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Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: foreverhungry ?

Chapter 60.1

OK THis is the last of christmas cat gifs. Me sleeping in on christmas^^^(I wish)

“Meow.” Lying in his lap, the small ball tilted its head towards the youth.

The little cat was better than a big adult cat. The little cat can be placed on his shoulder or even on his head. When he grows up, it will not be easy to let the other person lie on his head. But in the winter, using the big cat as a hand warmer still had its advantages.

The latter was Gu Yan's personal experience.

Thinking back to the time in the last world, the other person was still a small cub and wanted to press his hand under its belly but was too small to do so completely… Gu Yan's lips rose as he lifted the little cat in his lap and put it on his shoulder. Then, he walked into the bathroom.

When he came out of the bathroom, Gu Yan took a few steps before he smelt the food. He just needed to think a little before guessing the reason. No wonder the little ball on his shoulder wanted to wake him up.

The functions of the companion robot and a nanny robot were different, but the master of the companion robot was currently the omnipotent light brain. A small thing like making breakfast was not a problem.

“Qiuqiu is even better than them.” Hugging the youth's waist, Asa lowered his head and burrowed his face into his neck. No matter in which area, he can do better than those robots. Thinking of this, Asa narrowed his eyes.

To be a qualified partner, he must first and foremost be considerate. He had never done this before, but soon, he will be able to master the skills of a caring lover and preparing breakfast for his lover was the first step.

Hearing this, Gu Yan raised his hand and touched the soft black hair of the other person, whispering: “You don't have to compete with them.”

Gu Yan likes this person not because of his abilities. Even if he met the other person when he was weak or ignorant, he will not change his mind.

Wanting to give his lover a peace of mind, Gu Yan touched his soft black hair again: “I only like Qiuqiu.”

This sentence made the light brain which possessed an unrivaled computing power that stood at the top of the era freeze for a moment. The handsome man's lips drooped and his eyes also lowered. The heart of his body was beating too fast. No matter how amazing his computing power was, the highest existence that dominated the virtual world was unable to think of anything.

Although it had promised the youth that there will be no more disconnection problems, it was very difficult for the brain to experience such dramatic emotional fluctuations and not have any influence on the game world.

“The Boss has gone berserk-??”

At this time, an elite team that was fighting against the last boss in the Netherland suffered from this sudden change.

The last boss of the Netherland was the Death G.o.d, Xiunuo. Since the release of the ‘World', no team has successfully obtained the first kill of this boss.

The Death G.o.d was too straining on the tank of the team. The guilds could only repeatedly run through the top five bosses of the Netherland and other similar dungeons to upgrade their equipment before they can try again.

Moreover, fighting with the death G.o.d did not allow for the slightest mistake, as long as one person on the team died, the whole team was basically finished. Hindering countless guilds, the players have given it the t.i.tle of "team slayer".

Even elite teams had a hard time. This elite team that was affiliated with the Silver Cross Crusader has been struggling for nearly two months before it was finally ready to challenge the second phase of the Death G.o.d.

No guild in the game had successfully encountered the second phase of the Death G.o.d, but just now, this elite team broke the record and also ushered in changes that they were unprepared for.

“What kind of s.h.i.tty mechanism is this again? Shouldn't the boss only go berserk after ten minutes? Is this boss a special case?!” Seeing the main tank being cut down all of a sudden by the scarlet-eyed boss, the secondary tank also gave up any hope of resistance, his face full of helplessness.

Encountering the boss, Xiunuo, the psychological shadow of the tanks in the team was certainly the greatest because they had to experience the nightmare of being killed like vegetables under a chopping knife, simply too scary, okay!

The boss had three phases. Although they took 7 minutes in the first phase, they know that this run would definitely be unsuccessful because the dps[1] output was not enough. However, they never expected to face the boss's berserk state the moment they entered phase two.

[1] DPS (damage per second)

If they failed, they had to hurry up dissolve the team and revive. Things like wasting time were not tolerated in the professional dungeoning team.

After the boss turned violent and cut down the two tanks, dissolving the party was a matter of seconds.

“There's still time before noon, continue. Phase one, we have already done our best, and now, we have to take opportunity of the time when we have a full team to enter phase two.” It had only been seven minutes before the boss suddenly went berserk, this s.h.i.tty mechanism made the team commander want to sigh, but he could not. He can only keep calm.

As for the culprit of the above events –

“Qiuqiu still wants to make a sandwich, ah…” Eating an egg roll, Gu Yan nodded at the beautiful man who had asked him if he wanted to eat a sandwich tomorrow.

His family's Qiuqiu could not be more caring. Not knowing anything about the tragic events that were happening in the game, Gu Yan only had this thought in his heart.

End Of Chapter 60

T/n: Time to pity those people who have to suffer because of this lovey dovey couple >

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