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The wanderers soon Lay down to rest, 'neath starry skies to wait Another dawn, and on the mother's face There must have been a light of joy divine; For had she not held intercourse with Heaven?

Were not its guardian bands around them then In desert weird and wild?

Ye weary souls, Tired travelers on the sands of time, Trust G.o.d and look to him for strength!

The angel of his word speaks faith and peace, And presses to the thirsting lip the cup Of immortality!


"Childhood and youth are vanity."

Often o'er life's pathway straying Come sweet strains of long ago, To the chords of memory playing Music sweet and music low.

When upon the gray rock musing 'Neath the tree by childhood's home, In the wild bird's note so soothing Tenderly these strains will come.

Gazing on the deep fringed mountain, Distance robing it in blue, Quaffing the familiar fountain, Each repeats the story too.

Wandering by the streamlet flowing Where we played in hours of glee, Hear its murmurs coming, going, Tell of joys that used to be.

Wandering in the leafy wildwood Sometimes in our leisure hours, In the sunny days of childhood How much fairer seemed its flowers!

Watching from the hill the sunset 'Neath the spreading chestnut tree, Youthful dreams and visions come yet Through the years so magically.

Yet how vain these memories olden If they do not teach the truth That within the city golden Only, dwells perpetual youth.


"What means this throng?" a blind man said, Whilst begging by the highway side; Begging and blind, and lacking bread, His ears discern the living tide.

"Jesus of Nazareth pa.s.seth by,"

Was answered. Had he heard aright?

Oh, was the heavenly healer nigh, He who could give the blind their sight?

"Jesus, have mercy!" lo, he cried, "Oh, son of David, pity me!"

And when the jeering crowd deride, His accents form a clearer plea.

Jesus stood still. A kindly voice Bade him good cheer--"He calleth thee."

Thus must his lonely heart rejoice, "He thinks of me; yes, even me!"

Bartimaeus found the Living Light Who asked and granted his request.

His blinded eyes received their sight; With joy he followed with the rest.

How oft when Jesus pa.s.ses by, The heart-blind hear but don't perceive, Else how they would for mercy cry Ere Christ their Lord should take his leave!

Like him of whom this story's told They'd pray, "Lord Jesus, pity me!"

And find his power and love could fold Them here and in eternity.


_Jesus entered and pa.s.sed through Jericho._--Luke 19:1-10.

City of palms! whose ancient name Suggests a line of scarlet hue, Type of thy glorious Guest who came And pa.s.sed with crowds thy borders through, Did aught foretell that on that day, The Lord of life would favor thee, And centuries ring the novel way A soul was made both glad and free?

Zacchaeus knew that through thy gates Came One he oft had longed to see; Alas! how adverse were the fates-- So dense the throng, so small was he!

Considering, he ran before And climbed into a wayside tree, And ever since the sycamore Is blended with his history.

While peering eagerly below, Above the tumult of the town That soothing voice to mortal woe Bade him to hasten quickly down.

"Come," Jesus said, "I must abide And tarry at thy house with thee."

Zacchaeus the honor swift applied, And entertained him joyfully.

The people frowned that Christ should dine With a rich sinner publican, Nor knew his act of grace would shine, A star of hope, to fallen man.

Zacchaeus a.s.sured his royal guest, "Lord, half my goods I give the poor; And if I falsely have opprest, Fourfold I unto men restore."

His listener reads the human heart And all its thoughts unerringly; Alone such wisdom can impart And judge of its sincerity.

Jesus received this sin-sick soul, Salvation to his house was given; And while time's cycles onward roll, His faith and works will point toward heaven.

"I came," the Lord of glory said (Nor did he count the pain and cost), "To feed the hungry soul with bread, To seek and save that which was lost."


When April weeps, she wakes the flowers That slept the winter through.

Oh, did they dream those frosty hours That she would be untrue And not awaken them in time To smile their smiles of love, To hear the robin's merry chime, And gentle cooing dove?

And when they feel their mother's tears So gently o'er them weep, Will they tell her of their simple fears And visions while asleep?

And will they tell her that they dreamed, Beneath their sheets of snow, Such weary dreamings that it seemed The winter ne'er would go?

They'll soon be wide-awake and up, In dainty robes arrayed, Blue violet, gold b.u.t.tercup, And quaker-lady staid.

Wild eglantine and cl.u.s.tering thorn Will grace the byway lanes, Whilst woodland flowers the dells adorn And daisies cheer the plains.

The rippling streamlet soon will be A crystal mirror bright For waving branch and mint and tree That nod in golden light Of summer sunbeams glad'ning rays Filling the heart with love, While nature and earth, uniting, praise The G.o.d who reigns above.

In lowly spots will lilies spring And scent the summer breeze, And on the earth there'll be no king Arrayed like one of these.

So weeping April's tears will bring Her children from the tomb, Will dress the earth in robes of spring, Brightened by fragrant bloom.


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