death, he looked at the other person's eyes, but at that time he had already finished the mantra, and the magic star bounced to the other side and a series of clear damage figures.

“It hurts…?” Gu Yan turned and remembered the position where the magic star had just been smashed. He tried to reach out and touch the wrist position of the black robe.

Players are lowered sense of pain, how bashing will not feel the kind of pain, and Gu Yan did not know their own lovers there is also the pain down when handling boss of the body.

When asked about this question, the beautiful eyebrows of the beautiful G.o.ds are more and more sloppy. He noticed the gaze of the young man when he asked this sentence, and the concern was mixed with some embarra.s.sment.

The position of the wrist is touched by the youth across the clothing, and the owner of the meditation can now feel the warmth of the human body.

“It's not very painful.” The G.o.d of death should have been dark and dull. Now the figure of the young man is clearly reflected. He has put away the horror sickle filled with death. The G.o.d in charge of the field has chosen a very embarra.s.sing Reply.

Not directly affirming or denying, the answer of 'not very pain' is more likely to be embarra.s.sing than the above two, so that the young man in front of him will care more about him because of jealousy.

The emotional module of the light brain is new, and its emotional module is relatively backward compared to other system modules that are mature and constantly updated. But this kind of ‘backwardness' is only for itself. Actually, it is now necessary to talk about the mastery of the human heart. Even a professional psychologist may not win over Asa.

Sure enough, this answer made Gu greatly screwed his eyebrows. At this time, the beautiful face of death stood quietly in front of him. The secret black cloak sleeves were quite wide and long, and the wrists were completely covered. The fingers and knuckles on the outside were distinct. Although the complexion was gray, the hands still looked Very beautiful.

Coupled with the fact that the other person's eyebrows are quiet and standing, I am afraid that no one will think of what kind of terrorist weapons they hold before the good-looking hands, and they will not think that the other party is killing with that weapon. What kind of cold and ruthless gesture.

The G.o.d that symbolizes death is now quiet and docile, bowing his head and scorning beside the youth's neck, like a cat that is voluntarily tamed.

“…red.” Pulling the other's sleeves up, Gu Da looked staringly at the conspicuous red mark on the gray skin in front of him, silently rubbing on the fingertips for a while, wanting to put this The block is red and scattered.

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