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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 40 Part 1

Qianxi told her cousin about getting the marriage license after she
returned home.  Ye Qiao’s response was, “You were so carefree
when you talked about going abroad before?  Now you’re all
wishy-washy, going so far as to solidify your bond with a piece
of paper. Why the fuss?”

She agreed with the ridicule.  She disliked herself for being in a
constant state of anxiety.  The future seemed to be out of her control.
The more she wanted to prove that she had control over everything,
the more her immaturity and unease showed.   So she never mentioned
it again for the entire New Year holiday.

Cheng Feng stayed at Wei Lai’s home for about half a month. He
finally went back to base after the holidays were over.  The team
began training for the next season. Xu Jimo devoted himself to the
upcoming compet.i.tions and seemed to have completely forgotten that
night’s event.

KG kept the momentum from the previous year.  Their performance in
the spring compet.i.tion was fierce.  Using Li Cang’s words, it was like,
“The entire team might as well behead themselves if we don’t get a
direct invitation from TI.”

TI would send out direct invitations to the top teams from all the large
regional compet.i.tions.  It was a confirmation of a team’s achievement
and ability. It wasn’t just an honor…...it was related to another issue.

That is, Qianxi’s new student orientation was almost the same time
as when TI began.

Thus all the single KG guys put in all their effort to fight for the reunion
of their boss and the young lady boss. They played each compet.i.tion as
if they were fighting a crusade.

Qianxi went on her journey first, to America, in July.

When her departure, which they had been avoiding for as long as they
could, become reality, they acted quite calmly about the whole ordeal.  
Xu Jimo, who was busy travelling to various places for compet.i.tion, sent
her off to the international terminal at the airport, then he was on his way
to catch his own flight.

She had read somewhere that------if the security check was ten meters
away and she had to walk in the security check five minutes later, then
they could kiss for four minutes and fifty seconds.  She use entirety of
those four minutes and fifty seconds to hug him.

KG members stood about ten meters away carrying luggage and bags
of different sizes.  They all covered their eyes and thought that the two
were stay glued to each other forever.  Qianxi suddenly stepped backward
and said, “I’m leaving.”

Qianxi smiled and shook her head.  “We won’t be separated forever, so
I don’t feel like crying at all.  Do well at your compet.i.tions, then come see
me by the end of this month!”

Even though she said so, her each step backwards grew slower and
slower.  “......Then I’m leaving.”

“Take care of yourself.”  His lips lightly touched her forehead.

Don’t cry extravagantly.  Don’t dragging this on more than it needs to be.  
It’s only three years and it’ll pa.s.s very quickly……

Qianxi told herself silently in her mind.  It was dangerous to stare at him
for any longer and she turned to walk through the security check, forcing
herself not to look back.

Cheng Yang and Li Cang came up to Xu Jimo after she had walked away.  
“Boss, our flight’s……”

He acknowledged with an “En” and turned to walk away silently.

She had insomnia for the past several days.  Qianxi finally got some
sleep on the plane. She went to the student apartment after she landed
and went through all the necessary procedures. After she settled down,
unpacked her luggage, and tidied up the place, she was too exhausted
to eat anything and immediately went to bed.

She slept until evening, woken up by the sound of rattling metal and the
sweet smell from the kitchen.

Qianxi put on her slippers and carefully sneaked out.

The one unit in the student apartment had two bedrooms and a living room.  
Each student had their own bedroom, but the living room, kitchen, and
bathroom were shared by both.

She knew earlier that her roommate was a Chinese American girl.  She
saw a tall girl wearing two large earrings in the kitchen. She suddenly didn’t
know what language she should use to greet her.

That girl turned her head and saw her.  She curved her eyes and waved
the spatula.  “Hi, how are your?”

“I’m Jessie.”  She introduced herself in fluent Chinese.  “I went to Hong
Kong for two years as an exchange student.  I’m very interested in the
Chinese language. You can speak to me in Chinese, it’d help me practice.”

Jessie invited her enthusiastically.  “Did you eat dinner? We can eat together.”

Her roommate was very pretty, with a cheery personality, and she knew
how to cook.  Qianxi felt excited as if she had won the lottery. She nodded
happily. “Ok, do you need help?  I know how to cook too.”

“Oh……”  She glanced at the pan.  “We can’t stir fry anything here, I can
only pan fry an egg.  You can mix the salad over there.”

Qianxi saw fruits and vegetables in the bag on the sink.  She happily
picked it up. “Uhm!”

Two girls who are both easy to get along ate dinner together using the
limited equipment in the kitchen.  They had already found a common
interest, cooking. After dinner, they already understood the other’s

Jessie was born in Hawaii.  She had brown curly hair and light tanned skin.  
Her figure was curvaceous. The silver square earrings beautifully decorated
her delicate little earlobes.  Compared with her, Qianxi looked like a little sister,
listening to her introducing the facilities in the apartment building and the
nearby streets.

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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