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After coming back to the inn, I visited the room of the duke’s family.

Arone-san welcomed me and brought me to the 4 Jamil members’ table.

“Welcome home, Ryoumsan.” [Elialia]

“Welcome back.” [Reinbach]

“Welcome home. Seems you had some trouble today.” [Elize]

“Don’t push yourself too much.” [Reinhart]

Looks like they’ve already caught word of what happened this morning.

“Thank you, everyone… There’s actually something I want to talk about.” [Ryouma]

When I said those words, their faces stiffened.

“Well, go on. Don’t be shy.” [Reinhart]

“What is it all of the sudden, Ryoumsan?” [Elialia]

Reinhart spoke with a serious expression, while the Ojousama wore a worried expression.

“I’ve made up my mind. You’ve taken care of me all this time, but I think I should be independent from here on.” [Ryouma]

As soon as I said that, the ojousama stood up from her chair and ran up to me. The other three remained on their chairs.

“Why!? Why all of the sudden!?” [Elialia]

“Everyone’s spoiling me. At this rate, I think I’ll end up into a no good person. Everyone’s shown me so much kindness these past few weeks, but I think I should leave for a while and retrain myself.” [Ryouma]

“If you just want to retrain yourself, can’t we do it together? There will be plenty of teachers too…” [Elialia]

“If I’m with everyone, I’ll definitely end up spoiled. That’s why I want to leave for now.” [Ryouma]

It was here that the madam interjected.

“‘For now’, you say. I take it you don’t actually intend on never showing your face to us again, right?” [Elize]

“Yes. I’m not leaving because I’m mad or anything, I just want to train myself. Once I’m satisfied, if it’s alright with everyone, then I’d like to come back.” [Ryouma]

“Of course it’s alright! In fact, there’s nothing wrong with being spoiled. You’re only 11, after all. That’s a perfectly normal age to be living with your parents. We’ll welcome you back whenever you want!” [Elize]

“Mother!? Are you not stopping him?” [Elialia]

“Elia, it’s not as if you’re going to be separated from Ryouma forever. In the same way that you’ll be going to school, Ryoumkun will be studying as well. Although, frankly, I don’t really think it’s necessary for you to be do so, Ryoumkun. If anything, I’d say what you really need is to be a bit more spoiled.” [Elize]

“Wait a moment, Elize. Haven’t we already talked about this?” [Elize]

“I know. That’s why I’m not refusing him. I’m just saying what I think.” [Elize]

Talked about what?

“Umm… What do you mean you’ve talked about this already?” [Ryouma]

Reinbach-sama and Sebasu-san were the ones to answer that question.

“Actually, ever since arriving at this town, we’ve already predicted you would eventually bring that up. I’ve been living for a long time already, and I’ve met plenty of people in this long life of mine. Peers, subordinates, enemies… all sorts. And I’ve seen plenty of children like you.

I won’t stop you, but you shouldn’t push yourself. Even if you put the work, it’s all meaningless if you don’t know how to rest.” [Reinbach]

“Ryoumsama, you might think you were being spoiled, but we don’t think so at all. It’s true we provided you lodging and food, but you registered to the guild in an unfamiliar town and have been working seriously all this time. It’s almost as if such things were a given to you. Which is why, we figured you’d eventually bring this topic up. It’s a bit earlier than expected, though.

Reinhart-san added.

“When I look at you, I’m sometimes reminded of a close friend of mine. He’s the complete opposite of you. If you’re diligent, then he’s the opposite of diligent. He would always push all of his work onto his subordinates and onto other people.

That much is obviously bad, but I think you need to learn a little bit of that. Rest from time to time, rely on other people, just like what my dad and Sebasu always say. And of course, improve. My friend may be like that, but he’s currently doing pretty good for himself.” [Reinbach]

………………………They’re really good people. I never realized they were this concerned about me.

Before I knew, I was tearing up.

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