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Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

The Most Majestic You

Chapter 39 Part 2

Qianxi bit her lower lip and bent backwards ever so slightly, trying to
get away from his face.  But her hand unconsciously squeezed tighter.
She wanted to grab something in her sweaty hands, but also wanted to
let go of his shirt to prove her innocence…...In the end she didn’t do
anything, her fingers were still hooked onto the thin fabric.

Xu Jimo could withstand the cold quite well.  He usually wore a thin top
with an outer jacket in the winter.  Presently, he had taken off his jacket
since it was quite warm inside with the heater on.  The top he currently
wore couldn’t withstand the strain, exposing his muscular lower abdomen.

Qianxi released her hand slowly, trying to move it away, but was
stopped as he tightly grabbed her hand.

It was then that Cheng Feng came through the door and again,
petrified into a statue……

He had no objection to them hugging each other in the base, but
they could at least do it inside the bedroom. Now they were doing
it outside the shared closet without even a warning, didn’t they know
that innocent people would get hurt!

“I…...just came in to get something.”  Mr. statue pa.s.sed the girl
whose face was totally flush.  Then he pa.s.sed Xu Jimo who remained
calm and waited for him to do whatever he needed to do.  He kept a
straight face and looked steadily forward, walking as fast as he could
and swiftly closed the door for them.

Cheng Feng couldn’t figure out why he didn’t go out to enjoy himself
on the 4th day of the Chinese New Year rather than come back to base!

Cheng Feng opened WeChat speechlessly and sent a message to
Wei Lai.  “Do you have an extra bed at your house?”

Wei Lai: “?”

“I’m appropriating it.  Let me live there for a few days.”

Wei Lai wrote back in confusion.  “Alright. But how long do you
want to stay here?”

“I’ll stay till the base is safe.”  Cheng Feng glanced back at the
closed door. Those two love birds wouldn’t plan to stay here for
six months?

Wei Lai still didn’t understand.  “?”

“What happened at base?”

As his phone rang from the incoming message, the door opened.  
Qianxi took the chance when they were interrupted by Cheng Feng
to force her way out of the door.  She held a white top and rushed
into the bathroom, shutting the door with a loud thud. Xu Jimo followed
her at a leisurely pace, acting as if nothing had happened and followed
her into the bathroom.

The sound of a closing lock came from the door, followed by a very
insincere scream inside the bathroom.


Cheng Feng lowered his eyes with a cold face and recorded the
scream outside the door.  He sent the recorded voice over to Wei Lai.

He silently typed.  “Did the base get invaded by a monster?  Like
a mutant.”

Qianxi grew tired of screaming and felt that it was bad influence on
the boy outside.  She silently observed any movement outside the
door, then pushed Xu Jimo away. “You scared me to death when
you came in!”

The mutant very innocently picked up a watch from the basin behind
her.  “I rushed out in a hurry and forgot my watch here after I received
your phone call.  I’m afraid that it might get wet from the steam.”
He lowered his head to look at the woman who had already jumped
onto the basin like a rabbit robustly.  “What do you think I wanted to do?”

Her flushed face had grown from pink to bright red.  She was
annoyed from the continual embarra.s.sment she’d experienced
and gave him the cold shoulder.

Xu Jimo stared at her plaintive eyes, kissing her forehead to
comfort her.  He chuckled. “Don’t play this kind of trick from here
on out.” He soothed her sorrows and continued.  “Don’t seduce
me before you’re ready for it.”

“I’m very easily seduced.”  He said.

Throughout the night, Qianxi went through a rollercoaster of
emotions: grateful, guilt, anxiety,  and embarra.s.sment…...She felt
like a deflated balloon that was then squashed. She looked very
frustrated.  Perhaps it was because Chinese New Year and the time
to depart grew closer and closer. She was always worried about their
relationship without any good reason.  She wanted to connect with
him more, just a little bit deeper until they couldn’t distinguish each
other, then she would have some sense of security that their relationship
wouldn’t wear down with time.

But in the end, he lectured her about it……

“I’m not afraid that you will dump me.  But do had a slight fear of the
Ye Qianxi who wants to give me everything without a care.”  Xu Jimo
gave a small sigh and touched her head. “Be good. Get a good rest tonight.”

He turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door
behind him.

But Qianxi treated his lecture as wind that had whistled past her ears.  
She tossed and turned around for a while in her own bedroom, then
sneaked into his room again.

Xu Jimo woke up in a daze.  Someone had weaseled into his blanket
like a little squirrel.  He stretched out his hand and held her body into his arms.

The girl was dressed in a loose cotton T shirt after her shower.  Her
fragrance and warmth overwhelmed his senses. He felt the phrase
“I’m easily seduced” to be quite true though he was using it to scare her off.

Qianxi leaned on his arm.  Her suspended heart seemed to finally
touch solid ground.  She satisfactorily rubbed his arm. “Just sleep like this.”

She held him.  It was warm like using an automatic hand warmer.

His temper was so cold, but his body was indeed very warm.

“I’d just like to be at your side…...it won’t do even if we’re separated
by a wall.”  She muttered. Then she had a flash of inspiration. “How
about we get a marriage license?  Isn’t it popular nowadays. Get the
license first, then have the wedding ceremony when we have time later.”


He answered too quickly.  His eyes were still closed and he looked
very sleepy.  Qianxi pushed him. “Are you talking in your dream?”

“No.” His eyes were still closed.  His voice was slightly coa.r.s.e and low.  
“I’m very much awake.”

Translated by Team DHH at http://dhh-workshop.blogspot.com

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