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Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: foreverhungry ?

Chapter 60.1

The gentle caress that continuously touched his jaw and neck did not carry any l.u.s.t, but merely a simple action that was full of interest. Knowing that his lover was trying to confirm the reality of things, Gu Yan did not refuse when the other person pressed him down on the sofa to give him a kiss.

After confirming that what was happening is real, Asa hugged the youth with satisfaction and rest his jaw on his shoulder.

Tonight, he will not go online. Thinking of how his lover was using a body in the real world for the first time and seeing his reactions, Gu Yan thinks that keeping him company tonight was not a bad idea.

The man hugging his waist from behind fell silent after putting his jaw on his shoulder, only breathing lightly on his neck. Gu Yan leaned backwards against him and then picked up the little cat that was licking his finger and kissed its forehead: “Qiuqiu, be good. Let’s watch a sci-fi movie.”

Although it was possible to control two bodies at the same time, Gu Yan discovered that apart from when he was kissing him, his lover preferred to use the body of the pet-type robot. Like now, the person who was holding his waist basically did not move, only the small kitten on his leg was using different methods to get closer to him.

“Meow.” Lowering its head, this small ball used the two small horns on its head to nudge the youth’s hand, and then raised its head and widened its deep purple eyes at him.

His thumb and forefinger lightly pinch the two small horns. Gu Yan's eyes curved as he smiled. This little cat's act of widening its round eyes will make people's heart feel itchy and want to reach out a hand to stroke it, perhaps, even want to bully it a little.

Gu Yan pressed the remote control and selected a relatively popular sci-fi interstellar movie. Taking opportunity of the time the when the opening animation was still showing, his hand went onto the back of the little cat in his lap.

Small and round and soft, moreover, it was very warm. Gu Yan stroked the back of the small ball for a while and gleefully put his fingers on the soft tummy of the kitten.

However, this kind of light poking was misunderstood by this small ball and become another meaning in its eyes. A low-pitched ‘gulugulu‘ sound rumbled from its throat and the silver tabby kitten turned over on his lap, exposing its soft, white belly to the youth.

So initiative. Gu Yan paused for a moment. The movie had already started, yet he had not been paying attention.

“Meow?” Sensing that the youth did not reach out his hand, the little cat also lowered his head and simply rolled over to stand back up. He approached the youth's palm and put its two horns in his hand.

Gu Yan was very silent. This extent of acting spoilt was cheating, especially for a cat lover like him.

“Qiuqiu, be good. The movie is starting.” After saying this, Gu Yan picked up the little cat on his lap and rubbed its stomach. Then, he put the small and round ball on the top of his head.

This was a novel experience. The little cat with two small horns on its head laid quietly on the youth’s head and gently swayed its tail, a pair of rounded deep purple eyes looked towards the virtual screen in front.

Although there it had no interest in the content of the film, just simply being with this person, it was very willing to do anything.

In its database, according to the human custom, the act of watching a movie with his lover was called a ‘date.’

“Am I on a date with Ah Yan?” Asking this question, the handsome man who has been quietly resting his jaw on the shoulder of the youth finally moved. He narrowed his eyes and brought his lips to the youth's earlobe.

Gu Yan was caught off guard and sunk into contemplation: “…I guess.”

Although being holed up at home could not be considered as a date, it was still true to a certain extent.

After answering this question, Gu Yan heard another 'gululu' purr from the throat of the little cat crouching on his head. It was a sound that expressed its happiness and satisfaction. If he was not wrong, the eyes of the little cat must be narrowed in satisfaction.

Watching an entire movie, when it was time for the lights to be turned off, two people and one cat squeezed onto a bed. It was not that the bed was not big enough. Although he was a person who lived alone before, the original host was in fact, a person who pursued a comfortable life and bought a double bed that allowed him to roll about freely.

Just like before, the highest existence that dominated the virtual world was very greedy… Lying on his side, not only did he hug his lover from behind, even the position in front of his lover was not let off. The sly little cat with its wide, purple eyes was snuggled in the arms of the youth.

Until the next day, Gu Yan was licked awake. When he opened his eyes, he was still not clear. He continued to lie down and let the small ball with its two small horns on his head lick his jaw. The barbs on the tongue of the little cat only made him feel a little itchy, but there was no pain. When he was finally awake, Gu Yan stretched out a hand to touch the two small horns.

“Waking me up?” Gu Yan sat up. He naturally noticed that the person lying on his right was gone since he woke up.

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Just wanted to share with y’all tis cute sharko I saw there

Also, I received a cutea.s.s postcard full of cats over the new year from a reader, thank you ^O^ whoever you are~~ I really loved it

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